Pfizer insinuated their mRNA shots could stop transmission

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I offered a bounty of 10000 BLURT to anyone who proved Pfizer claimed up front their injections would prevent SarsCov2 infection. While nobody managed to satisfy my conditions, someone DID find 2 misleading statements that implied the "vaccines" were effective... and I'm going to give them the 10000 BLURT for their effort!


The user @curiouscactus (not on Blurt yet) previously linked to this January 2021 twitter post from Pfizer:

Stopping transmission was their highest priority... it's what they were focusing their attention on, and hoping to achieve. But it wasn't a claim that it worked. Deceptive, but not proof they had lied to the public about that key issue. Still, I offered curiouscactus 5000 BLURT for being the closest attempt.

But instead of resting on their laurels, curiouscactus went back to the search engines, and came up with a second example! It's another Twitter post, this time by Albert Bourla (Pfizer's CEO) in June 2021:

We all know Covid-19 does not appear to be a threat to children, and the mRNA shots are just another way to get the same toxic spike proteins into the body, so it's disgusting that Bourla is "excited" to inject his product in kids. But that aside, did he claim it prevented infection by the virus?

"Although severe Covid-19 is rare in children, widespread vaccination is a critical tool to help stop transmission."

He was referring to transmission of Covid-19 - the symptoms caused by the virus, not the virus itself. And he only claimed the injections were a "tool to help", not that they made the recipient immune (which is what Fauci, Biden, and many others in government, media, and public health repeatedly promised). But it seems to be the closest we're going to get! I do think that tweet will eventually be used as evidence in a lawsuit against Pfizer, even if it isn't a direct claim their product stops the SarsCov2 virus.

So I want to give the full 10000 BLURT bounty to curiouscactus! (Current value $40 USD.) Please make an account on Blurt (see my post here for an easy and free 3 step method) and I'll transfer it to you. Maybe you'll like what Blurt has to offer, and stick around?! We could use a good researcher like you.

I've been shouting from the rooftops since December 2020 that the "vaccine" is NOT a vaccine. But Pfizer (and the other vaxx manufacturers) were making incredibly misleading statements to deceive the public that taking the shots would protect them from the virus. And politicians, media personalities, health officials, and even celebrities were actively making the claim that these "vaccines" were like traditional vaccines - making the recipient immune and ending the pandemic.

Remember "you might not be worried about the virus, but what if you pass it on to Grandma and she dies?" It's no wonder somewhere around 3/4 of the world fell for the scam and got genetically modified. It wasn't until Omicron variant spread to nearly every human - injected or not - in a matter of weeks that people finally realized it does nothing to block transmission.

unsafe & ineffective not a vaccine.png

In March 2023, we now know for certain Pfizer (and others) didn't test their products for the ability to stop the virus. It was always about being effective at preventing Covid-19 (symptoms). Not that it even seems to do that. In fact, a lot of people have been permanently damaged or killed by these shots. If the pharmaceutical companies lied during the rollout, it's possible their legal immunity could be nullified by the courts, and they could be liable for the destruction they've caused. Hopefully we can stop them from doing something like this again, or at least making it common knowledge that they can never be trusted!



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Getting yourself injected with the symptom blocker is the best way to protect other people? Yeah nice weasel words you scumbags. Even if you account for the Sars-Cov vs. COVID fallacy, they're still lying because the symptoms that people were concerned about are the very adverse effects caused by the injections.
People were too stupid to hear that the "vaccine" isn't really a vaccine because they just hear you saying "there's no such thing as COVID".

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Pfizer mRNA shots and their potential to stop COVID-19 transmission.

It's certainly an interesting topic, and one that's on many people's minds these days. While it's great to hear that the Pfizer shots may be effective in reducing transmission, it's important to remember that there's still much we don't know about the virus and the vaccines. So let's continue to follow public health guidelines and stay informed as new information becomes available. As we know media is a tools for government to keep us info on what they want us to know whereas there's a lot in their hiden agenda

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Yes, much of the agenda is hidden... but we can figure out what it is by paying close attention to what they say, don't say, do, and don't do.

"it's great to hear that the Pfizer shots may be effective in reducing transmission"

I actually don't believe that is the case. I don't know of any scientific evidence showing the shots reduce transmission. In fact, they are just another way to get spike proteins... the same spike proteins that are on the virus and cause Covid-19 symptoms.

God should just help one. I was watching a video recently on how they plan to reduce the world population to half or 1 billion and mostly targeting African because of their resources and other things. This world is just a home of cruelty.

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Yes friend, it can be a very cruel world. May God have mercy on us and show compassion if we deserve it. I don't know who would be spared if the populace was reduced to 500m, but I have made myself an enemy of evil people, so if they get their way I think I will be deleted. We must stay strong for our families.

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It's not a traditional vaccine- doesn't meet the definition. Could it be that unbridled greed and a mad rush made corruption almost inevitable?

Pfizer's vaccine could never stop transmission because the immune system in the respiratory tract is different from the blood. The body drops immunity as it mutates so quickly.

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So that the creation of the account is not so complicated, @curiouscactus can go directly to the Discord channel, in the #account-creation section, and I will gladly help you create an account totally free.

Regarding the topic that you are developing, I think that these people know what words they can use to get away unscathed in cases where they can be accused as liars and/or frauds.

I also think that, in the event that they can somehow be sued for all the damage they have done, they would still be unscathed because the ties they maintain with governments are very strong in economic matters.

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Sad to see this post has been censored over on Hive. I posted it there in the hopes of alerting @curiouscactus they won the 10000 BLURT bounty, setting it to decline payout, otherwise it will be hit with downvotes to crush my rep to zero and hide all my content. I could reply to a curiouscactus comment although my comments are targeted for huge downvotes just like my posts.


As you can see, it has been grayed out / censored.


Most of the text is missing, along with all the images. The post has no downvotes, and my rep is currently 72.

Anybody know what's going on?

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Good point. So it's something to do with the front end, I guess?

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i think so, maybe @themarkymark can shine some light on this

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I actually have no clue, I looked and my initial guess was it was muted by the community but I highly doubt that happened. It certainly isn't a blacklist as no one runs a blacklist anymore. I don't use and only use Peakd (which it is fine there) so I honestly don't know. PeakdD is better in everyway.

Isn't Blurt awesome? Everybody can treat you just the way you deserve it! 😜🤙 No one gives a fuck about your Hive stake here... You are treated just the way you are deemed to...

It's just much more honest than Hive!!!! Wouldn't you agree???

Enjoy your stay shithead! ❤️





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hold on, are you saying there is no more "spamminator" blacklist ?

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I am not nor even been part or associated with spaminator or cleaners.

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We know you are, no need to advertise it.

Fuggin downvoting POS 💩

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blacklisted by marky

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What does that mean? I haven't been reading Hive for a year, just cross-posting some of my stuff there.

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It means absolutely nothing as I don't run any blacklists.

It means you suck and are a downvoting POS 💩 🤩

Now how about U FO to your downvoting buddies back on Hive..? 🖕
I love it when they nuke the fugg outta your dumb posts... ❤️👍





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As a snow boarder that’s a damn fine cliff.

No one here could care less DH... Nobody wants back to your Hive Orwell distopia 🖕


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It was all a lie to make money. Covid does not hurt kids and it has a low kill rate. Lockdowns were devestating, and this rushed jab has done nothing but transfer money from rich to poor.

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When Pfizer lied, people died. No way did they not know this didn't stop transmission. So glad I didn't get this shot. At least 3 people I know who did have massive health problems because of it.


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