10000 BLURT reward for proof Pfizer claimed their shot stopped transmission of the SarsCov2 virus

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I will pay you 10000 BLURT to prove Pfizer claimed their "vaccine" prevented transmission of the SarsCov2 virus when it rolled out in December 2020. As far as I can tell, it didn't happen, but millions of people seem to think it did, so I'm offering a reward to the first person who can prove it.

Many people were shocked and outraged in October 2022 when Pfizer director Janine Small admitted to the European Parliament that Pfizer didn't test their "vaccine" for its ability to stop transmission of the virus that causes Covid-19.


For more context, see Dr. John Campbell's October 2022 video on this here. He too believes Pfizer promised they could stop the virus (and at the time had been an enthusiastic advocate of their "vaccine").

Pfizer's own Wikipedia page says:

"On 10 October 2022, during a session of the European Parliament's Special Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pfizer executive Janine Small testified that the company had not evaluated their COVID-19 vaccine for its ability to reduce transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus prior to its release to the general public. Dutch MEP Rob Roos described the admission as scandalous."

Would Pfizer make such an admission if it really was scandalous? Are we to believe their director simply made a mistake, or had poor judgment, when she "admitted" they didn't test for transmission? Or maybe it wasn't an admission at all, just a statement of fact.

Back in December 2020, when nothing was known about the "vaccines" about to be unleased upon the world, I did a video called "The Pfizer Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine".


That video, which became one of my most-watched, made it very clear that Pfizer had only said their product was effective at preventing Covid-19, which is a collection of symptoms, not a virus. They did NOT claim the shots had been tested for their ability to stop infection or transmission of the SarsCov2 virus.

Have a look at their original press release, yourself. They were extremely careful to never claim they could stop transmission! Was it deceptive? Yes. Was it unclear, and meant to confuse using "weasel words"? Yes! But did they say the injections were effective at stopping the virus? Absolutely not.

So people who are outraged at the "admission" in October are misguided. And it's still going on today, repeated nonstop all over alternate media, including last week on SGTreport's "bombshell" revelation video. Over and over and over, people get shocked and angry that Pfizer now "admits" they didn't test for the ability to stop infection, when they have been clear about that since the very start.

"GET THE VACCINE FOR OTHERS was a complete lie!" people rant. Yes, it was. But that wasn't Pfizer who said that! It was many governments around the world, it was mainstream media whores, it was celebrities, it was corporate CEOs, it was Joe the mechanic down the street. But it was NOT Pfizer.

And the "vaccine passports" were completely useless. Just meant to control us, not to protect us. Yes, absolutely! But it wasn't Pfizer who created or endorsed those, it was governments and media. Can they be sued and punished? I sure hope so! They certainly should be. But can Pfizer be sued for telling the world they were going to keep everybody safe from the virus? Nope. They're guilty of many things in my opinion, but that isn't one of them.

I'm not covering for or defending Pfizer. I would never carry their water. I've been their biggest critic from the start, have warned hundreds of thousands of people not to get injected, I didn't take the injections, and my wife and children are completely non-modified by those shots. I will never be stuck with their needles, and was one of the first to recommend the same to the world, widely on every platform I could, almost every day for more than 2 years now. I took on great personal risk being bold about that, and going head to head with Big Pharma and their plan for global domination and ruination of humanity. I was heavily censored and lost income on many platforms because of it. I made myself an enemy of some very powerful people.

But I'm interested in the truth, not a convenient half-truth. Pfizer did NOT say they were going to stop the virus from transmitting, period. If you think they did, please, by all means provide proof. I've got a reward for you if you're the first to do so. But what's much more likely is that millions of people have failed to pay close attention, are getting outraged over the wrong things, spreading nonsense and disinformation, barking up the wrong tree, wasting time and resources, and letting the real issues go unchecked.

I believe Pfizer is guilty of many horrible things, and should be held accountable. I believe they have been part of a massive crime against humanity. But did they say, in December 2020 when the "vaccines" were first announced, that they could stop the SarsCov2 virus? Absolutely not. They said their shot was effective at stopping Covid, which is just the symptoms caused by that virus. In other words, it wasn't a real vaccine at all, it was a treatment. That's why, for more than 2 years now, I've always used quotes when talking about their "vaccine". (And does it really stop Covid? No, I don't believe it does. But that's a whole other matter.)


Let's focus our time, energy, and resources where they matter, and where they can make a difference. If we care about the truth, let's not get caught up in sensationalism. Pfizer is the enemy. Did you know Pfizer backwards is Rezifp, a Hebrew word for "the destroyer"? And did you know Covid backwards is Divoc, a Hebrew word for "possessed by evil"? Maybe that's a coincidence, who knows? But it's more true than claiming Pfizer promised their mRNA injections would stop infection. As far as I've been able to tell, they never did so. If you can prove otherwise, my 10000 BLURT will be yours.

In peace, freedom, and truth,


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Ill prove it to in the method of modern science:
clearing throat
Your supposed to believe in the narrative sir. Believe in the science or else. Now pay me either way for being silly, or else.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Wow, that must have been at the "speed of science" as Pfizer's Janine Small said. Blew right past me with that logic ;P
I am sending you 100 BLURT as a reward for silliness.

Is that refund for the all the votes? Your 9,900 short buddy! The gov demands your obedience.


Thank you. I shall drink coffee with that.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  8 months ago  ·   (edited)

I would add another 10,000 but I don't want to deal with someone who will cite some arguments based on falsified data from WHO and pfizer and he will want his money because he will think he is entitled to it.

Unfortunately, a discussion with someone who believes in the effectiveness of these preparations does not make sense because undermining the effectiveness of vaccinations is for a believer like undermining the existence of god in the presence of a priest.

Basically, the priest usually has more arguments because we are too limited to say whether or not there is a god or not and and what is god. In turn, the harmfulness of pfizer's creations can be noticed even by a teenage child, if only he has an open mind and does a bit of searching on the Internet and traces the last 3 years of events.

this belief is based on the inability to admit that you became a sucker the moment you took your booster. Since agreeing to such a procedure voluntarily, most will, unfortunately, defend themselves until the last moment. Unless they hear that you can get some huge compensation for it ;P

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  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Well said, Khrom! Thanks for your intelligent comment.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

I think you will get to keep the 10,000 Blurt.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

It's looking that way, yeah. So far no leads, after posting this last night on S, H, and B.
Funny that almost every truther/awake/skeptic/etc believes Pfizer and Moderna claimed they could stop transmission until "admitting" in October that they never intended that. But nobody can produce any reason for why they think that. I guess even the smart people got duped. I have to concede, Pfizer was pretty tricky in their statements... very careful to only say they were preventing Covid, not transmission of the SarsCov2 virus. It was always just a therapeutic (and a poor one at that), never a real vaccine.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Hmmm nope can't find proof. Can I get 5,000 blurt instead for showing me face-palming myself back when the public believed it was going to stop transmission? cuz that's all I got. It's funny watching the pseudo-intellectuals gather their info: what the news says + what everybody else is doing = line up for poison. They clutch a newspaper to their chest like its their holy book....just kidding, they don't read off paper :-D

In all seriousness though, uneducated and fearful people were frightened and told not to be paranoid anti-vaxxers, told that this injection is a vaccine, and they need to take it for everyone's safety and everybody's hooked. And call it science? Oh my god, that's exactly what science is not. Most people don't even really understand how vaccines work let alone this new technology, but everyone wants to pretend to be smart and benevolent: oh yes of course my family has been vaccinated, I'm not an irresponsible idiot or anything.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

In all honesty, I don't think there is any document, forum, or interview with the media, not even saying among themselves behind closed doors that their "vaccine" would stop the spread of Covid.

In fact, the race to manufacture something against this cocktail of symptoms, which is now treated like any other flu, at least in Chile, was so great that they didn't even test it for long enough. Namely, there are 5 phases that are necessary to verify that a vaccine is effective, although this does not guarantee that side effects will not arise.

Mitigating the symptoms of Covid seems to be the objective as such, and then they would decide if they would stop the virus, which we already know will not happen.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Thanks for your well-thought-out comment, Ray.
Sending you 100 BLURT for participation.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Wow. Thank you so much, @drutter.

I appreciate a lot this.

I would take the 10 grand Blurt, but I don't think I'm getting them... 😂😜

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Hehehe, well don't feel bad, I don't think anyone is getting them. I'd gladly dish it out, if anyone can satisfy the request!
Maybe what's happening is that a lot of people (not you and I, but others who were less-informed) got tricked into taking the injections, and/or they supported and advocated that others get the injections. Now, when this "admission" comes out, they go with the flow, and run with the narrative that Pfizer tricked everybody, and is only now coming clean about never claiming their product stopped transmission. That way, they can save some face, and not look as bad for being tricked. And I admit, Pfizer (and Moderna) were tricky! If you weren't paying close attention, it wasn't hard to think the shots were supposed to prevent infection. You really had to read the press release and listen to the speeches closely, and know the difference between SarsCov2 (the virus) and Covid-19 (the symptoms).

The transmission is one thing... but the adverse events is something thoroughly different...

Shit is already hitting the fan, but it hasn't yet quite reached mainstream.

Did you hear about the founder of Project Veritas? After the Pfizer exposure, they are now trying to get rid of him!

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

At the end of December, a major poll found a majority of Americans know someone who was killed or disabled by the shots, and 40% of the vaxxed are fearful for their safety. So it's pretty much mainstream now, although people keep their thoughts mostly to themselves, out of fear of being called an "antivaxxer". When the legacy media and government finally tell people they're right to talk about it, they will. People are such hopeless drones.
Yeah, James OKeefe... how does the owner of a company get kicked out? Makes very little sense to me. Especially since he created it, built it up, and is the main investigator. It would be nothing without him. My only thought is maybe he did it on purpose, perhaps to get the heat off him after that run-in with Pfizer, so he can't be targeted with a lawsuit or something.
"Set pfazers to kill!"

  ·  8 months ago  ·   (edited)

Project Veritas are 2 charity organizations with boards... They are trying to kick him out via board as much as I have understood... and yes, he has already stated that he loves his life and is not suicidal in front of cameras! ;)

  ·  8 months ago  ·   (edited)

I got 4 jabs, 1st, 2nd dose plus booster1 and booster2. But, I'd rather all in my 100K blurt (in BP) to add it on your offer rather than grabbing it in exchange of an evidence proving their vax is safe and stopping tx-mission. I myself proving it, that it's unsafe, it seems the effect is slowly terminating this generation. I'm unhealthy enough after those four series of vaxx.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Do you mind if I ask why you kept going back for more? After which dose did you notice you got sick?

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

I have been vaxxed because it left us no choice, I am a Filipino working here in Saudi Arabia so we just have to obey government rules or else we won't have access to all of the establishments, especially transport. All airlines required the passengers to be vaxxed.

On April 1, 2021, that was 14 days after my 1st dose, I was ran to hospital and diagnosed with hypokalemia. After that, I often experiencing difficulty of breathing up to now.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  8 months ago  ·   (edited)

I met a guy the other day quadruple vaxed...his left leg went numb 6 months ago, and two weeks ago his right arm suddenly went numb. He's 34 and very athletic looking....and he's totally freaking out.

Looks like the bigs will get away with genocide once again but this time on an unimaginable scale.

All you can do at this point is be smart, stay informed, and take care of yourself and your family.

Another great post, as always!

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Wow, I feel for that guy! Having your nerves just stop working properly is hell. And for a young healthy dude, that's devastating. I hope he can find a way to recover. Thanks for sharing that story.

Here's another story for you. Our top supplier for our business who have also become pretty good friends especially in Thai with my girlfriend. Well, they got their third shot two weeks ago. Two days later she cancels dinner, "my heart hurts"...WTF!

Insane. And since the injections, they've both been very moody and distant, and aloof, or dumber or something. I can see they are just not thinking clearly like they were three weeks ago. Double WTF. Just so sad, right before my own eyes and nothing I can do.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Damn. I feel bad for them, but so sad people are still getting these shots. Do they think Covid is a threat or something? Hard to imagine why anyone would be trusting the mRNA injections at this point.
There's plenty of sunshine (vitamin D) there! I think a little Vitamin C and Zinc supplementation when feeling a cold coming on, maybe some Ivermectin to handle colds and flus, you wouldn't need to take any needles, let alone experimental gene-altering needles.

Do they think Covid is a threat or something?

My girl asked them why they got directly.

"Just to get it, better to be safe"

Meanwhile another one just passed out at the beach down the road from here. 4th one this month. Absolutely fucking nuts. I've never seen anything like this.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Shit. I feel so bad for people. So many ignorant, and so many harmed. You see both sides of it on a regular basis. Makes you want to scream, "Safe? Did you hear another just collapsed at the beach for no good reason?" I'm guessing it wasn't sunstroke!

  ·  7 months ago  ·   (edited)

For real it's just sick on multiple levels. This one just happened to be at the beach. One was at a restaurant, another was a 7-11, and then at a bar....at 8pm....meanwhile the princess is on ice or something.

  ·  7 months ago  ·  

Oh right, the princess! Just about forgot about that. Really never see anything about it in any of the media here.
A quick search shows a zillion "fact check" articles that say "the Thai princess was NOT harmed by the Covid vaccine" and "Thailand is NOT banning Pfizer's shot". Fact-checking is a sure sign of tomfoolery. Who fact-checks the fact-checkers?

10,000 blurt, that's a year and half serious work at my current explosion to gather that amount. You throwing a bounty of such is to show that there's no out to claiming the 10,000 blurt.

Reading other people's comment I see that there's no two way about it but the answer is he never claim