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Got original content to share? With nothing but an internet connection, you can follow these 3 easy steps to get started on the Blurt blockchain! Using this free, private, and decentralized process, you'll be posting and earning cryptocurrency within minutes.

1.) Create a new Blurt account on a service like BlurtCreator (announced by @Fervi recently). Write the password down on a piece of paper to be stored in a safe place.

Note: If you need one, you can create a new email account on a service like Protonmail:

2.) Log in to a front end like BlurtLatAm or BlurtBlog with your username and password. Go to your Wallet tab, click "Keys & Permissions", and record the private keys shown there. Many people put these keys in a text file on a USB drive, or use password-managing software.

3.) Create original content on the Blurt blockchain. Your free account comes with a few BLURT to cover the fees on your first comments and posts.

In 168 hours (7 days), your content pays out according to upvotes it received. Go to your Wallet tab and click the "Redeem Rewards" button to deposit your BLURT (some "liquid" and some "powered up") into your account.

Note: Powered up BLURT (called "BP") makes some of your actions on the blockchain more powerful, such as voting on content. It can be powered down in a delayed process that makes it liquid. Some liquid rewards will pay the fees on your new content, but the rest can be held, transferred to other users, powered up (invested in your future on Blurt), or taken off the blockchain to be sold, traded, or spent.

That's really all there is to it: Make an account, secure the password and keys, and post some content! Anyone who can use the internet can get onto the blockchain and earn cryptocurrency, for free, without identifying themselves or using centralized structures like governments, banks, or corporations. Your Blurt blog and wallet have powerful tools not found anywhere else, on a censorship-resistant platform that values creativity and freedom.

It's an excellent time to get Blurting!


(This post is also being added to the Steem and Hive blockchains.)

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Nice tutorial mate! I would definitely stick to the frontend !!! No censorship and manipulation of user results on Hot and Trending pages!!!! 👍

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This is great. I'd love to see this splashed all over the place....twitter, facebook...where ever.

Great post re-blurted!

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This is great just what blurt needed hopefully now we get more joining up now that it has been made easier.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Yes, I believe this is a big step. Now there's nothing standing in anyone's way if they want to Blurt!

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

This post makes creating a Blurt account easier than peeling tangerines.

Good job.

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Thanks to @Fervi for improving creation and streamlining this process! Just an email address is required, so much better than paying $3, needing to have Discord, or needing a prior Blurt account. I think many of us value powerful tools that don't have major barriers to access.

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Thank for tutorials.
I should have registered this way. Ha ha.

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Yes, it's too bad this method is not properly promoted. Most users don't learn about it until AFTER they have signed up.

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Dunno why.
yesterday I directed my friend to register through here.
But it's still tricky. Can't open directly.

The process is still complicated. Maybe still not a visa to be a recommendation for me.

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I just found out, if there is a new Blurt account registration service from BlurtCreator ( So far I only use and pay. Thank you for this useful information.

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This is great. I am also planning on writing an article on blurt so that people will earn crypto currency and also promote the platform

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Awesome. I love this avatar too…


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