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i think so, maybe @themarkymark can shine some light on this

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I actually have no clue, I looked and my initial guess was it was muted by the community but I highly doubt that happened. It certainly isn't a blacklist as no one runs a blacklist anymore. I don't use and only use Peakd (which it is fine there) so I honestly don't know. PeakdD is better in everyway.

Isn't Blurt awesome? Everybody can treat you just the way you deserve it! 😜🤙 No one gives a fuck about your Hive stake here... You are treated just the way you are deemed to...

It's just much more honest than Hive!!!! Wouldn't you agree???

Enjoy your stay shithead! ❤️





hold on, are you saying there is no more "spamminator" blacklist ?

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I am not nor even been part or associated with spaminator or cleaners.

fuggin POS... 💩

We know you are, no need to advertise it.

Fuggin downvoting POS 💩

Don't be a downvoting bitch.