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Social Capital vs Financial Capital

Recently in a comment on my last post my friend @wil.metcalfe talks about these two different types of capital; financial and social. Lets start by asking google to simply define these two terms so we are all on the same page.

According to google: "Financial capital is money, credit, and other forms of funding that build wealth for people and businesses. Social capital is a set of shared values or resources that allows individuals to work together in a group to effectively achieve a common purpose."

Wil brings this up to highlight his concerns over up-vote bots like UPVU and Blurtbooster in a discussion he had with a prominent Blurt blogger @offgridlife. Off Grid is openly pro UPVU bot which earns it's users a substantial return on investment through delegation, and substantially more than one would receive through delegating to the now human controlled @blurtbooster account. Maybe @saboin or someone else knows the exact APR% on these two options, I do not.

Wil goes onto explain a few things about financial capital, social capital, and growing the platform and frankly I could not agree with him more!.....From Wil:

Thank you so much Wil for sharing your well thought out views on this matter. Again, I totally agree and think your logic makes perfect sense especially when applied to a "social" blockchain.

Wil also asks about the main differences between Upvu and Blurt booster. I would say if you don't delegate to UPVU you don't get voted, period. Almost zero quality control from UPVU. UPVU is all about the $$$$ @blurtbooster is not.

Furthermore @blurtbooster is about raising up those who deserve it, and votes across the general user base under my supervision with the help of others. We focus on supporting those putting greater effort into social capital and posting quality which drives interaction. There for doing exactly what Wil says! Returning more "financial capital" to those who are interested in growing their own "social capital" here on Blurt!

Now it's your turn to chime in and earn a little of both "financial" and "social" capital in the comments below. Do you agree or disagree with Wil's philosophical approach to success in real life or here on Blurt? Financial Capital Vs Social Capital? Let us know and and Blurt-on! Until next time @world-Travel-Pro.


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  ·  last year  ·  

Personally, I like to curate manually, to take the time to read or look in details at the art that they made. A few sincere comments here and there can really uplift someone, something that a bot cannot really do. Yes bots can leave comments (clearly generic) and can leave sometimes a some financial value that a regular person cannot compete with. Something to agree with is that is does have financial benefits and makes people come back (therefore helps the growth). For me, a positive tap on the shoulder has more long term value (it keeps me going, wanting to create better quality content and I also appreciate more what the others are or are not doing). I remember a positive note as well as whom left it, even if a financial gain has a quicker impact and can bring instant hype.

I found the conversation with Wil Metcalfe to be informative and insightful. It is clear that he has a deep understanding of the Blurt ecosystem and the potential for growth in the future. I particularly appreciated his emphasis on the importance of community building and fostering a strong sense of engagement among users. His thoughts on the role of social media in driving adoption and creating value for the platform were also intriguing. Overall, it was a valuable read for anyone interested in the Blurt project and the larger blockchain space.

I'm so happy you got a lot out of the conversation. Wil really knows his stuff and is an experienced and successful entrepreneur. Thank you so much for the feed back and have a great day!

The way I came to understand everything is life is there is rarely anything inherently wrong with a platform it’s the people who make it or break it. Blurt booster originally was fine with its parameters but you’ll always get humans wanting to just dodge the system and cream off as much as they can with the least effort humanly possible. Blurt booster would have been fine if ppl used it appropriately and didn’t just copy and paste the same article over and over or just plagiarise from the internet and convert it to another language. People seem to be willing to go to so much effort to game every system, so the platform will never Be the problem it’s always going to be like this till people learn to behave socially.

  ·  last year  ·  

We certainly don’t need Hivewatchers here …



  ·  last year  ·  

We surely do not... and this is why talking about this subject (as a community) is the best way forward. Certain projects (built around ideas) can prime the environment with the sort of things that actually cause deeper issues...

Hive Watchers was a response (a very poor one) to the sorts of behaviors that were byproducts of one thing. Putting Financial Capital (gain) before the more important opportunity. Social Capital.

If we want to avoid the miss-steps (and subsequent horrors) we need to be ever mindful and cognizant of HOW we are humaning. Priorities do matter. What order you place those priorities in will either lift or lower what we are attempting to do.

Right now we need all the lift we can get. We don't know what's ahead... but we do know that we need to be well above it for this blockchain to succeed.

Here's the video that got me started (5 years ago) thinking/learning about Social Capital. Since then I have heard other very reputable people talk about this form of Capital as well... and it's interesting to note... there are so many different forms of capital! Curtis does such a good job of explaining each of them... I know your going to get a lot from his presentation @offgridlife! (After all... he is a man that ascribes to both your and my aspirations. Being off grid!)

I would be very interested to hear your thoughts once you have listened to this video. 🙌

Comet Ranker

  ·  last year  ·  

What your referring to is the attitude where Financial Capital trumps Social Capital as someone's value set. Commodification of Social Capital or Financial Capital at the expense of Social Capital is always a slippery slope. Similar minded people gather in places that have values out of alignment with what's actually important. This is what I call the "Smash and Grab Mentality" and it repeatedly destroys projects... especially social ones. It also undermines trust... and causes plenty of infighting. (Those are the byproducts and signs that the order of things is disjointed within the community. Maybe not all... but definitely some!) And, by the way, these are the draw downs you just can't market and sell to anyone.

We have all seen this... But there is a way around it. I believe that solution is about laying a cultural foundation where Social Capital comes before Financial Capital. (Not to say that value doesn't flow... because it does... so long as people are treating people right on the blockchain!)

Thanks for the comment Mag! I really appreciate that you (and everyone else!) took the time to discuss this. Just thinking about it is going to move us all forward. I'm confident of that! 🙌

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  ·  last year  ·   (edited)


what a creepy SF... you have serious psychological problems...

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That's not even two sentences from just the above comment. hahaha

Really tells you much about the kind of things that run through her mind on a regular

Talk about outing yourself as a total vominous nut job. haha

Certainly not PG13, but is 100% hilarious! lol

A seriously sick deviot...

For real...if you look into her posts, her favorite holiday is Friday the 13th. lol

I mean a real creeper. Big time....

  ·  last year  ·  

Thank you for providing an interesting topic for discussion. I read a lot of interesting comments, opinions, and ideas on this article and include the comments.

Always healthy for you✨

Posted from

Thank you very much!

  ·  last year  ·  

There is a huge difference between UPVU and Blurtbooster, since the latter seeks the quality of the content, as I have been able to verify. I don't know how much the UPVU APR is or how to obtain it, but maybe someone knows how to get that account.

Let's take the case of our friend offgridlife: The daily earnings per delegation are in percentage between 0.006 and 0.007 per day. In addition, for having delegated more than 605,000 Blurts, he receives a daily vote of more than 95% of his voting power... not insignificant for someone who is focused on growing his account, and in my opinion, a faster way, but certainly the growth is not due to social capital, however, offgridlife is very active on the platform making and answering comments in a timely manner.

It is no secret to anyone that many users use part of the Blurt earnings for their expenses, therefore, whoever needs extra money for their expenses will look for a way to generate them more quickly, and in this sense, UPVU is the Better option.

Now, if we want social capital to be important for everyone, I think we should look for a way to make the rewards higher in quality publications, and for this, it would be enough to make agreements with the accounts that have the highest vote weight; When I talk about quality, I am not referring to those publications that seek to detract from other users (which are well voted by the way) nor that their content focuses on the problem without offering any kind of solution.

Blurttribe and blurtconnect, are two accounts that have focused on generating comments and growing social capital since they reward those who participate in their publications, however, the comments on them are still few.

What initiative can be promoted to generate more interaction and promote the growth of social capital and therefore financial capital? At this point, my dear witness, I am stuck.

  ·  last year  ·   (edited)

That project is called @comet.ranker. Engagment is the focus... and we have many innovative creative ways to boost healthy interaction. Some of these methods are already being used... and more will come as things come together!

Social Capital is what will drive the price of Blurt UP... and, I'll add, it wouldn't hurt if everyone decided to buy the lows as well.

We believe in this project... for me, anyways, it's easy to buy more Blurt! It's actually something I'm always thinking about... "How can I buy some more?"

It's questions like this that make the creative ideas flow!

Thanks for this break down. It sounds like your thinking out loud in this comments Ray... I do that all the time as well!

It's actually another good reason to engage! We can all learn and find solutions together! 🙌

Comet Ranker

P.S. By the way... If you would like to learn about the 8 forms of capital (Yes! There are more than 1!) here's a video by Curtis Stone! I started learning about these concepts about 5 years ago... and I'm still actively learning! This is part of the excitement I have around developing @comet.ranker! I get to actively learn about engagment and the the secret powers of Social Capital!

  ·  last year  ·  

Thank you so much for this information. I hope that at least it has subtitles in Spanish, haha. I still don't master the English language... for now.

As for the @comet.ranker project, I kind of lost track of it when I went on vacation, but I'm back now, so I'll try to catch up and see how I can help and contribute.

Thanks for taking the time. I'm actually starting to regret using @offgridlife's name in this post. As I did not mean for this post to be about it. He is fine guy and has done great things for Blurt. The only reason I mention him is cause @wil.metcalfe first discussed this topic with him. I must also say you are doing an amazing job growing all the right capitals!

  ·  last year  ·  

This is an amazing concern. I love the fact that social capital should not be eliminated. I'll encourage myself to go more social.

  ·  last year  ·   (edited)

Social ? Social on Blurt consists of constant personal attacks. Especially for new people who just start out on Blurt. You can remain a slave to the inner sanctum elite on Blurt or you can break FREE , …. invest in 1 Million Blurt power and delegate 1/2 to @upvu and get 1 upvote per day… 30% APR. It’s your choice. As I said many times already competition is good. We have Ctime, Mmmkkkk, Blurtbooster and Upvu. Why limit these options ? Blurt is a very good Investment. Blurt is not Social at all… unless you enjoy personal attacks. I do not.

Just look at that logo. Does it say “Social” to you ? Or angry young man ?


I'm not attacking you. In fact I'm all for you using UPVU if that is what you want to do. I don't think Blurt is full of personal attacks. Basically all my interactions are very pleasant here on blurt now that I've muted @lucylin and his five other accounts.

Maybe my main point should have been made more clear in this post. I'm for the individual doing what they want. But there are pros and cons for everything. For me and for what I want out of the platform I choose not to use UPVU. But if you or anyone else wants to use it I have absolutely nothing against them for doing so. In fact I totally understand it. But I do side with the philosophy of Wil, and if you and others do not, that is fine and I'm happy you are free to do what you wish here. Above all else I'm for the individual and that means I for you!

Yeah i no longer get into any arguments or see any negativity since I muted him also blurt has been peaceful ever since lol. I never would mute on opinions but some ppl are just a waste of your vital energy.

Exactly, and it's funny how he thinks it's his question I'm avoiding....It's actually his antagonistic low life personality that I'm avoiding. lol. Glad to see you too are enjoying the platform more as well :)

  ·  last year  ·   (edited)

Oh… sorry …. You tagged me in this post and I read it as a not so very subtle personal attack on my CHOICE (or anyone else’s) to invest my hard earned dollars in @upvu so that I am not dependent on anyone else’s charity or RULES. I am all about Freedom of Choice, Options and complete 100% Independence and Self Reliance.

  ·  last year  ·   (edited)

Yeah. Seriously, that's the vibe of 6 months ago. Which is still actually quite fresh, so I understand. I'm way past that and I do believe many are as well and wish to move forward together with all our differences and "philosophies". My apologies if you felt that I was attacking you, rest assured I have absolutely nothing against you or anyone using UPVU, I would just like the platform to move towards alternatives, and as you say competition is good.

  ·  last year  ·  

Basically all my interactions are very pleasant here on blurt now that I've muted @lucylin

...things change - 'tis life...

3rd - Copy.jpg

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  ·  last year  ·  

But those people are leeches and prefer selling their dead soul for a coffee instead and blame us who know how to stake with upvu and selfvotes and fuck them and their pitiful low spirits .
I mean , read ultravioletmag comment AND LAUGH !
The bitch is pin pointing things she is doing herself , this is hilarious 😂
Welcome to Blurt !
@Saboin agrees 100% LOL ...hi from Hive 👋🏻

  ·  last year  ·  

We definitely need to change the vibes around here. This is exactly why a Social Capital 1st approach is so vitally important @offgridlife. This is why I felt the need to speakUP about this topic.

It's not intended to drive anyone away or run anyone down. We all need to come together. We all need to construct our ideas around values that last and can stand the test of time.

TOGETHER is how we win.

So as a culture we do need to seriously consider the byproducts of approaching a social blockchain in ways that might draw down on what makes this place the opportunity it should be.

As for the angry little logo... I have plans for addressing this as well.

I think a lot of people are turned off by it... and the sorts of people who are drawn to it are rabble rousers and trouble makers.

I mean I get the appeal. Blurting out is something I stand for... but we need to do it in a way that's professional and draws people rather than repels them. Effectiveness begins with how we brand and how people perceive us.

Much love my friend,

Comet Ranker

  ·  last year  ·  

Too much philosophy, not enough understanding of the complexity of the problem. just like @lucylin said what it means:

"those that deserve it"

who deserves what? e.g. I can say that I deserve more but still I never got a half up from blurt booster. Of course, soon there will be those who will take advantage and say that I demand something here. But I think those intelligent people understand that this is just a simple example of the absurdity of this statement. Everyone can say that he deserves more and that he deserves it because his "social capital" according to him is worth more ;]

This is the main flaw of SOCIALISM with what you are talking about. People are expected to do something for the "common good" and then some "hand that feeds" which has capital that can be compared to a blurt booster, decides who is to get something and who is not based on their whim. The point is that those who, in their opinion, will not be properly appreciated, will always have a grudge, and often rightly so.

On the other hand, we just have a UPu that offers something on clear terms with a certain fixed profit that it generates thanks to the fact that you entrusted it with your money and does not hide that it is about money ;]

That is pure capitalism. if you lose you don't blame anyone because you knew the risk. if you gain, it's not because someone likes you, it's because you were smart and took advantage of the opportunity someone created. If you bring the blurt platform down because you invest in an initiative that supports shit posts and you don't withdraw your profits on the stock exchange because no one will want to buy it, then you are also to blame and you can't blame anyone.

It doesn't matter who you are - whether your friends are md or mk or ctime. as @offgridlife wrote, you pay money and get 30% apr ;]

Instead of fighting and demonizing upu, you should rather try to create an alternative that will make it unprofitable for users who want to invest their capital here, and instead invest in other blurt initiatives that will bring similar profit as
@oneray says.

Posted from

  ·  last year  ·  

Hi @khrom!

Thanks for your comment. I would like to take the time to clearUP some misconceptions however. It is my hope that we can all better understand each other. This should help us all get on the same page and become more effective.

Firstly, I think it's important to note that this is NOT about socialism, communism, or collectivism. I can't be any more clear here. We are actually talking about capitalism in all it's forms.

Just like the word "Liberty" and "Liberal" have similarities in etymology and how they appear... they couldn't be more separated in meaning. So to are the words "Socialism" and "Social Capital".

Sophistication is knowing the difference between two or more points. In this case... knowing the difference (even subtle ones) between two words CAN make all the difference. Once you begin to understand words at a deeper level in this way you are actually laying the literal and literary foundations that all freedom and freedoms are built UPon.

So! I would challenge you to examine more closely your base of understanding around what it means to be focused on Social Capital 1st before Financial Capital. From this premise I think it is possible to accumulate all the forms of Capital (Yes! There are more than 1!) and it will even make the tools we design that much better at compounding the things we all actually want more of!

Here's a video by a man (a fellow Canadian) that I greatly respect. Curtis Stone eloquently presents the 8 (Yes! EIGHT!) forms of Capital in this video and it's totally worth learning about them!

I'm really interested to hear your thoughts once you have given this a listen! 🙌

Take care and talk to you soon,

Comet Ranker

  ·  last year  ·  

well, the way @world-travel-pro presented it in this post reminded me of that.

What you say is of course interesting and it would be great if you wrote a bit about how you see the use of this knowledge to improve this Blockchain.

In my opinion, the biggest problems we have to solve here are building social capital, i.e. a base of users involved in this platform who want to develop its potential and participate in its life.

Opportunities to build something revolutionary here are, unfortunately, just without social capital it is not possible. This is just one of the ills of the programmers' erroneous approach that they assume that material capital will solve all problems here.

Posted from

I didn't know that you were not receiving Blurtbuster votes. I must have overlooked your name as I was searching for smaller fish. Sorry about that. I'll try to get that taken care of asap.

I agree with everything you are saying and I agree with what Wil is saying. I believe we are all basically saying the same thing. Nobody here is saying you shouldn't do this and YOU shouldn't do that. I notice a commonality of you should do what you want, and if that's your style and if there are consequences that come with a certain style of behavior than you should be willing to accept that too. Take some of these Korean accounts that use UPVU. Okay, better them hodle blurt and stay and use upvu then, leave, liquidate, and drop the price. But for contributors like myself and many others we simply want a more genuine earning/social experience, and find it more rewarding knowing that the blurt earned was 100% off people liking me and my content, not because I made a large delegation to a third party. Hive is actually a place that will downvote you off the platform if any number of wealthy account holders deem your actions too leaning to "financial capital" Hive has created an extreme cult culture of "financial capital" behavior extremely punished. Here on Blurt this is post just a post touching on the pros and cons.

There is a give or take. Some would like to believe I'm some kind of black or white authoritarian...kind of like this comment of yours implies "Instead of fighting and demonizing upvu". I really don't see the language in this post from either Wil or myself that would qualify as "fighting and demonizing". In fact I'm pro individual having the choice to use UPVU but I would advise against it depending on what they want out of the platform. Anyway...Have a great day, and thanks for contributing to my post!

  ·  last year  ·  

Personally, I don't use UPu and I don't approve either, but I also don't approve of the existence of the Blurt booster rate because it was not created either by providing services or by writing posts, nor was it purchased on the exchange, only printed and using it I consider the same as what they do banks, i.e. first printing money from nothing and then multiplying this sum from nothing by voting..

I would support the existence of such a system as a booster if these funds came from stock purchases or were generated as a result of some activity or services provided for Blurt. This is what makes UPU different. this rate consists of delegated to up blurts that were created by users either by publishing and curing or purchased on the stock exchange.

Posted from

  ·  last year  ·  

In simple words the printed or the better word maybe would be the genesis mined tokens are being used here for curation. These were not bought from the exchange but still we are using it for different purpose.

That is even used for witness voting, proposal voting, etc.

It is common for most of the blockchain. One of the most popular blockchain, Polygon where majority of the tokens rest with few people is still successful in this world.

Those few people are from the team ( probably). They use their power for voting proposals for polygon blockchain. And they have not bought those coins, those are from the genesis block.

Still Polygon is famous and successful and also one of the future pics for most of the investors. The reason is that polygon has alot of use case, there are countless number of projects build on it.

P2E games, Stimulations, etc. We at blurt are missing these stuff, i am not complaining that we don't have them. I respect the existing devlopers for managing the platform and coming out with new features time to time.

Anyways, it was nice to come across your comment. A small question before I leave.

Do you think a P2E game build on Blurt blockchain will help blurt in any sense? ( Price , increase in user base )

Thank You

  ·  last year  ·   (edited)

whether the world is better or not depends on us and how we create it. If we create a system with a flaw and say "well, maybe it's not perfect, but others do it and succeed" then what can we expect?

Of course, there are coins that you can point to as an example of successful ones and have such solutions. But in the shadow of these coins there are many more that are now just shitcoins precisely because such a solution was used there. And for the rest, let's remember that even the biggest ones that seemed to break records, after many years, a scam was made and it's basically because the founders had such a stake.

A good example was the very Terra Luna, the cause of the fall was just the rate created without the mining procedure exactly the same as the blurt booster.

and what? was also at the top and you could say that despite the printed stake she achieved success.

And let me tell you this is a bullshit success. No crypto with such a rate will last in the long run because the printed rate is the core of what is also broken in all FIAT currencies and what is broken in our everyday world of finance.

Creating a printed stake is like that story about the naked king.

In the fairy tale it was so that the future tailors who convinced the king that they would sew him the most wonderful robe in the world, but only intelligent people can see it. Of course it was a swindle. dudes racked up an exorbitant amount of money for a robe they didn't sew and disappeared. But the swindle was that no one dared to question that the robe did not exist because no one wanted to admit that he was a fool ;] So everyone agreed with the king how beautiful and perfect she was and the king himself did not see her either, so he was afraid to say a word not to look like a fool. So he walked naked in front of the whole court so that the whole court saw him and no one dared to mention that he saw a naked king until a small boy in the crowd shouted that the king was naked ;]

Then, in the face of the child's innocence, all of them suddenly opened their eyes and began to communicate with each other that they also saw the naked king, and finally it dawned on everyone that the "miracle tailors" had simply deceived the king.

Printed stake is such a "wonderful robes" in any cryptocurrency. As long as things are going well, no one wants to admit that it's going to end badly. But once the market, which is honest as a child, puts this szfindel to the test, sooner or later every crypto will fall on such terms ;]

Do you think a P2E game build on Blurt blockchain will help blurt in any sense? ( Price , increase in user base )

You know what in my opinion would do the job? A good play for fun game with an honest system where blurts buy access to the game for example for monthly subscripotion or something like tha and gadgets that do not have a direct impact on the gameplay but are its variety. P2E It attracts the wrong kind of people we want, i.e. people who only care about milking a cow and not about creating a community, building values, etc.

Posted from

Just saw your comment now. Very well explained. "Fake stake" is used to describe blurt, but not every other blockchain that does the same which is most of them. People being difficult here, for the sake of being difficult, has gotten very old. Thanks again for speaking up here on my post.

  ·  last year  ·  

Personally... I don't think that P2E, etc. should be the priority. Hive has that focus and frankly it's fragmenting how people perceive that blockchain.

What's better is for us to pick somethings that we want Blurt to do... and make this blockchain the best place to do those things.

Marketing content generation and voting IS what we do here... so let's not get distracted! Let's focus on doing what we do well!

Good, better, best comes with focus and drive. Staying on point is difficult... but powerful. Over time we will be able to measure our effectiveness/impact but not if we are trying to do to many things all at once.

Once we have established ourselves... then we can strategically branch out.

This is just my two Blurts.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts @kamranrkploy! 👍

Comet Ranker

  ·  last year  ·  

Upvu and selfvote is when you have ethics like @offgridlife or Marius or myself .
Anything else is only begging for coins because you dont want to buy them to stake .
That makes Blurt a weak community in'which people are so blind to themself that they comment like ultravioletmag just did in this post not even seeing she is herself a cheater in blurt ( as you read in my last post )
Plagiarism and recycled post , a broken record she is to stay blind to her sick demoniac mental ...same as WTP the recycler .
Well at least now he makes some pennies recycling people ´ comments LMAO !
One comment , one post ( thank you BB and Coconuts )
This wont ever stop of course , until The founders get sued , like Marius said .
For now we just enjoy the full on hypocrites in the funny Blurt .

Will you ask to not be included in Blurtbooster ? That would make you the most clean person here , with me and Marius and Lucylin .

  ·  last year  ·  

In fact, I don't need a blurt booster to be happy.

I don't think there's any point in pointing fingers. You, too, for some time published posts whose content was practically identical with minor differences. I don't know what was causing you. Whether it was some kind of protest or something else, the issue is that no one gets anywhere by pointing fingers for such things. ultravioletmag is an active user after all, it's not a person who posts duplicated posts here, but someone who participates in the life of the platform in one way or another by engaging in discussions or creating her own small group of interested parties, just like you. For me, this is the main criterion whether a given user is ok or just a spammer.

I think that this approach is healthier and this eternal finger-pointing like on hive with searching for "low effort content" etc. is just some kind of paranoia. No normal social media platforms work like that. As for Blogging and high-quality content, we can create a frontend that will only display blog-level content from certain tags and banning the rest.

Posted from

  ·  last year  ·  

Awwww playing both sides like a little rat , what a low vibe .

I was pinpointing the hypocrisy but i dont ask you to honestly see that .

No need to say more , You ll get your Blurtbooster Juice lol

  ·  last year  ·  

I don't play both sides, only mine. just neither ultraviolet nor you have gotten under my skin so far so why should I take someone's side here? Looking for followers? do you need support?

I see it as everyone rolls his ball of poop and thinks it is the most important.

Hypocrisy begins where someone dislikes someone and ends where someone has a better explanation for their behavior. If someone looked at what I told me I did for the last 5 years on Steem-like blockhains, they could easily point out gross hypocrisy in many places.

It's just that my views have changed since then. With new experiences I see things differently now and that's it.

The truth is, however, that in fundamental matters we do not change our views, we usually change the way we act in connection with what we experience and see. So our way of pursuing what we believed in is changing, and we are starting to try a different approach to achieving those goals.

As for the blurtbooster, I made myself clear.

but if it easier for you you need categorize world like that to easier understand it, i can be a rat for you 😜❤️🤟

Posted from

  ·  last year  ·  

I dont need support or followers , i bought my stake and i can careless about begging for votes .
Some people work , some people beg , some people invest .
Sorry but you can tell me all you want , this is not facebook , a crypto blockchain is about investment ( same as a bank with staking apr ) ....everything else is hypocrisy ...again some point people will understand that and invest instead of begging .

.....and lets not forget she called me a "cunt" hahahaha lol

  ·  last year  ·  

An hypocrite cunt 💯 worse than a blind cunt

Scroll scroll scroll scroll lol

  ·  last year  ·  

Ok. So question... Was the @blurtbooster account ninja mined?

If so, I can understand your point of view. There's no skin in the game so it is a bit like introducing printed money into the system.

That being said... I don't think we should burn the amount.

Perhaps what would be better is to offer allotments of the stake (10% per. year perhaps) for sale at fixed prices to existing Blurt members. (Opportunities should go to the people making Blurt better and we would want to avoid a Justin Sun type scenario as well.)

@world-travel-pro do you have any insight here?

  ·  last year  ·  

Ok. So question... Was the @blurtbooster account ninja mined?

Yes we can say that. it was printed by the regent account who printed it for 2 years.

That being said... I don't think we should burn the amount.

so in your opinion investors should pay for the functioning of blurt booster? the question is whether investors share your enthusiasm. So far, not too many takers.

(Opportunities should go to the people making Blurt better and we would want to avoid a Justin Sun type scenario as well.)

only you see it like with this post from wtp. Who will decide who these people are? The whole genius of the lack of such solutions was that the one who does something that people want to buy and pay for it and support them earns money. And not the one who is the favorite of the booster holder.

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  ·  last year  ·  

This would be a solution to the "problem" at hand...if it is a problem at all. Creating something that competes with what UPVU offers would be an immediate solution. I think, more than the collective good, I think of the platform since if Blurt is fine, users who do the job correctly will also be fine. Of course, there will always be users who publish things that do not like for us, or at least for a part, but if an alternative is created with clear ideas and a well-defined objective, there will be not just one option to choose, but two options.

  ·  last year  ·   (edited)

I have asked for this for 3 years now …. something like @upvu that rewards quality.

Also, if you don’t like my posts then just Mute me.

  ·  last year  ·  

My dear friend, I do not need to silence you because you are an example of perseverance for me. Thanks to you, I have learned many things about this and other content platforms, as well as about Canada, a country to which I thought of emigrating at some point.

Sorry if my comment seemed like I was attacking you; I had no other reference model to explain that if there is a solution to this conflict with the UPVU, it is promoting something that rewards quality and also the investment, which will never be bad.

  ·  last year  ·  



Hahaha. That guy is hilarious. More 🥓

  ·  last year  ·  

Again, I totally agree and think your logic makes perfect sense especially when applied to a "social" blockchain.

And yet you SELF UPVOTE all your own posts and use coconut curation for the same purpose, (and now probably blurt booster) to self upvote.

Could you explain how you reconcile this very obvious contradictory position?

When expediency trumps principles, you may well find a midwit...
@wil.metcalfe - and many others - would love to know..
Another case 'The T-shirt doesn't say how the mouth behaves?'
(It's becoming a bit of a habit, isn't it ?).

oh, you've already self upvoted this post !

Furthermore @blurtbooster is about raising up those who deserve it,

How do you define 'those that deserve it' - is sycophancy is more deserving that truth, for example ?
(your supervision?..silence).

and votes across the general user base under my supervision with the help of others. We focus on supporting those putting greater effort into social capital and posting quality which drives interaction.

......oh, that will work out really well for the growth of the platform, then...what could possibly go wrong ?...s/

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  ·  last year  ·  

And they Plagiarise and recycle

  ·  last year  ·  
  ·  last year  ·  

It is a pleasure for us to share our best wishes and congratulations. You have been given a virtual hug by the curation account @newvisionlife and manually curation by @OneRay.
You can also use our hashtag #newvisionlife


Es un placer para nosotros compartir nuestros mejores deseos y felicitaciones. Usted ha recibido un abrazo virtual de la cuenta de curación @newvisionlife y curado manualmente por @OneRay
También puedes utilizar nuestra etiqueta #newvisionlife

Nice post mate! ❤️

Look at all the degenerate frustrated DHs coming out of their holes...

Frustrated that other people are getting a few Blurts too...

Fuggin dumb midwits!


Thanks Brother. Notice how the better energy and better vibe we are creatin here is like nails on a chalk board to these creepy dark ententies. It s actually quite fascinating to watch.

Always looking what others are doing, instead of taking a look in their own scummy backyard!!!

They simply can't keep their eyes on their own crap... probably don't have none!

Lowest of lowlifes IMO!

For real, see how the other one tosses out the C word publicly like it aint no thing. Talk about trashy, my goodness. Lol

They severely need extensive psychological care!!!

  ·  last year  ·  

Yeah. Tell drutter to stop running around here like Hivewatchers.

Gross. We don’t need this negative energy here on Blurt.



He is a grown man... I hope he will live and let live... as time goes by... 🙏🍀👍

  ·  last year  ·  

I hope so. Because he sure is acting a lot like markymark azircon and all the other bullies that he despised on a hive. He complains about self votes and circle jerks and this is exactly what he does.

My personal opinion is: If the code allows it, then the code allows it... 😜

  ·  last year  ·  

Maybe they will change the code so that we cannot upvote our own posts, or friends and family… I will see if they could make that change.

  ·  last year  ·  

It's true... but (in line with what's being discussed in this post) the code may allow it... but there can still be some pros and cons.

This is why every individual must establish their own personal code... then it's on them to adjust for whatever comes of those actions/inactions.

Anyways Tom!

Good to see you here in the comments! 🙌

Let's keep compounding the good vibes and positive Social Capital!

Comet Ranker

  ·  last year  ·  


Thank you for the major shout out here! I'm thrilled that this post has engaged many members of our growing community!

This is an important discussion point... and I believe we are all talking about this at a critical time for Blurt.

Additionally, I've also sprinkled my own comments throughout in the comments section of this post. I've also dropped an informative video (about Social Capital and 7 other forms of capital!) so when you have a chance please check that out!

5 years ago it was the video that really got me thinking about all of this. I would even say that it is this video that eventually sparked the ideas needed to create @comet.ranker!

Speaking of which...

I'll be impacting this post's comments with @comet.ranker so eyes to the skies! ☄️

Let's keep all of this engagment going!

Comet Ranker

Thank you Wil. You ve proven yourself to be wize beyond your years, and it s brought you the success that you rightfully enjoy and deserve. There is nothing better than sharing a bit of that Metcalfe wisdom with our friends here on Blurt and beyond! So thanks again for allowing and assisting me to do so. Wishing you and your family the very best as always :)

Curated by @ultravioletmag

Thank you so much Miss Mag!

  ·  last year  ·   (edited)


get urself some help...


Please add @mein-senf-dazu to Blurtbooster buddy!!! Thank you! 🙏🍀