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Hi @khrom!

Thanks for your comment. I would like to take the time to clearUP some misconceptions however. It is my hope that we can all better understand each other. This should help us all get on the same page and become more effective.

Firstly, I think it's important to note that this is NOT about socialism, communism, or collectivism. I can't be any more clear here. We are actually talking about capitalism in all it's forms.

Just like the word "Liberty" and "Liberal" have similarities in etymology and how they appear... they couldn't be more separated in meaning. So to are the words "Socialism" and "Social Capital".

Sophistication is knowing the difference between two or more points. In this case... knowing the difference (even subtle ones) between two words CAN make all the difference. Once you begin to understand words at a deeper level in this way you are actually laying the literal and literary foundations that all freedom and freedoms are built UPon.

So! I would challenge you to examine more closely your base of understanding around what it means to be focused on Social Capital 1st before Financial Capital. From this premise I think it is possible to accumulate all the forms of Capital (Yes! There are more than 1!) and it will even make the tools we design that much better at compounding the things we all actually want more of!

Here's a video by a man (a fellow Canadian) that I greatly respect. Curtis Stone eloquently presents the 8 (Yes! EIGHT!) forms of Capital in this video and it's totally worth learning about them!

I'm really interested to hear your thoughts once you have given this a listen! 🙌

Take care and talk to you soon,

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well, the way @world-travel-pro presented it in this post reminded me of that.

What you say is of course interesting and it would be great if you wrote a bit about how you see the use of this knowledge to improve this Blockchain.

In my opinion, the biggest problems we have to solve here are building social capital, i.e. a base of users involved in this platform who want to develop its potential and participate in its life.

Opportunities to build something revolutionary here are, unfortunately, just without social capital it is not possible. This is just one of the ills of the programmers' erroneous approach that they assume that material capital will solve all problems here.

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