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Awwww playing both sides like a little rat , what a low vibe .

I was pinpointing the hypocrisy but i dont ask you to honestly see that .

No need to say more , You ll get your Blurtbooster Juice lol

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I don't play both sides, only mine. just neither ultraviolet nor you have gotten under my skin so far so why should I take someone's side here? Looking for followers? do you need support?

I see it as everyone rolls his ball of poop and thinks it is the most important.

Hypocrisy begins where someone dislikes someone and ends where someone has a better explanation for their behavior. If someone looked at what I told me I did for the last 5 years on Steem-like blockhains, they could easily point out gross hypocrisy in many places.

It's just that my views have changed since then. With new experiences I see things differently now and that's it.

The truth is, however, that in fundamental matters we do not change our views, we usually change the way we act in connection with what we experience and see. So our way of pursuing what we believed in is changing, and we are starting to try a different approach to achieving those goals.

As for the blurtbooster, I made myself clear.

but if it easier for you you need categorize world like that to easier understand it, i can be a rat for you 😜❤️🤟

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I dont need support or followers , i bought my stake and i can careless about begging for votes .
Some people work , some people beg , some people invest .
Sorry but you can tell me all you want , this is not facebook , a crypto blockchain is about investment ( same as a bank with staking apr ) ....everything else is hypocrisy ...again some point people will understand that and invest instead of begging .

@outofthematrix...get a load of's like a gremlin twisting in the wind.

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ok but what do you "invest" in? Every thing you invest in is something that brings some function that has value, therefore that investment increases its value. If you buy Apple stock, you get a dividend and your stock goes up because Apple sells computers, supplies software, and provides many other services.

In the same way, if you "invest" then ask yourself the value where are you supposed to get this money in the case of blurt?

Blurt is crypto and crypto in projects such as blurt is nothing more than "shares" of some "company". As a shareholder, you can use these "shares" to vote for board members, i.e. for witnesses in this case. And you can influence how much the "products" of this company will be worth, which in this case are mainly content.

Those who "beg" for votes are the "employees" of this company who write content for it, thanks to which the project gains funding because the service provided attracts consumers of this content and these, in turn, are, for example, the public for advertisements for which external companies pay for display.

so much in theory. in practice, of course, you know how it is and you expressed your doubts in the previous post and I partly agree with them.

But what this project is all about is creating a Facebook-Wordpress where everyone can earn money and users decide in which direction it goes. so you're wrong that you're just talking about investing here. It is without developing this utility that is a blogging platform that Blurt will go to hell and lose its price.

The goal is to encourage people to use the platform who will see the benefit, for example, in paying for advertising their posts with blurts or for other services that we will provide them here. Then your shares as investors will go to the moon and you'll be happy.

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I said work and invest , meaning blogging professionaly or investing or both .
Yes Blurt would be perfect like that .
But the begging and power in play to feed the beggers who both dont spend a penny or even blog professionaly , is a problem .
But we ll see how it goes . As long as we have you saving the sinking boat we are safe 😉

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As long as we have you saving the sinking boat we are safe 😉


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Comedy Gold. Seriously, I'm starting to become a fan! lol