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I'm not attacking you. In fact I'm all for you using UPVU if that is what you want to do. I don't think Blurt is full of personal attacks. Basically all my interactions are very pleasant here on blurt now that I've muted @lucylin and his five other accounts.

Maybe my main point should have been made more clear in this post. I'm for the individual doing what they want. But there are pros and cons for everything. For me and for what I want out of the platform I choose not to use UPVU. But if you or anyone else wants to use it I have absolutely nothing against them for doing so. In fact I totally understand it. But I do side with the philosophy of Wil, and if you and others do not, that is fine and I'm happy you are free to do what you wish here. Above all else I'm for the individual and that means I for you!

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Yeah i no longer get into any arguments or see any negativity since I muted him also blurt has been peaceful ever since lol. I never would mute on opinions but some ppl are just a waste of your vital energy.

Exactly, and it's funny how he thinks it's his question I'm avoiding....It's actually his antagonistic low life personality that I'm avoiding. lol. Glad to see you too are enjoying the platform more as well :)

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Oh… sorry …. You tagged me in this post and I read it as a not so very subtle personal attack on my CHOICE (or anyone else’s) to invest my hard earned dollars in @upvu so that I am not dependent on anyone else’s charity or RULES. I am all about Freedom of Choice, Options and complete 100% Independence and Self Reliance.

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Yeah. Seriously, that's the vibe of 6 months ago. Which is still actually quite fresh, so I understand. I'm way past that and I do believe many are as well and wish to move forward together with all our differences and "philosophies". My apologies if you felt that I was attacking you, rest assured I have absolutely nothing against you or anyone using UPVU, I would just like the platform to move towards alternatives, and as you say competition is good.

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Basically all my interactions are very pleasant here on blurt now that I've muted @lucylin

...things change - 'tis life...

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