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I didn't know that you were not receiving Blurtbuster votes. I must have overlooked your name as I was searching for smaller fish. Sorry about that. I'll try to get that taken care of asap.

I agree with everything you are saying and I agree with what Wil is saying. I believe we are all basically saying the same thing. Nobody here is saying you shouldn't do this and YOU shouldn't do that. I notice a commonality of you should do what you want, and if that's your style and if there are consequences that come with a certain style of behavior than you should be willing to accept that too. Take some of these Korean accounts that use UPVU. Okay, better them hodle blurt and stay and use upvu then, leave, liquidate, and drop the price. But for contributors like myself and many others we simply want a more genuine earning/social experience, and find it more rewarding knowing that the blurt earned was 100% off people liking me and my content, not because I made a large delegation to a third party. Hive is actually a place that will downvote you off the platform if any number of wealthy account holders deem your actions too leaning to "financial capital" Hive has created an extreme cult culture of "financial capital" behavior extremely punished. Here on Blurt this is post just a post touching on the pros and cons.

There is a give or take. Some would like to believe I'm some kind of black or white authoritarian...kind of like this comment of yours implies "Instead of fighting and demonizing upvu". I really don't see the language in this post from either Wil or myself that would qualify as "fighting and demonizing". In fact I'm pro individual having the choice to use UPVU but I would advise against it depending on what they want out of the platform. Anyway...Have a great day, and thanks for contributing to my post!

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Personally, I don't use UPu and I don't approve either, but I also don't approve of the existence of the Blurt booster rate because it was not created either by providing services or by writing posts, nor was it purchased on the exchange, only printed and using it I consider the same as what they do banks, i.e. first printing money from nothing and then multiplying this sum from nothing by voting..

I would support the existence of such a system as a booster if these funds came from stock purchases or were generated as a result of some activity or services provided for Blurt. This is what makes UPU different. this rate consists of delegated to up blurts that were created by users either by publishing and curing or purchased on the stock exchange.

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In simple words the printed or the better word maybe would be the genesis mined tokens are being used here for curation. These were not bought from the exchange but still we are using it for different purpose.

That is even used for witness voting, proposal voting, etc.

It is common for most of the blockchain. One of the most popular blockchain, Polygon where majority of the tokens rest with few people is still successful in this world.

Those few people are from the team ( probably). They use their power for voting proposals for polygon blockchain. And they have not bought those coins, those are from the genesis block.

Still Polygon is famous and successful and also one of the future pics for most of the investors. The reason is that polygon has alot of use case, there are countless number of projects build on it.

P2E games, Stimulations, etc. We at blurt are missing these stuff, i am not complaining that we don't have them. I respect the existing devlopers for managing the platform and coming out with new features time to time.

Anyways, it was nice to come across your comment. A small question before I leave.

Do you think a P2E game build on Blurt blockchain will help blurt in any sense? ( Price , increase in user base )

Thank You

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whether the world is better or not depends on us and how we create it. If we create a system with a flaw and say "well, maybe it's not perfect, but others do it and succeed" then what can we expect?

Of course, there are coins that you can point to as an example of successful ones and have such solutions. But in the shadow of these coins there are many more that are now just shitcoins precisely because such a solution was used there. And for the rest, let's remember that even the biggest ones that seemed to break records, after many years, a scam was made and it's basically because the founders had such a stake.

A good example was the very Terra Luna, the cause of the fall was just the rate created without the mining procedure exactly the same as the blurt booster.

and what? was also at the top and you could say that despite the printed stake she achieved success.

And let me tell you this is a bullshit success. No crypto with such a rate will last in the long run because the printed rate is the core of what is also broken in all FIAT currencies and what is broken in our everyday world of finance.

Creating a printed stake is like that story about the naked king.

In the fairy tale it was so that the future tailors who convinced the king that they would sew him the most wonderful robe in the world, but only intelligent people can see it. Of course it was a swindle. dudes racked up an exorbitant amount of money for a robe they didn't sew and disappeared. But the swindle was that no one dared to question that the robe did not exist because no one wanted to admit that he was a fool ;] So everyone agreed with the king how beautiful and perfect she was and the king himself did not see her either, so he was afraid to say a word not to look like a fool. So he walked naked in front of the whole court so that the whole court saw him and no one dared to mention that he saw a naked king until a small boy in the crowd shouted that the king was naked ;]

Then, in the face of the child's innocence, all of them suddenly opened their eyes and began to communicate with each other that they also saw the naked king, and finally it dawned on everyone that the "miracle tailors" had simply deceived the king.

Printed stake is such a "wonderful robes" in any cryptocurrency. As long as things are going well, no one wants to admit that it's going to end badly. But once the market, which is honest as a child, puts this szfindel to the test, sooner or later every crypto will fall on such terms ;]

Do you think a P2E game build on Blurt blockchain will help blurt in any sense? ( Price , increase in user base )

You know what in my opinion would do the job? A good play for fun game with an honest system where blurts buy access to the game for example for monthly subscripotion or something like tha and gadgets that do not have a direct impact on the gameplay but are its variety. P2E It attracts the wrong kind of people we want, i.e. people who only care about milking a cow and not about creating a community, building values, etc.

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Just saw your comment now. Very well explained. "Fake stake" is used to describe blurt, but not every other blockchain that does the same which is most of them. People being difficult here, for the sake of being difficult, has gotten very old. Thanks again for speaking up here on my post.

Personally... I don't think that P2E, etc. should be the priority. Hive has that focus and frankly it's fragmenting how people perceive that blockchain.

What's better is for us to pick somethings that we want Blurt to do... and make this blockchain the best place to do those things.

Marketing content generation and voting IS what we do here... so let's not get distracted! Let's focus on doing what we do well!

Good, better, best comes with focus and drive. Staying on point is difficult... but powerful. Over time we will be able to measure our effectiveness/impact but not if we are trying to do to many things all at once.

Once we have established ourselves... then we can strategically branch out.

This is just my two Blurts.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts @kamranrkploy! 👍

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Upvu and selfvote is when you have ethics like @offgridlife or Marius or myself .
Anything else is only begging for coins because you dont want to buy them to stake .
That makes Blurt a weak community in'which people are so blind to themself that they comment like ultravioletmag just did in this post not even seeing she is herself a cheater in blurt ( as you read in my last post )
Plagiarism and recycled post , a broken record she is to stay blind to her sick demoniac mental ...same as WTP the recycler .
Well at least now he makes some pennies recycling people ´ comments LMAO !
One comment , one post ( thank you BB and Coconuts )
This wont ever stop of course , until The founders get sued , like Marius said .
For now we just enjoy the full on hypocrites in the funny Blurt .

Will you ask to not be included in Blurtbooster ? That would make you the most clean person here , with me and Marius and Lucylin .

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

In fact, I don't need a blurt booster to be happy.

I don't think there's any point in pointing fingers. You, too, for some time published posts whose content was practically identical with minor differences. I don't know what was causing you. Whether it was some kind of protest or something else, the issue is that no one gets anywhere by pointing fingers for such things. ultravioletmag is an active user after all, it's not a person who posts duplicated posts here, but someone who participates in the life of the platform in one way or another by engaging in discussions or creating her own small group of interested parties, just like you. For me, this is the main criterion whether a given user is ok or just a spammer.

I think that this approach is healthier and this eternal finger-pointing like on hive with searching for "low effort content" etc. is just some kind of paranoia. No normal social media platforms work like that. As for Blogging and high-quality content, we can create a frontend that will only display blog-level content from certain tags and banning the rest.

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  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Awwww playing both sides like a little rat , what a low vibe .

I was pinpointing the hypocrisy but i dont ask you to honestly see that .

No need to say more , You ll get your Blurtbooster Juice lol

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

I don't play both sides, only mine. just neither ultraviolet nor you have gotten under my skin so far so why should I take someone's side here? Looking for followers? do you need support?

I see it as everyone rolls his ball of poop and thinks it is the most important.

Hypocrisy begins where someone dislikes someone and ends where someone has a better explanation for their behavior. If someone looked at what I told me I did for the last 5 years on Steem-like blockhains, they could easily point out gross hypocrisy in many places.

It's just that my views have changed since then. With new experiences I see things differently now and that's it.

The truth is, however, that in fundamental matters we do not change our views, we usually change the way we act in connection with what we experience and see. So our way of pursuing what we believed in is changing, and we are starting to try a different approach to achieving those goals.

As for the blurtbooster, I made myself clear.

but if it easier for you you need categorize world like that to easier understand it, i can be a rat for you 😜❤️🤟

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I dont need support or followers , i bought my stake and i can careless about begging for votes .
Some people work , some people beg , some people invest .
Sorry but you can tell me all you want , this is not facebook , a crypto blockchain is about investment ( same as a bank with staking apr ) ....everything else is hypocrisy ...again some point people will understand that and invest instead of begging .

@outofthematrix...get a load of's like a gremlin twisting in the wind.



Comedy Gold. Seriously, I'm starting to become a fan! lol

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ok but what do you "invest" in? Every thing you invest in is something that brings some function that has value, therefore that investment increases its value. If you buy Apple stock, you get a dividend and your stock goes up because Apple sells computers, supplies software, and provides many other services.

In the same way, if you "invest" then ask yourself the value where are you supposed to get this money in the case of blurt?

Blurt is crypto and crypto in projects such as blurt is nothing more than "shares" of some "company". As a shareholder, you can use these "shares" to vote for board members, i.e. for witnesses in this case. And you can influence how much the "products" of this company will be worth, which in this case are mainly content.

Those who "beg" for votes are the "employees" of this company who write content for it, thanks to which the project gains funding because the service provided attracts consumers of this content and these, in turn, are, for example, the public for advertisements for which external companies pay for display.

so much in theory. in practice, of course, you know how it is and you expressed your doubts in the previous post and I partly agree with them.

But what this project is all about is creating a Facebook-Wordpress where everyone can earn money and users decide in which direction it goes. so you're wrong that you're just talking about investing here. It is without developing this utility that is a blogging platform that Blurt will go to hell and lose its price.

The goal is to encourage people to use the platform who will see the benefit, for example, in paying for advertising their posts with blurts or for other services that we will provide them here. Then your shares as investors will go to the moon and you'll be happy.

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  ·  8 months ago  ·  

I said work and invest , meaning blogging professionaly or investing or both .
Yes Blurt would be perfect like that .
But the begging and power in play to feed the beggers who both dont spend a penny or even blog professionaly , is a problem .
But we ll see how it goes . As long as we have you saving the sinking boat we are safe 😉

.....and lets not forget she called me a "cunt" hahahaha lol

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

An hypocrite cunt 💯 worse than a blind cunt

Scroll scroll scroll scroll lol

Ok. So question... Was the @blurtbooster account ninja mined?

If so, I can understand your point of view. There's no skin in the game so it is a bit like introducing printed money into the system.

That being said... I don't think we should burn the amount.

Perhaps what would be better is to offer allotments of the stake (10% per. year perhaps) for sale at fixed prices to existing Blurt members. (Opportunities should go to the people making Blurt better and we would want to avoid a Justin Sun type scenario as well.)

@world-travel-pro do you have any insight here?

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Ok. So question... Was the @blurtbooster account ninja mined?

Yes we can say that. it was printed by the regent account who printed it for 2 years.

That being said... I don't think we should burn the amount.

so in your opinion investors should pay for the functioning of blurt booster? the question is whether investors share your enthusiasm. So far, not too many takers.

(Opportunities should go to the people making Blurt better and we would want to avoid a Justin Sun type scenario as well.)

only you see it like with this post from wtp. Who will decide who these people are? The whole genius of the lack of such solutions was that the one who does something that people want to buy and pay for it and support them earns money. And not the one who is the favorite of the booster holder.

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