Author of study reviewing original mRNA safety data now says STOP THE SHOT!

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Still think the experimental injections are safe, or know someone who does? Dr. Joseph Fraiman, lead author of the 2022 study that re-analyzed the original Pfizer and Moderna safety data, has come out publicly to call for them to be halted! 2023 is only 11 days old, but we have already seen several major indicators that it will be the year they can no longer hide the ruination of untold millions.


Dr. Fraiman is an emergency physician from Louisiana and respected clinical scientist and researcher. In early 2022 he conducted a full review of the safety data used by Pfizer and Moderna to justify the "safe and effective" label, and emergency use authorization which led to billions being injected worldwide. At that time, his team concluded urgent action was needed to investigate the serious adverse events (side effects) being discovered. Pfizer and Moderna's own trial data showed their products increased the rate of serious AEs by 1 in 800.

At that time, Fraiman did not call for the withdrawal of these injections from the market, but due to recent developments including a large number of sudden cardiac deaths, he is now speaking out publicly against mRNA technology and calling for immediate transparent safety trials.

See his short video message on Twitter, Bitchute, Odysee, or Rumble. (It was banned from YouTube as "medical disinfo".)

Essentially, we now know the mRNA shots do not work, and are destroying a massive number of people who take them - they are doing more harm than good. Perhaps they never should have been used at all, something I said repeatedly since December 2020.

Why now?

Many will ask why Dr. Fraiman is coming out now, in early 2023, two years into the worldwide experiment. In his words, he didn't believe there was enough evidence to halt the vaxxination program until now. Some will say he's covering his ass, with the truth coming out all around us, and many calling for a new round of Nuremburg trials. Others will theorize that a major change is coming this year and that Dr. Fraiman has been "authorized" by those orchestrating the entire Covid scamdemic to make these statements.

Personally, I don't think the reason matters too much. The main point here is that a major voice, with credibility and reach, has just announced the mRNA program should be immediately stopped and investigated. It tells me that I was right last week when I said 2023 will be the year the masses learn they've been tricked into taking something that is likely to kill or disable them. Even 2 weeks ago, of Americans who responded to a Rasmussen poll, 57% think the shots are killing a lot of people, and only 43% don't!

"The vaccines ARE inducing sudden cardiac deaths. Many nations that have been using the messenger RNA vaccines have experienced an increase in excess mortality... this correlates in time with the initial vaccine rollout and subsequent booster campaigns... The mRNA vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market until new randomized controlled trials can clearly demonstrate the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the serious harm we now KNOW they are causing." - Joseph Fraiman, January 2023

Too little, too late? Perhaps. But I think this is all part of the plan. The masses are being told "we gave you a toxic product that is killing you and your children". A lot of people are just too far gone, deeply invested in denying reality, caught in Stockholm Syndrome and unwilling to believe their masters could do anything to harm them - even when their masters admit it! Maybe it's just not possible to hide the truth anymore, or maybe they want some kind of reaction so they can declare martial law, or maybe it just doesn't matter anymore because they have an even bigger nasty surprise waiting in the wings.

Those of us who resisted the propaganda, lies, threats, bribes, coercion, loss of jobs, loss of status, loss of credibility, and loss of freedom were 100% right. People like me, who spoke out time and time again for the past 2+ years were 100% right. Those of us who protected our children were right. The theorists were right - it really WAS a conspiracy. Humanity has been injected with deadly spike proteins which have only just begun to do their damage, and the longterm effects are now beginning to make themselves known. What comes next is not going to be pretty. Hang on tight.



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Good he is calling for a halt to the Vax, I finally have just regained employment 1 year after losing my previous job for not getting tested and vaxed.

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Awesome! Well played. You were wronged, gaslit, coerced, and ultimately harmed... but you have your job back, and you retained your health and integrity.

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Thanks for the video link. I watched him on Bitchute and subscribed to the channel that featured it. Thanks much!

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

He seems science-based to me. Perhaps a little slow to acknowledge the harms, but I suspect if he had come out much sooner with his various announcements over the past couple years, he would have been one of the doctors who got censored, slandered, and lost their license. His voice has weight and reach so I'm glad he has added it to the mix.
Thanks for your comment.

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  ·  9 months ago  ·   (edited)

Hey guys, look: smart credible people are saying what we were saying a couple of year ago. NOW will you stop killing yourselves? LOL @ vaxxination - that's a good way to spell it.

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Hahaha... NOW will you stop killing yourselves? :D
"Have you been vaXXed?"
We were saying this 2 years ago based on an educated guess, and we were right. We were censored for it and lost our YouTube channels.
Principled doctors like Dr. Hoffe were saying this 1 year ago based on emerging scientific data, and they were right. They were censored for it and lost their licenses.
Now people like Dr. Fraiman are saying it based on hard evidence, and amazingly, he is being called out as "disinfo" on Twitter and other platforms, saying he doesn't have any proof of his claims.

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Since Elon took over Twitter, this news is all over the place there too!

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Yeah, Dr. Fraiman uploaded his statement to Twitter as well as several other platforms on January 8th, and I included a link to it in my post. It has been retweeted 2371 times so far.

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Interesting news, thank you to share. :) I'll take a look on the news about this topic.

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It’s called Operation Warp Speed.

The Trump Death jab.

Their plan is unfolding nicely.

Good luck sheeple. I hope you are prepared for what’s coming next.






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