2023 is the year they stop pretending mRNA injections are safe

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We're entering year 4 of the Covid scam that has turned humanity upside down. 2023 is going to be when the official narrative finally admits the mRNA shots ("vaccines") are injuring and killing millions of people.


Beginning right on cue in January, each of the past 3 years has been very different from the last, and saw a major shift in the messaging from government, media, and health officials:

2020 - The year of Covid (fear, lockdowns, masks, restrictions)
2021 - The year of the vaccine ("safe and effective", mandates, censorship)
2022 - Admission that it is not effective
2023 - Admission that it is not safe

We now have proof that Covid was never a threat to individuals or society - it was a nondemic. But that didn't stop them from completely locking down the world in 2020, using fraudulent predictions and models by experts and health officials. They told us if we didn't isolate from friends and family, close our businesses, wear masks, and avoid travel, hundreds of millions would get infected and surely die. But it turned out that only the oldest, fattest, and sickest among us had anything at all to worry about - just as with the common cold and flu. The average recovery rate for anyone under 70, at Covid's most dangerous point, without vaccines or other treatments, was actually 99.93%!

At the start of 2021, they began a campaign to roll out and inject billions of humans with an untested experimental gene-altering injection, incorrectly called a vaccine. It was said to be "safe and effective", despite no medium or long term data on safety or efficacy being available. Mandates were put in place to force students, employees, and travelers who hadn't already caved to pressure and coercion into accepting the shots. Any evidence that Pfizer and Moderna's products weren't going to get society back to normal, without doing any damage to our health, was rigorously censored. Alternatives like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were hidden or slandered, as was natural immunity. Vaccine passports were put into use, and discrimination against unvaccinated people kicked into high gear. Boosters, supposedly to counteract new variants, were added to the mix.

In 2022, segregation of society down the line between vaccinated and unvaccinated became intense around the Western world. Truckers in Canada began the Freedom Convoy movement, which spread worldwide, as people pushed back against vaccine mandates. Nonstop booster injections became required, but it was now conceded that it wasn't just variants that made them necessary, but the fact that the "vaccine" effectiveness waned over time. As the year went on, this concept progressed, and it was finally admitted (when it could be denied no longer) that the injections weren't preventing transmission after all. Mandates and restrictions continued on the basis that the mRNA shots were still doing something to prevent serious illness, although this was clearly not the case to anyone paying attention to the scientific evidence. Vaccinated athletes were dropping dead of heart problems left right and center, but anyone pointing at the obvious culprit was ridiculed and silenced. A major increase in all-cause deaths was blamed on Covid, even though Omicron had rendered it almost harmless, even to the elderly.

As 2023 begins, we are already seeing official admission that the "vaccines" have serious side effects. Canada's state media, CBC, just did a major article on vaccinated people who were seriously harmed by it. Rasmussen did a poll which showed a majority of Americans believe the injections are killing a significant number of people. 24 year old Damar Hamlin's heart stopped in the middle of a football game in front of a record audience, sparking a worldwide debate on the safety of the injections. And we're only a week into the year!

2023 is the year they admit people are being harmed en masse by the rushed "warp speed" gene-altering injections. Rapid killer cancers and devastating autoimmune disorders will join neurological disorders and heart problems on the list of acknowledged side effects. An official death toll will finally be publicized. No longer can they hide the fact these injections aren't doing anything to protect us from Covid, and in fact are so toxic they can only be described as a bioweapon.

But I've been saying this for more than 2 years now! In early 2021, I wrote an article called Unsafe and Ineffective, providing evidence for both claims. I was heavily censored for it on all mainstream platforms. I was right. I did my best to warn others and save lives, and now I'm being vindicated.

What's going to change, as they finally can't hide the fact that millions are being destroyed by these clot shots, that everything has been a lie from the start, and those who resisted were correct to do so? Will there be another variant released, to try to ramp up fear and compliance yet again? Or will climate lockdowns and central bank digital currencies be rolled out, to clamp down on all resistance? Or perhaps are they going to set off nuclear armageddon to bury the Covid story and continue their reign of terror?

We don't know the answer to that yet, but one thing I don't foresee is those responsible being brought up on the charge of "crimes against humanity". Fraudci, Gates, Trudeau, and all the regional public health officials who lied to the public to get these shots into as many arms as possible aren't going to prison. The doctors who should have known better won't lose their licenses. Family members who pressured and shunned their unvaccinated parents, children, and siblings won't come knocking to apologize. The cognitive dissonance, Stockholm syndrome, and mass psychosis won't end. At least not yet.

Good will ultimately win, but it may continue to get darker for us in the meantime. Yes, they're going to have to admit they've killed and injured untold numbers of people, but this is all by design. They've seen all this coming. In fact, they've planned it. Every January 1st, the narrative shifts dramatically, as I've pointed out above. The plans were made long in advance, and laid out year by year. 2023 is the year it becomes common knowledge the "vaccines" were one of humanity's worst mistakes and biggest lies of all time. Continue to resist evil, spread the truth, and hold on to hope.



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  ·  9 months ago  ·  

We tried to warn people it wasn't safe. Some listened, and were spared. Except that those who fell victim to the lies and darkness now spread the vile toxins everywhere they go. Your heart has been tainted by the very spike proteins they believed would save theirs.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  9 months ago  ·   (edited)

So now they have removed the requirement to animal test on any future development of any drug they want us to take. It's ok though, because they will instead use computer simulation to see if its safe. Can't make this shit up. This clown world is just getting more hysterical... I literally am going to die of laughter.


I am sure the extreme veganist will love that their precious animals will no longer be used for testing. Yay....

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

I, thank you for all of your efforts and deep research about this whole thing.

If the shot is effective, why we(vaxxed expats/working abroad) were quarantined during our travel/vacation in 2021? I was a home prisoner for 14days in April 2021 during my vacation, 2weeks are wasted.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

It is not effective
I have hundreds of people who took it and became ill afterwards

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Great post. But they have no desire to hide it now - the next stage is to tell everyone how dangerous the jabs are and the psychology of believing they are doomed will kill the injected normies more effectively than the toxic jabs.

One step ahead now is telling injected how to detox themselves. That is what is now being covered up.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org


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