Data shows deaths in Canada spiking in 2021 and 2022

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Recent statistics reveal Canada's death rate in 2021/2022 is shooting up to a level never seen before. Canadian population growth is slow and steady, thanks to births and immigration, but the number of people dying lately is suddenly jumping. Those who know what the Covid-19 injections do to the body, and that Canada has one of the highest vaxxination rates in the world, are not surprised.


Data is from Statista. Each bar represents a one year period, from July 1st to June 30th. I've drawn in a green line to indicate the normal increase in deaths, which happens because there are more people in the country all the time. Notice the liftoff since the 2019/2020 period.

Here's Canada's population by year, showing a very steady rate of growth over the past several years:


Canada is not seeing any spike in population. Our slowing birth rate (as in all developed countries) is countered by an increase in immigration from North Africa and the Middle East. Each year we grow by almost exactly the same amount as the previous year.

If Canada's population is growing steadily, why are deaths shooting up since late 2019?

One answer, which would be the mainstream/official narrative, is that the Covid-19 pandemic is killing a lot of people. But is that true?

Data on Covid-19 deaths in Canada is skewed, because over the past 3 years almost every death in the country - including deaths from the Covid mRNA injections and even car accidents - has been attributed to Covid-19. Anyone who dies within 30 days of a positive test, or any suspected respiratory infection, is considered to have died of Covid-19. Someone who had a cough and then 4 weeks later got run over by a bus is counted as a Covid-19 death. Therefore, let's assume Canada's healthcare system is comparable to the global average, and look at the number of deaths worldwide that have been attributed to Covid-19:

covid deaths.png

As expected, there were far more deaths early in the pandemic than there have been recently. We saw this in Canada, too. Not that Covid was ever that deadly - it didn't even qualify as a real pandemic! But anecdotally, we did see more deaths in 2020 than in 2021 or 2022. This makes sense, because newer variants (like Omicron) are less lethal than the original novel virus, and because as time goes by we develop treatments and strategies to save lives.

Therefore, the increase in deaths in 2020/21 might be due to Covid-19, but the huge spike in 2021/2022 is not.


Here's the first graph again, with a red line indicating the steeper rate of deaths due to Covid-19. We're being very generous here, considering Covid deaths were mainly in the first year of the pandemic, and have dropped off since then (despite every effort to inflate the data as much as possible). Even so, notice the huge jump in deaths during the 2021/22 period - far above even the most dramatic accounting of Covid deaths!

Since 2021, Canadians are dying at a far faster rate than ever before. We've shown it's not because of Covid. What could it possibly be?

The Covid "vaccine" was rolled out in early 2021, and really kicked into high gear by May. Canada had one of the highest rates of vaxxination of any country in the world. By November, the first round of boosters was started, and all through 2022 Canadians were injected on a regular basis.

In 2021 it was touted rabidly as "safe and effective", but in 2022 it was officially acknowledged that it didn't prevent infection or transmission. And now in 2023, we're beginning to see the narrative shift again, with admission that it's also not safe. 28% of Americans polled say they know someone who died from the mRNA shots. Pro athletes are dropping like flies. Canada's state media has had to report that thousands have been paralyzed, stricken with dangerous heart conditions, and otherwise destroyed by the Covid injections.

It won't be long before they can't hide the excess deaths in Canada, and globally. It's already blatantly obvious when looking at data ending in June 2022... What happens in 6 months when the 2022/23 data is released, revealing another massive acceleration in deaths?

Please ask questions and leave comments below, and share this potentially lifesaving information.



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We are seeing similar results in the USA. This was the greatest lie of all times!


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The death increase is because people were wearing 2 masks instead of 3 and were not saying thank you may I have another after their boosters.

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I've met a lot of tourist lately that took the jab, some double, some triple...the ones who talk about it, say never again. Big regret, and they got covid once or twice after the shots anyway. They also say either they themselves don't feel the same, or they know somebody that....

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What's the average age of the people who died during this period? Do you have any data on that?

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I don't know the average age of death of people who died in the past few years, but I know that the average life expectancy for live births in Canada is now 83 years. I also know the average age of Covid deaths in Canada is 84 years, meaning it is mainly killing people already past their expected age of death.

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That's a whole lot!
Please, stay safe


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NZ has similar death jab figures and lots of sick people too

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