CDC forced to release VAERS safety analysis - No wonder they were hiding it!

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Now we know why the CDC fought to conceal their safety analysis of the Covid mRNA injections: They appear to be far more dangerous than all previous vaccines combined! There were 5 times more VAERS serious side effect reports in 19 months of Covid shots than in reports for ALL vaccines given in the USA since 2009!

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Data obtained using the Freedom of Information Act has uncovered the Centers for Disease Control identified HUNDREDS of safety signals for the Pfizer and Moderna injections, which can't be dismissed as exaggerated, fraudulent, artificially inflated, or due to the huge number of Covid shots administered. The side effect reports were submitted to VAERS between Dec 14 2020 and July 29 2022.

What is VAERS?

VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) is meant to be an early warning system that gathers data from doctors around the country, and creates "safety signals" on vaccines for further analysis and research.



Public health officials, the government, and the media have insisted Covid mRNA injections have been "the most rigorously tested and monitored vaccines in history", but we now know the CDC waited 15 months to begin looking at the data, and only released it to the public once forced to do so! For more technical details on the analysis done, see ZeroHedge's breakdown here.

In short, the safety signals generated are statistically significant and cannot be ignored as noise. They aren't proof of a problem, but they are meant to set off alarm bells and bring about closer inspection. In the past, far less was grounds for action leading to pulling the vaccine from use. For the Covid shots, they not only didn't do further analysis, they covered up what they discovered.

What they found

Safety signals were analyzed separately for 5-11 year olds, 12-15 year olds, and 18+ year olds. They were divided into non-serious and serious adverse events (side effects). Serious AEs involve death, a life-threatening event, new or lengthy hospitalizations, disability, permanent damage, and birth defects.

18+ year olds

This is where the most data are, because the adult group has been subjected to the "vaccines" longest, and because compliance in younger people has (thankfully) not been as high. The ZeroHedge article broke the adult AEs down into categories:


Here are the most prevalent AEs in the cardiovascular, neurological, thrombo-elbolic, and menstrual categories:





12-17 year olds

There are less AEs triggering safety signals so far, likely because this age group hasn't been receiving the mRNA shots for nearly as long as the adults. Some of the major ones include:


5-12 year olds

This age category is heartbreaking to investigate, especially considering there is literally no risk to children from Covid. Since they have only been eligible for the injections for a brief time, we have only a short list of serious AEs that set off safety signals:


What does it mean?

The medical precautionary principle says we should presume safety signals mean the mRNA injections cause those AEs, until proven otherwise. Instead, the CDC rubberstamped "safe and effective" on these experimental products, and has defended any attempt to investigate the serious side effects and deaths that are occurring. When they finally analyzed the red flags coming from VAERS, they found more than 700 serious problems that are statistically significant and in need of further research, but covered up their findings and have done everything possible to delay awareness and inquiry.

It has previously been acknowledged by the CDC that the mRNA "vaccines" cause myocarditis and pericarditis. Taking those AEs as a benchmark, we can surmise that AEs with an equal or greater signal size should be inspected thoroughly for causality.

In adults, 66% of the AEs had a larger safety signal than myocarditis, and 77% were bigger than pericarditis, which yields a very long list.

In youth, the safety signals larger than myocarditis or pericarditis include mitral valve incompetence, bell’s palsy, heavy menstrual bleeding, genital ulceration, breakthrough infection, heart attack, and several other cardiac abnormalities.

In children, such signals include mitral valve incompetence, bell’s palsy, ventricular dysfunction, pericardial effusion, high blood pressure, tricuspid valve failure, and permanent skin discoloration.

World renowned expert in statistical analysis Norman Fenton concludes “the probability that the true rate of the AE of the Covid vaccines is not higher than that of the non-Covid vaccines is essentially zero... The onus is on the regulators to come up with some other causal explanation for this difference if they wish to claim that the probability a Covid vaccine AE results in death is not significantly higher than that of other vaccines.”

A famous Harvard Pilgrim study found that "fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported". Considering more than 10,000 deaths were already recorded as of July 2022, the actual number at that time could have been as high as 1 million, out of about 200 million Americans who have received the Pfizer or Moderna shots. This would indicate the mRNA injections may be killing about 1 in 200 recipients, and injuring far more.

Considering the booster shots appear to be even more dangerous than the first series, and these data are 6 months old, it could be that the rate of serious illness or death is above 5%!

No wonder the CDC dragged their heels on analyzing the VAERS data, and again on allowing anyone else to see their results.

2023 is the year the official narrative stops pretending these mRNA injections are safe.

I predicted that a few days ago. Every day, more evidence for this theory piles up - I showed yesterday how deaths in Canada are spiking in 2021/22. Today, our state media boldly ran a front page story about a man whose skin was burning and falling off because of the Moderna "vaccine". And now, the CDC finally dropped their devastating findings on the VAERS reports, which clearly indicate a major problem with this experimental technology. Reality can no longer be ignored and the official story is changing.

Billions have been exposed to this product, which appears to be one of the most dangerous substances ever injected into the human body. It's not a vaccine, it doesn't stop Covid, and now we know it's not in any way safe. The fact that more research isn't being done is absolutely demonic. This is the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated - and it's still happening.



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Disgusting, but sadly not surprising! Sharing to add what extra reading I can....

Crimes be against humanity!!!!!


  ·  9 months ago  ·  

I pity the people who got vaccinated it all smelled bad from day one I am just glad I never fell for it 🙏

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

"fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported" yep, that's basically what doctor Hoffe was saying from the beginning, but we just weren't allowed to say. That's A LOT of safety signal. One thing Health Canada did when they messed around with their data a few months ago was remove/reduce the safety signals.

It's so creepy how we weren't allowed to say that people were heaving heart attacks from this based on just 1) being told it's safe and 2) hiding the data. Once people like us started posting the data they first said we were weaponizing the data, and then later it morphed into some idea that the heart problems aren't statistically significant...(like the people buying this garbage actually understands what that means).

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I'll share this with a friend who is trying to investigate this matter.
It is helpful
Thank you

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