Lisa Marie Presley has died suddenly of cardiac arrest at 54

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Priscilla Presley, widow of Elvis, just announced the "sudden and unexpected" death of their only child, Lisa Marie Presley, by cardiac arrest at her home in California. She was 54. Tributes are pouring in from around the world.


Here's a photo of Ms. Presley in March 2021, going to a Covid-19 clinic:


Lisa Marie was last seen in public 2 days ago, at the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills. She appeared unwell and had to take her manager's arm on the red carpet:

Today, Lisa Marie's heart stopped suddenly and she collapsed in her California home. An ambulance was called and paramedics found her in full cardiac arrest. They gave CPR and a shot of adrenaline to restart her heart, but she was confirmed dead soon after arrival at hospital.

"Was she vaxxed?"

I don't currently know, either way. We may never be told this information, which in itself would likely mean that she WAS compliant with Covid-19 mRNA injections, because if she wasn't, that would almost certainly be announced. 85% of Californians in her age category are fully vaxxinated, and 70% are up-to-date with their Covid boosters. Much like the case of Damar Hamlin, there will probably be no revelation about her vaxx status.

What we do know, is that her death was unlikely to be a suicide, unless an autopsy reveals high levels of a compound in her system that is known to stop the heart. It's true that her son died by suicide 2 years ago, but she had spoken about her resolve to live on, and be strong for her other 3 children. She was upbeat and coherent at the Golden Globes a couple days ago, although she did look physically unwell.

We also know that she did not die of a heart attack, which is usually the result of clogged arteries in the heart. She did not have a history of heart attacks or clogged arteries. As the daughter of Elvis, she would have been monitored for risks of heart attack. All reports indicate she died of cardiac arrest, which is related to heart attack (myocardial infarction), but brought about by an entirely different mechanism.

One distinct possibility (which will be automatically denied and denounced by pro-vaxx sleeve-rollers) is that her heart was weakened by myocarditis, a known deadly adverse effect of the mRNA injections from Pfizer and Moderna. I myself suffer from myocarditis and arrhythmia - my chest is sore and my heart is pounding away erratically even as I type this - and I've looked the way Lisa Marie looked in the above video frequently over the past year. It is very draining, distracting, and uncomfortable, generally leading to cardiac arrest within a few years. A few years ago, most of us had never heard of myocarditis or pericarditis. Now, we've all heard the terms many times. Nothing we currently know casts doubt on the possibility that Lisa Marie died because of myocarditis.

Like the Damar Hamlin case 10 days ago, the sudden unexpected cardiac arrest of Lisa Marie Presley will stir up debate around the issue of Covid mRNA injections. One side will unscientifically declare it impossible she died because of the shots, the other side will correctly claim that it's a distinct likelihood. The reality is, without much more information, we don't know. A scientific approach would take into account all possibilities, and use what we know to narrow them down as I have done above. Could the mRNA shots have killed her? Absolutely. Could she have simply had an underlying heart condition, unrelated to the injections, that finally got the better of her? Certainly. Right now, we don't know, and may never have proper confirmation.

One thing that is certain is her death will be noticed by billions of people around the world, and will fan the flames of debate around the Pfizer and Moderna products. Rasmussen polled Americans at the end of 2022 and found a majority believe the mRNA shots are "causing a significant number of unexplained deaths". That number is only going up. An growing list of doctors and scientists are calling for an immediate stoppage of the injections.

My condolences to Lisa Marie's mother, children, other family members, friends, and millions of fans. Far too many people - more and more all the time - are dying suddenly and unexpectedly in the past couple years, at too young an age. Perhaps she's somewhere better now, getting a hug from her father who died when she was just 9.



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  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Seems to be more and more people dying off already this year unfortunately this might be a big year for more deaths.

  ·  9 months ago  ·   (edited)

I guess we better get used to seeing stuff like this. I was online last night nosing around the news from India....

The Indian Council of Medical Research is conducting a study to find out the reason behind a sudden rise in cardiac arrests and the role of Covid, if any.

The article talks about the disinformation about COVID and vaccines. We will have to see if their study is a legit study or a cover up operation. But it is clear, the public in India noticed and are concerned.

Meanwhile, their media is trying to explain it all away.....

India Today spoke to several heart surgeons and specialists to get a deep dive to find out the reasons behind the sudden heart attack and what could be possible preventive measures.

Dr Manish Bansal, Director at Clinical and Preventive Cardiology, Heart Institute of Medanta said that lifestyle, mental stress and Covid-19 could be trigger factors for cardiac arrest.

Although there is not much said about it, several studies suggest people who were infected with Covid, their arteries are damaged and it is one of the reasons for heart attack.

If this part were true, we would see some very wealthy old farts and their family moving into their bunkers. Bare minimum, they would be letting their staff go (butlers, maids, cooks, chauffeurs, etc) to avoid infection.

Imagine the panic and societal effects of people finding out they are walking time bombs. Not good for the unprepared and folks without a plan. This alone could cause a version of SHTF.

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Anything but the most likely cause! It couldn't be that we injected a billion Indians with unproven technology... even though these shots are known and admitted to cause myocarditis... yeah couldn't be that. Must be stress! Because stress is a new thing since mid 2021. Yeah, that's it.

At least they're admitting they have an epidemic of heart attacks, strokes, and other circulatory disorders. Here in the West we're still trying to pretend it isn't happening. When it does, we say it's an isolated incident, and/or we just blame it on Covid. Which is funny, because Covid and the mRNA shots are the exact same thing - spike proteins.

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  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Was she jabbed? Do bears shit in the woods?

But the big this all part of the latest psyop?

Let's see if celebs keep dropping. If they were getting Satine boosters but now they are not because the plan is to knock a few of these puppets off for maximum effect, this year will be reealing.


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I think she had to be because she attended a Golden Globes event that was vaccine only not the necessarily we have to believe they stick to that.

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Previously they weren't meant to drop dead so they were given saline. But this year the narrative shifts to "covid vaccines kill", so a bunch of high profiles need to start dropping.

Then the 70 percent of normies who are jabbed will freak out and start dying too.

So my fam had two Astra zenixa which is not mRNA and I was so damn happy, I mean clearly would be happier with none but I always felt that one was the saline. Their booster was a Pfeizer tho and that one worries the hell out of me and then I persuaded them to stop. I hope for the best. Truly. I don’t want to see anyone die for making a decision. Not everyone’s lifetime is to be in touch with their intuition.

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

On the one hand i agree with this guy...

But on the other, anyone who is injected with that crap would be better off reading this...


How is he different to Neville Goddard? I’ve been using visualisation before bed recently to visualise the blurt price going up and others going down lol maybe I am succeeding. When I logged back in after a few days of doing it and not logging on I was like holy f**k lol. Been aware of manifesting for a long time but then I also do believe in being able to tune into ones guidance too and it’s tricky to find the balance I find.

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

She didn't look anything like Neville... lol...

The Blurt price is manipulated just like all cryptos... visualise picking the right moments to buy and sell them!


Now that’s not v Neville if 1,000,000 ppl have to move to fulfil your manifestation they will lol I think I manifested something else on here too lol

  ·  9 months ago  ·  



Not going to watch the video it’s pointless as I didn’t have it but love people who have. I think reading horror stories is also bad for manifestation it’s better for them to believe it’s healthy at this point.

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

All of them are carefully designed toxic death jabs, with slight varations in content.

Searching now for some info i have at home, the search results are mind boggling...i have never seen a subject so fully censored online!

To be fair I do think people have been dying from the vaccine, but Lisa Marie was a pretty well-known drug addict I believe and I don’t think she ever really emotionally reconciled losing her father and her son committed suicide a few months earlier I think she probably was ready to go. Out of any celeb this is the most likely to be natural.

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Another totaly fake mind controlled celeb, as are most of them...

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Awww that's so sad. She looks beautiful but very unwell. Rest in peace

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  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Woops! R.I.P. the king of rock n' roll's princess. It seems 2023 will be the revelations of the hidden poison behind vaxx.

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It's like being in a bad dream, but not waking up.... 😔


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  ·  9 months ago  ·  

May her soul rest in peace
I have seen a lot of people die of cardiac arrest. I guess it is mostly because of drugs...

Also, I'm a new user here. Can you please teach me how to use this platform? I make quality posts and I am ready to engage here. How do I get big upvotes please🙏

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Yes, Pfizer and Moderna's mRNA injections are one hell of a drug.

"How do I get big upvotes please"

  1. The way I did it was by putting in 6-8 hours of research, creating, and editing every day for 10 years.
  2. Don't stray off topic in your comments on other peoples' posts.
  3. Don't ask how you can "get big upvotes".
  4. Don't post garbage nonsense like your supposed "introductory post", and this comment.

You have been muted.

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  ·  9 months ago  ·   (edited)

Another Fatality of Operation Warp Speed.

The Trump Death jab.

Their plan is unfolding nicely.

Good luck sheeple. I hope you are prepared for what’s coming next.







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  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Anyone with half a brain knows Trump and Biden were foolish to try to take credit for the mRNA injections. The last president to really have any control over big pharma, the CDC, FDA, and other deep state agencies was John F Kennedy in the early 1960s. The spike proteins created by the shots (and engineered onto the SARS2 virus to create an artificial scare justifying the global vaxx program) were legalized by Obama. Even without his endorsement, big pharma and the interests controlling them would have cooperated with China to engineer this democide one way or another.

For anyone who doesn't already know, offgridlife is one of Blurt's jesters, trolls, and spammers. He uses fake circle-jerking alternate accounts like @shadflyfilms to comment-farm. Another way he steals from the reward pool is by artificially buying his way onto Trending using paid upvotes from bots like Upvu. He uses Blurt because he would be downvoted off any other platform. To permanently ignore offgridlife, click his name and select mute, permanently increasing your enjoyment of Blurt, and ensuring you will never accidentally reward any of his future "content" with a vote.

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  ·  9 months ago  ·   (edited)

What a hypocrite.

You upvote everything you post. Medikatie etc etc etc … how many blogs do you have ??

Anyways …. I learned how to do all these things from you on Hive.

So Thanks.

  ·  9 months ago  ·  

Typical response, major projection.
I upvote my daily post. This is common practice on Blurt. You upvote your multiple posts and your comments. This is seen as abuse on Blurt.
You're the one who posts the same thing every day - spam copied from real estate listings that nobody cares about.
The votes I receive are organic and come from other people who are interested in what I post. Your votes come mainly from yourself.
You are clearly the one full of envy and hate. Classic deflection!

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I have read all your many posts complaining … constantly.

  ·  3 months ago  ·  


Turns out, she died of a rare complication of bowel surgery she had a few years ago, which caused a bowel blockage, killing her.

It took more than half a year to figure that out...?