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Peace Blurtians,

I pray that you all are doing well.
Beautiful day here in my city, how about your place?

Your journey on Blurt can be difficult at the beginning but the situation will change as the circle of life presents us with up and down.

I am glad to welcome you once again Blurtians members of diverse communities in the dialogue game Wave of comments backed by Blurt blockchain.
The mini contest held Once every THREE days on Blurtconnect-ng is fun and surely will initiate great conversation among members of the communities.

Here are all rules about the Waves of comments:

  • Day's initial topic of discussion is defined as follows:

"What's the funniest joke you've ever heard?".

  • It is not a mandatory topic, so your comments can be about random subjects.

  • Contestants should include in their entry a question addressed to the next author and not forget to give an answer to the previous question (Except the first commenter) available before submitting your entry.

  • Place in the comments section your opinion as a sentence with at least 15 words.

  • Add a number considered to be the correct addition of your valid entry to your comment, so your current entry is valid.

  • Patience for at least 2 valid comments from different authors before adding your next comment below the main post.

  • There is No limit of comments, but the deadline is 3 days after the contest launches. All valid entries will be counted as they appeared below the main post.

A1:My comment is so genuine that I may be upvoted in the course of this contest. Are you interested in the contest? c1.
A2:I am new here but I feel that I get good vibes from the wave contest. Blurt has helped me find the love of my life here in the local town of AYWES. Have you got friends since you joined Blurt? c1
A3:I met on Blurt many friends, especially in ICT. The coming holidays could be exceptionally disturbed with all the flight cancellations and passengers not allowed to travel due to the ban. Do you plan to travel during the coming days?c1
A1:Yes, sure. I will go visit my grandmother whether it rains or snows. I will find my way to visit relatives even though restrictions are still in action. Do the curfew and lockdown operational in your city? c2
A4: at least 15 words...? c1
A2: at least 15 words...? c2
A1: at least 15 words...? c3
A3: at least 15 words...? c2

Selection of the Winners and Prizes

The moderator will intervene to resolve comment counting issues. You should edit your entry within the contest duration if you have done something wrong. We can help each other to keep the count in order. Thanks

Six authors will be selected according to the number of valid entries. Winners are ranked based on the total value from the highest to the lowest numbers obtained at the deadline.
Six winners will obtain respectively 18; 16; 14; 12; 10 and 08 Blurts from @blurtconnect-ng to their accounts.

it is not finished...

Authors' engagement in the dialogue room will be rewarded with upvotes on their comments.

In case of equal points between two or more authors, the winner will be the first to enter a valid comment under the main post.

Blurtians' comments are greatly appreciated as the contest's rewards in the coming edition will increase as the interest for interaction among the members keeps growing.

Winners of the previous edition

Blurtconnect-ng team members were really pleased to read all your comments in the last edition of the wave of comments contest. Your continual participation motivates us all in the community.

The winners were determined according to the time of comment submission.
Four authors gave us the honor to constantly interact in the 119th edition of our contest. Three Blurtians have been considered for the prizes. There were equal numbers of comments that occurred during the dialogue. The first prize went to the valid comments posted as early as the main article. Also, comments get one full point when containing an answer followed by your conversational question.

I would like to congratulate all the participants in this contest.
Our winners are presented in the order from the first to the last position.

1- @oneray C1 , 24 Blurts
2- @lilbizz C1, 20 Blurts
3- @churchman C1 , 18 Blurts
4- @testarasta C1, 16 Blurts

Blurtconnect really appreciates your uninterrupted support of the wave of comments contest.

Blurtconnect really appreciates your uninterrupted support of the wave of comments contest.


Blurtconnect-ng team along with the community members appreciate all the support wave of comments has received from prominent stakeholders on Blurt. We wish to notify furthermore lovers of Blurt engagement to please kindly participate in this unique weekly pub. We have tripled our winning prize pool. Please do let us know if you do not wish to be mentioned.

In the bid to add more value to the price of BLURT,
We the @blurtconnect-ng team have adopted to set 2% of all our post payouts to @null as our contribution to BLURT burning.

In a situation where this rule is omitted in a post, the equivalent amount (2%) from the said post will be transferred to @null.

If you love our work and wish to support us, please kindly vote for us as witnesses with the link below.

May this edition inspires many Blurtians to join the discussion.


We are three friends from Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, all in Africa with the mission of recruiting and retaining 1,000,000 Blurtians in the nearest future.


Chibuzor Wisdom - Founder @chibuzorwisdom
Adissin Olivier - Team member @oadissin
Ogoke Nkechinyere - Team member @beckie96830

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Warm regards

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  ·  7 months ago  ·  

Special thanks to the organizers of this contest!!

The funniest joke I have heard is, a man was suspecting that his girlfriend is cheating because of the way she hides her phone. So the man demands that both exchange their phones and go through each other's contact and WhatsApp. The lady agreed.
In the process of checking the phone, the Lady discovered something in the guy's phone. She saw that the guy is in any APC (political party in
Nigeria)group and a serious supporter of their presidential candidate.
She called the relationship a quit and broke up with him. She said she can't date any person supporting that party, is her decision right? C1

I can't tell on your jokes if its complete or not.... But see this👇👇
Two villages (village Bani and village kaki) were to have a drinking competition. So they trained their men with different types of alcoholic drinks in the land, preparing them for the competition ahead.

A week before the competition, village Bani sent one of their men to the other village to confirm if the competition will still hold.

When he got to the village, the king welcome him and gave him 50liters from the hardest drink in the land. The king's intention was to know the man's capacity in containing the drink.

After drinking, he said thanks to the king and was about leaving, looking gallant and not staggering. The king stopped him and asked him; "are you among the men in your land who will be competing with my men?"

He smiled and said "No!! I couldn't pass the test in my land." What do you think the king will do regarding the competition? C1

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

It is a super interesting story. I believe that the King will call for a reschedule. The Palace team will be reinforced according to the latest information regarding the opposite groups in the tournament.
If I was the King I will find a way to cancel the entire event.
Otherwise, the King's reputation will be tarnished for a memorable time.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  7 months ago  ·  

Hahahahahaha. It's the first time that I hear this joke!

I liked it!

Thanks boss 🙏🙏😂

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  7 months ago  ·   (edited)

There is no doubt that in each country the way of counting the jokes is different, and therefore, there are ways to tell things funny of each country.

So I would not know what to count, and that it was heard as funny as I heard it. However, here it goes:

A man was walking down the street when suddenly a dog began to bark at him, and it approaches him more and more:

  • Be careful, out!

The lady who brought him without the belt tells him: Don't worry, sir! It does not bite.

The dog keeps barking

  • Careoooooo!

The lady laughs and says again:

  • It does not bite!

By continuing to bark the dog, the Lord takes a gun out of his waist and hits 3 bullets, and says:

  • Be careful I'm armed.


It is impressive.
The lady should have calmed the dog as the man approached the animal armed with a pistol.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  7 months ago  ·  

@lilbizz, @me-and-blurt, @jeankee191,@angelica7...

It's time to participate in this initiative.

What's is the funniest joke you've ever heard? Do you read my joke? c2

  ·  7 months ago  ·  

It is pleasant to participate again in this initiative again since it is a way to connect with each other:

A funny short joke:

An angry chicken with her rooster tells her: you can wake everyone with your song, but that of the eggs, here it is me.c1

Posted from https://blurt.one

I would like to congratulate all the participants in this contest.
Our winners are presented in the order from the first to the last position.

1- @oneray C2 , 24 Blurts
2- @churchman C1, 20 Blurts
3- @zulma C1 , 18 Blurts
4- @me-and-blurt C1, 16 Blurts

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  ·  7 months ago  ·  

Thanks for this initiative!

Thanks very much

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