BLURT price charts and update on progress to 1 million BP

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Cryptos cooled off this week, after a strong months and a half. Here are some BLURT price charts, since it has been over a week since my last update.


Almost 20% down this week. BLURT is a much smaller market than the other cryptos like HIVE and BTC, so when things go down, they go down harder for us. But thankfully, when things up up, they go up more for us, and we're in for a bull market over the next couple years, so this could just be a buying/earning opportunity for us.


Over the past 3 months, we saw the end of the bear market (Dec 31st), some recovery up to 0.006 USD, and a month of choppy consolidation.

I expect BLURT to continue to follow Bitcoin, which is following the stock market (especially Nasdaq).

That's my analysis of 3 cryptos familiar to most Blurt users, showing BLURT follows the crypto trend. If Bitcoin pulls back to about 20,000 USD, which I expect is fairly likely, then BLURT will also drop. I do expect Bitcoin to have an extended bull run until 2024/25:


If the pattern continues, we're in for a good time!


But for now, we're cooling off a little. Hopefully we don't make new all-time lows (currently the all-time low was set at 0.0016 USD seven weeks ago). If we do, I have about 500 HIVE left from my days there, and will use it to scoop up some cheap BLURT.


That's a logarithmic chart of the entire BLURT experience. Note the spike in 2021 to an all-time high about 100 times the all-time low.

At the current price of 0.0044 USD, if BLURT went up x25, it would still be below the all-time high. In other words, we've fallen a long way. But looking at it from another perspective, we could have a long way to go in a bull market. It's literally not unprecedented that our balances could go to 25 times higher than they are now, or more, over the next year or two.

If BLURT went up x10 from the current price, it would only be at the level it was at many times during its two year history. I think that's extremely likely, although it could take several months to a year to get there.


Personal goal of 1 million Blurt Power

I want to have a million BLURT powered up in the platform by the end of 2023. I set this goal on January 1st.

I was at 700k eight days ago on my last update, and I'm now at 706k.


There are 311 days left in the year. To hit 1M I would need to bring in 945 BLURT per day. That's a little more than I'm currently making, including post payouts, comment payouts, curation rewards, and interest.

I don't buy votes like several of the big earners around here, who are draining income away from real content-creators like you and I. My only source of income is your manual votes on my content, and the curation rewards and interest from my investment in the platform. I hand out a lot of votes to people who comment on my posts, or who reply to comments I've made, or who post original high-quality content.

Currently, I'm the 55th most-powered-up account on this blockchain, one of the top 10 largest manual curators, and the 3rd highest earning content-creator (2nd highest if you exclude the vote-buying spammer at the top).

Can I reach my goal?

How I plan to reach 1 million this year is consistent content creation, consistent curation, and by spending more of my own money on supporting the Blurt platform. If I buy another 50,000 BLURT (perhaps if there's a pullback in price), I'll only need to earn about 770 per day to reach my goal. That's potentially doable.

I think I recently figured out how to keep the big curators happy with my content. Have a look at the votes on this post. If you see a 90% or higher vote from CTime, and a 10% or higher vote from BlurtBooster, I'm on the right track. It takes more than just those two votes to get me where I'm going, but those are a good start.

Let's grow Blurt! I hope you enjoyed the charts. Thank you for your thoughtful, insightful, and interesting comments. And thank you for your votes. Until next time!



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Have you tried uploading porn? Sex sells..could keep the curators fappy. Wow, only 311 days left in a year? Time flies when you're cleaning up a rat-infested shit hole back to a proper house.

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  ·  last year  ·  

Yay! That fast, I'm pretty sure you'll reach 1M before 311th.


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Congratulations Brother. You Just made it to 1,000,000 BP!

Enjoy for the month of March :)

Keep up the great work and Blurt on!

  ·  last year  ·  

Whoaa! Right on, thank you bro. I'm rich!! I feel like a millionaire : D
I promise to take good care of it for the next month.
Thanks for the boost!

Aaaaaaawesooooome!!!!! 😍😍😍

Woo hoo you are a millionaire! In the land of blurt

  ·  last year  ·  

Currently, I'm the 55th most-powered-up account on this blockchain, one of the top 10 largest manual curators, and the 3rd highest earning content-creator (2nd highest if you exclude the vote-buying spammer at the top).

I do not want to fill this comment with flattering words as I have been able to read in other publications, however, I must admit that I am happy that your goal, from my point of view, will be reached before time.

On the other hand, I have tried to find a way to know how you check your numbers; In fact, I searched the richest list on ecosynthetizer, and I couldn't even find myself on the poorest part, lol, so my dear friend, it would really help if you could teach me how to do this.

In my career of growing my account (it goes much slower than yours) I have been learning how to do things better, and I continue to do so, to increase the value of my account.

Right now I speculate with the price in Probit by buying low and selling high, and I do this as many times as I can in order to get more blurt and at the right time to buy again by investing my money and putting a part in my account.

And again, how do you know that you are ranked 55?

  ·  last year  ·  

Using the @ecosynthesizer tool here, when you click on the Blurt Power heading, it sorts by amount of BP. With 48,741 you are currently #462 on this platform. I see you also have 15,109 BP delegated to you by @angelica7 and @kryptodenno, which gives you an effective vote weight of 63,852 BP. That is about one tenth my current vote weight, so certainly not a paltry amount! I am always happy to vote your thoughtful comments 100%, currently providing about 35 to 40 BLURT each time. I wish you the best in your growth, and thank you for your support!

  ·  last year  ·  

Hello, did they call me about this house? It's a pleasure to greet you here and learn about your progress, I hope you soon meet your goal. I take this opportunity to ask about a topic that has always caused me curiosity and it is a custom that I encourage users to do and that is to write comments that add value, but my question is the following. Do you also earn with a comment in the same way as with a publication?
I pass by sharing good wishes to you Drutter the family and to all the friends at Blurt.
Good vibes.

  ·  last year  ·  

You were mentioned here because you are delegating some BP to @oneray. That's very nice of you!
"Do you also earn with a comment in the same way as with a publication?"
Yes, comments are treated in almost the same way as posts here on Blurt. They often earn less rewards, because your followers are not notified about your comments the way they are notified in their feed about your posts. But if your comments receive votes, they get paid in the same way. Comments can't be reblurted like posts, of course. But you're right, quality comments that add value are important on this blockchain.
So, thank you for the comment!

  ·  last year  ·  

I also like when they share comments that contribute, with them you can build very good ideas, in addition a very good energy is mobilized, because you meet many people with different cultures and customs and this allows us to connect as well as get out of the routine .
For notifications, maybe you can try Bruno bot You can read here.
Let's continue bringing good energy to the world that needs it so much, I believe that Blurt is more than a chain of data and digits, it is a chain of human beings and each one of us as creators of ideas and content, we have many things to contribute, I hope that your goal is met, and you reach what is proposed sooner than you expect.
I hope you are well as your family.
Good vibes.😀

  ·  last year  ·  

Thanks for the good vibes and the info! Unfortunately, that link did not work for me. I also can't use Discord, so I don't think that bot would be helpful to me.

  ·  last year  ·  

I understand, but good face in bad weather, then it's your turn to walk instead of running and I'm sure you'll still find good publications to heal.
Currently, from my perspective, I have seen that we have improved in the production of content, I have found very interesting readings. We still have a long way to go, but if we create awareness of the importance of adding value with good writing, using keywords that place us in a better position in the search engines, then we would be covering more spaces that will later become a profit, because we can give ourselves get to know each other more and better as a blockchain.

  ·  last year  ·  

Thank you very much for teaching me. She had been on that page but did not know how to find the information.
Thank you again

  ·  last year  ·  

As you grow your Blurt power you will get bigger rewards from voting etc so I think you will get to 1 million by year's end.

You are getting closer to hitting the 1M target as am getting closer to hitting 10k. Am around 6721 now. In few weeks I will hit and set another target

  ·  last year  ·  

You can view more statistics about your account here. It shows you are getting a delegation of 5009 BP from @kryptodenno - thanks KryptoDenno! That helps increase your voting weight.

Yes o, that was yesterday and am happy for that at least I will be able to show more love to those creating quality content.

  ·  last year  ·  

I think your case is a bit different, my dear friend, however, the way we want to achieve our goals is respected :)


Can you elaborate more on what you mean?

  ·  last year  ·  

Sure, you vote very little. But as I said at the beginning, each user uses the strategy that best suits them; What other users say are mere opinions

You mean my vote are very little. If that's exactly what you mean, it's that way because that's how far my voting power can give for now.

Once I have huge voting power too, I will be able to give more.

  ·  last year  ·  

No hablo de tu poder de voto, amigo, sino la frecuencia con la cual votas.

Solo es mi opinión :)

Wetin you dey yan nau, me no flow with the matter wey you dey yan for me o. Better make you yan wetin legit for ground.

  ·  last year  ·  

Do you want to work on a Curation Project?

  ·  last year  ·  

I'm honoured you would ask!
I access the blockchain with a desktop PC, and don't use smart devices. I also can't use Discord.
If that's not a barrier, I'd be glad to hear how your curation project works, and how I could help.
My email is drutter at protonmail dot com if you want to talk that way. Thank you!

There are 311 days left in the year. To hit 1M I would need to bring in 945 BLURT per day. That's a little more than I'm currently making, including post payouts, comment payouts, curation rewards, and interest.

You could easily fill that gap with more curation! Dish out those Blurts! IMO you are not hitting that upvote button often enough!!! You could definitely wear that VP down a bit more...


  ·  last year  ·  

Sounds like you don't understand how it works, bro! The closer to 100%, the bigger your upvotes, and the bigger your curation reward. Always try to keep it between 90% and 99.99%!

  ·  last year  ·   (edited)

Then wear it down to 90%! You are at 99,3! Why are you renouncing curation rewards by not voting?!?

  ·  last year  ·  

I fully understand both approaches; Maybe for a busy person, it would be easier to spend his quota of votes in one go and wait for the next day. Our friend @drutter has a lot of time on his hands, so he can easily cast a vote every two hours and his reward will always be higher.

I am happy to see that his dream is coming true and that he will reach the finish line much earlier than expected.

Nice comment! IMO he could dish out a few more upvotes WITHOUT damaging his votepower system...

  ·  last year  ·  

Thank you for your answer, bro.

Usually, I go down to 90%, but when I'm busy all day or have to go on a trip, I go down to 80% or much lower :)


  ·  last year  ·  

As I said, the closer you are to 99.99%, the more rewards you are giving out, and the more rewards you are making for yourself. 99.3% is a badge of honour for a curator. 90% is a loss of efficiency of 10%. You are throwing away your money, bud!

The curation rewards coming in with 95% votes, that wouldn't be there if I hadn't voted, isn't throwing out money IMO...

  ·  last year  ·  

Not really sure what you meant by that, Tom. Can you clarify?
My new post on timing curation properly here goes into great detail on this topic. To maximize curation rewards, which is what you are suggesting here that I do, we must vote with our VP as close to 100% as possible. "Run it down to 90%" is not good advice except when planning to be away from the computer for 12 hours.

So ctime is doing it wrong? He made about 2 million Blurtpower the last 4-6 months...


  ·  last year  ·  

Well, CTime would have made 3 million instead of 2 million, if that VP had been kept closer to 90%. For an example, if they let the VP get down even lower, their votes will be worth less and less... right down to zero. Same with their income from curation rewards. Another 30 full votes and they're at 0, and would be making nothing at all on Blurt despite having invested a lot here. So VP really matters.
It's a bot, and bots vote by algorithm instead of manually. If I was the controller of that bot, I might decrease the weight given to each post, to keep the VP higher. But I think CTime is owned by someone else (I don't know who), and that person may have other curation projects going on Blurt. In that case, the "lost" income caused by low VP on this account, would be made up by taking a larger portion of the rewards pool with their other curation account(s).
I notice that CTime delegates 100k BP to UpvU, which is kinda interesting.


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Keep up the great work!

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