Cryptos up including BLURT, and I just hit 700000 BP

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It has been a good day for cryptocurrency prices across the board! Bitcoin hit a fresh high, and BLURT is pushing toward a breakout. Here's a few charts:


BLURT has moved up to 0.0056 USD today, erasing the gradual decline over the past 10 days. Will it give back a little? Or will it test resistance at 0.0065? A breakout above that level would be very nice.

Here's the past 3 months:


That chart shows the end of the bear market, and the start of the bull market beginning on the first day of 2023.

If the price takes out that major level of 0.0065, it could jump fairly quickly to 0.02 USD.

A reminder: Just because BLURT is up off the all-time low (six weeks ago), doesn't mean it's too late to enjoy the coming bull run. After all, even if the price went up by another factor of x20, it would STILL be below the all-time high (0.12 USD)! And it doesn't have to stop there.

It's useful to look at Bitcoin to gauge the general trend in the crypto market:


BTC broke out from a 2 week downtrend today, pushing right through to a fresh price just under 25000 USD. Glancing over the other major cryptocurrencies, it's pretty unanimous, candles are green today.

I was happy to "grand slam" the hive-engine BLURT marketplace yesterday:


Nothing but drutter! I ended up unloading a few hundred HIVE, in favour of BLURT, bringing my total (along with recent payouts) up to 700k!


According to @eastmael (thanks for the useful stats!), I am now the 56th most powered-up account on this blockchain.

My goal, set at the start of the year, is to hit one million BP in 2023. This latest purchase has helped out.

There are 320 days left in the year, and I need to make another 300,000 BP, so I need to make 938 more on average per day. That's a bit more than my current pace, especially since I lost support from one of my main curators. But perhaps with compounding interest, increased productivity/creativity, and a bull market that grows the platform, I can make it happen!

I also have enough HIVE to grab another 75,000 BLURT should the price pull back. That would mean I only need to pull in about 700 BP per day to make my million by the end of the year.

Dreaming about 1,000,000 BLURT

Who knows at this point if I'll be able to pull off a win, but sometimes I allow myself to imagine what could happen if I did.

Say the price continues to recover from the bear market. This isn't unrealistic. Let's say it goes back to where it was a year ago. Not the all-time high, just the price it was at regularly in late 2021 and early 2022.


At 0.04 USD each, I'll have $40000 USD ($54000 CAD), and I'll be earning about $28 USD ($38 CAD) per day. That's almost enough to cover my family's grocery bills with my content-creation.

That's a pretty conservative "dream". Why not get a little grandiose?

In a year or two, BLURT could surpass the previous high and go to 0.25 USD each. I would have over $250000 USD ($335000 CAD), and I would be earning $250 USD ($335 CAD) per day.

Meaning, there's a chance I could pay off my debt, and my family could be on the way to owning our own house and garden. Using the proceeds of my content-creation. Just a chance, so I'm not banking on it, but I'm certainly not disregarding it either.


Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoyed the charts, and the dreaming. Good luck to everyone on Blurt!



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  ·  last year  ·  

Glad you managed a good buy of Blurt with some of your hive tokens to boost you along. Wouldn't it be great if Blurt can at least hit that 0.04c price again.

  ·  last year  ·  

Yeah, 4 cents, won't that be nice!
I wish I hadn't blown most of my HIVE a year ago at that price! But I thought I was supporting this platform by selling HIVE and buying BLURT. And I thought it would power up my voting. Turns out that mostly just benefits other people.

  ·  last year  ·  

I did the same thing now I am also hoping Blurt can get back to at least 4c again.

  ·  last year  ·   (edited)

Congratz mate! 🍀🏆🤙 Pushing full force to those million Blurts! ❤️
Dare to dream buddy! Dare to dream!!!!

Wait for it!!!!


  ·  last year  ·  

Hahaha, wow! You sure made it to a million in a hurry!
I'm not quite that fast, but I'll get there... perhaps in a gokart or dunebuggy :P

  ·  last year  ·  

I have read that "whoever does not plan has planned to fail"

I am very excited about this goal that you have and that, from what I can see, it is already a piece of cake. Likewise, I don't know the reasons why some curators with a considerable vote weight stop supporting accounts that write content whose quality stands out, but I hope that the curator reconsiders his position and that you can reach your goal before the scheduled date.

I have some Hive, but I have never used Tribaldex to make changes. I think I'll try some :)

  ·  last year  ·  

Thanks, Ray!
I think the issue with one of my main curators is that he doesn't support at all (does not like the founders/owners), so when I began having trouble with blurtlatam the other day and started using BeBlurt and again, he cut back his curation from 95% to about 10%. I see that other creators who post from blurtlatam are still getting 95%. It's the difference of a few dollars per day, almost half my total income, so it makes quite a difference. I've tried going back to blurtlatam, even though it's very slow, but now it no longer works for me at all - I can't post from that frontend. Not sure what I'll do about this. Income isn't the only reason I use Blurt, and I'm really here to get my message out, but curation helps boost views so I kind of do need as much as I can get.

  ·  last year  ·  

I also used Blurtlatam before the crash; I was doing well. Then I tried to use it again, but it was too slow for me. I tried,, but there were also some problems with speed. looks great right down to the colors and rewards can be redeemed from notifications, just like, where I run the newvionlife curation account.

I don't like entering passwords every time I change users, so I started using Beblurt for this reason. Although it is missing certain updates such as the wallet, having to refresh the page, after entering the password to log in, it is not available to see the rewards or the wallet, you have to refresh to see the comments I left, and it does not load The image, as it is done in the other front-ends, seems good to me, and I am waiting for those updates.

Before, I received up to 30% curation from the account with the highest vote weight, but now hardly 1%, however, my publications continue to be voted with the days, and their value increases. I want to grow my account too and even suddenly become a healing account, but it will take me a long time to reach your goal of 1 million, but I'll go after you :)

I sincerely hope that that curator, reconsiders his percentage of the vote with you because you write your experience and what you live, something that very few do without increasing or exaggerating the story.

  ·  last year  ·  

I think he'll return to giving larger upvotes once he sees I'm not using to make posts. But blurtlatam won't post at all for me, it just loads and waits for hours, no result. If I want to post I have to use another frontend completely. Do you recommend Is it mainly for smartphone users? I only use a desktop PC. BeBlurt looks like a good start, but it's missing many features that are required to use it full time.

  ·  last year  ·  

Right now, is working very well. and I like its colors more than the orange color that characterizes

I see that they are very similar in their functions. You can try it because my wife uses, and she loves it. When I need to go to my wallet or reblurt a post, I use

  ·  last year  ·  

Thanks Ray.
Do you know who created it, and who runs it? It's safe to give them my private key?

  ·  last year  ·  

I use WhaleVault, which allows me to work with a different key. This is like a vault that stores my keys, and no other person will ever have access to my private keys. That front end is developed and maintained by @tekraze.


  ·  last year  ·  

Hmmm. Is that not just adding another way your keys can be compromised? How do you know you can trust Whalevault? What if they get hacked, as almost every service eventually does? And my question still remains, how do you know the person/service Whalevault sends the private keys to will keep them secure? Thanks for the info.

  ·  last year  ·  

My front end is same as the official one, just with UI enhancement as well performance upgrades.The key management is same.

  ·  last year  ·  

You almost there just 300,000 blurt remaining to hit the year target and there is very much time for that look at how is goes you will go beyond your before the half of the year. #letsgrowblurt @drutter happy for you boss

Posted from

Congratulations buddy, you are moving very fast. Sure you will be making a million Blurt even before December

  ·  last year  ·  

Congratulations oh having 700k blurt
I wish you more

  ·  last year  ·  

Congratulations @drutter looking good all-around at the moment just hope it keeps moving up 👍

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  ·  last year  ·  

Thanks! If I can start posting from blurtlatam again, it's going to! Until then, I've lost the majority of my biggest curator's vote. But as for BLURT's price, I think it will continue to follow the crypto bull.

  ·  last year  ·  

Wouldn't it be great to be able to work hard at creating content other people value, and that you feel is important to share... and be paid enough to pay the bills? Like a traditional photographer, videographer, writer, analyst, etc. That would be a success story! "Blockchain technology finally allows a small handful of top content-creators to make a living working full time!" I can see it now.


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