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Close to four years now, Engineer Seyi Makinde Abiodun was sworn in as the governor elect in Oyo State of Nigeria with promises of so many good things to do which is typical of many politicians. The man is not the shouting type but the unfolding events proved him as an achiever. Oyo state of Nigeria has never had it so good in terms of peace, social welfare and infrastructural development. It is therefore not so surprising that the governor is being voted again to return for the second term.
Below are some important areas where the administration of the governor has touched the lives of the people.

Peace and security

One of the major needs of the citizen of any state is peace and security. In situations where people cannot sleep with their eyes closed, such people cannot enjoy the government. When Engineer Seyi Makinde became the governor, one of the security measures taken was the establishment of a state security organisation called Amotekun to complement the efforts of all other national and state security agencies. This group was launched and empowered and since their operation began in the state, there has not been any major outbreak of violence.


Construction of roads

The governor focussed on the construction and rehabilitation of roads. So many roads were constructed, especially roads leading to every major city in the state.


Operation light Oyo state.

Darkness was a major issue on many roads and many cities in Oyo state before the tenure of the governor. But when the governor came in, he contracted the issue of light to a company who worked seriously on how the major roads in the state will be with light. This was followed up with all sense of commitment and as at now, most roads in the major towns and those leading to major cities are now with light and the night scene on these roads are now wonderfully beautiful.


Payment of workers salaries and allowances

This is another major landmark in the achievements if my state governor. When the governor was sworn in, he made a promise that salaries of workers will be paid unfailingly on 25th day of every month. It looks like just sweet tongue promise but it became a stark reality. The governor has consistently paid salary of workers in the state on or before the 25th day of every month for four years without failing.

Payment of retirement benefits

The gesture of salary and allowances payment was also extended to the retirees. Their pension were being paid regularly and consistently and outstanding gratuity was also being settled little by little. The cases of retirees dying of hunger and sicknesses as a result of non payment of their allowances was a thing of the past during the governor's administration.


Modern garages

The vehicle owners, drivers and commuters also enjoyed the government in terms of modern, equipped and well established garages were loading and offloading of passengers and goods become very easy.


University Campus in Iseyin Local Government

It has been the yearning and aspiration of Iseyin Local Government of Oyo State to have a tertiary institution. It was in this governor's administration that this dream becomes a reality. Right now great sets of building construction is going on at the site of the campus in Iseyin. Iseyin people has never had it so good.


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congratulations to him with the above listed works he has done for the state he deserves to go once to complete his agenda.

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