Crypto Still in Trouble

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I really expected the price to go up after the weekend was over, unfortunately it has gone further down. Bitcoin is now below $65,000.00 and the market cap is well below 2.5 Trillion USD. I do expect the price has to go up at some moment but this market is so volatile that predictions just don't come true. I mean statistically if I keep predicting something every day, the chances are that I will be right one day. But right now I see no way of knowing what will happen.

It could just keep going down and breach the $60,000.00 wall downward. This would be bad, people who hate crypto will start writing and talking about those tulips again, after being quiet all this year. In reality I don't think that will happen, crypto will rebound. But again predictions in crypto are in no way based on facts, mostly just feelings, for all the TA made.

I still think Bitcoin will go over 100 K this year. But I am not willing to bet on it.

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