Aging well:Maintain regular contact with friends and family.

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Those who you feel lift your spirits and you find enjoyable, it's adviceable you spend enough time with them.

It may be your old friend from lunch, your favorite neighbor to work out with, going shopping with your kids, or spending time with your grandchildren. Maintain ties by calling or emailing often, even if you are not nearby. Try to create some new acquaintances. It's critical to establish new relationships as the people in your social circle go so that your social life doesn't suffer.
Establishment of friendship with younger individuals is very important, they can make you feel rejuvenated.

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Every day, spend time with one or more people. You shouldn't spend every day by yourself, regardless of your living or working circumstances. Communicating with others via phone or email cannot take the place of in-person interactions. Frequent in-person interactions help you stay upbeat and prevent depression. Offer to help.
A great way to build a positive and good relationship with people is giving back to the community, you can also meet people with similar interests.
You can still become involved by volunteering over the phone, even if your mobility becomes restricted. When things change, find support networks. It can be quite beneficial to take part in a support group with other people going through similar experience.

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