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Crack open a cold one…..It’s Fathers Day!🤗
Over on the Eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, our “Grand-dog Phoenix was on the “hunt” for Cokenee salmon!😍
“ Happy Father’s Day Dad, we just had snow flurries today, up here at the lake! “ ☺️
It’s always nice to hear from the “kids”.
Both Liz and Silvertop were very glad to see our “Grand-dog” wearing a life preserver……along with Bill and his Wife!🥰
Safety first!!!👍
“ Dad the fish finder just measured the depth of the lake, we are canoeing across.
We just crossed a section of the lake that is over 300 feet deep! “ 😮
Liz can’t swim, I have mentioned in a previous post that if she can’t touch bottom with a paddle she freaks out!😳
I also talked about the time Bill our youngest son, was the summer caretaker for the Mount Baker ski area.
Our son was swimming in a Mountain lake seven feet deep………
At the time Bill didn’t know how to swim either! 🙄
A person hiking nearby heard a dog frantically barking………..
Cochiti the light tan colored dog on the left in the fourth photo, was trying to alert someone that her master was drowning!😳
We were all very fortunate that this hiker was able to pull our son out of the lake.
Mom and Dad, didn’t learn about this very close call until Months later…………
Time moves on…………….
Cochiti has been gone many years. Now Phoenix watches over “her” human family!😍
“ Take care of the kids Phoenix, so very nice to hear from you guys on Fathers Day! “ 🥰
“ Enjoy your Salmon catch today guys! “ 🤗
“ Liz I would just as well have a juicy cheeseburger with fries…… and maybe a cold Dads Root beer Lol! “ 😇
Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers!🤗
Silvertop is kicking back today, I will share a few more pics from yesterday’s trip to the oceanfront!😊
Not to worry, Silvertop knows how to swim!😇
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊

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