Travel Pro's Blurt Talent Search: We Have a Winner!

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Before I announce the winner of the 100,000 Blurt one month delegation. I would like to thank everyone who participated, I would also like to thank everyone who is putting time, money, and effort into seeing that this platform reaches it's full potential.

Upon reviewing those in the running for the big prize. There were a handful of contestants that stood out. Not only was it clear that they are passionate about Blurt, it's also clear they spend some serious time promoting blurt and just being on Blurt; and there for I chose to delegate 10,000 blurt to these fine people as well.

Ten Thousand Blurt One Month Delegation Goes To: @me-and-blurt, @cristo, @hugo1954, @psychkrhoz, @olusolaemmanuel, @oneray, @hossy

What do all these people have in common? They are all extremely passionate about Blurt and they will continue to encourage use of the platform in their region of the world and their social circles. What else do they have in common; they all seem to come from non-western lesser developed countries. Which unfortunately do not have a lot of consumer wealth to speculate on things like Blurt.

However from a long term perspective I do believe these countries will experience tremendous growth over the next twenty years. Many Blurt whales may end up being from these countries down the road, maybe even most of them.

Furthermore these countries have an incredible amount of human resources (a term I despise) but that equates to lots of people having lots of time to spend on Blurt and promote Blurt; and that is exactly what they are doing and should be commended and rewarding for choosing to do so.

So a big thank you to these amazing people. You are doing excellent and important work and I personally applaud all of you! In fact I would highly encourage each of you to SPECIFICALLY promote Blurt to those with-in your countries currently struggling with freedom of speech and censorship.

Now with no further ado, lets announce the big winner of the 100,000 Blurt one month delegation Prize!

Congratulations to @cleanenergygarro! One Hundred Thousand Blurt has just been delegated to you for one month. Keep up the great work!

Why did I choose Clean Energy Garro some may be wondering. The reason is because the only thing that truly makes Blurt valuable is that @cleanenergygarro and content creators like him can NOT be censored here, but instead be rewarded.

He is the only one eligible for the prize who regularly exercises his freedom of speech here on Blurt. That makes him special; and the fact that he can NOT post most of his material on facebook, twitter, hive and many other places without being censored is A HUGE ADVANTAGE FOR BLURT THAT WE MUST CAPITALIZE ON if this platform is going to grow.

So thank you everyone who participated in my Blurt talent search. There will be more big delegation events and prizes coming to help place blurt in a position for EASY GROWTH. I encourage everyone to participate and please do not lose focus of what makes Blurt better and different from the rest.


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Thank you @world-travel-pro Support from the Coconut Team is much appreciated~! 🖖

Meanwhile on Telegram and most other platforms many 'Truthers' are still pushing Anti-Blockchain narratives... Apparently the FBI Propaganda has been very effective in distorting reality regarding Crypto/Blockchain involvement~!

I find it 'Interesting' how people who say they are for TRUTH keep trashing the Most Uncensored Blockchain Blog... Which is BLURT... Blurt does not have Downvotes like Hive... LESS CENSORSHIP than ALL other social media blockchains!

But not to worry, I remind the other platforms every day~!


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Congrats for the you delegation! ⚡❤️‍🔥

Thank you. 🖖

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I don't think the delegation had anything to do with @curationcoconut, but was a personal initiative by Dan.
Congrats on winning!

And that is exactly why you won! Congratulations and keep on keepn' on!

Thanks Brother, truly appreciate your support 🖖


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Wow! I’m so grateful 🥹 @world-travel-pro for this Delegation it will be of a great help to me and to the new users I will bring on board, I feel blessed! , God bless you more above your expectations! 🙏 and Big Congratulations to @cleanenergygarro you deserve it! Thank you for your contributions to Blurt Platform!

I would like to acknowledge my backbones in the platform @oneray @lilbizz thank you for making my journey here a successful one and to my curators @r2cornell, @leifasaur, @ctime, @oneray, @ecosynthesizer, @symbionts, @newvisionlife, @psicoparedes, @sagarkothari88, @saboin, @blurtbooster, @drutter, @megadrive, @comet.ranker, @kryptodenno, @world-travel-pro, @angelica7, @blurtpower, @wil.metcalfe

God bless you’ll for your great contribution to the blurt platform 🙏

Blurt to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

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OMG happy to see you win man, a big congratulations. It is a joy to you grow stronger in life a fathers aim is to see his child grow bigger than him, so as to a teacher too wants to see his/her student doing great. I'm happy for you and congratulations to all other winners too.

@world-travel-pro you the best, thank you for the support and effort to see others grow and also helping Blurt blockchain to gain recognition.

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Thank you so much! The blockchain needs you as much as anyone else. Keep up the great work!

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Thank you very much, even though I didn't make it two of my breeds made it, they won your contest I appreciate that a lot you've added to the courage I always try to give them.

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Just delegated you 10,000 too. Spread the word about blurt and make your blog about you, not about how to score as much from blurtbooster as possible and you'll do great.

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OMG, thanks a lot I never expected this at all, but I'm grateful for the support and I will do best to write about myself. If you check most of my content you will see that they are educative and encouragement contents.

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You are very welcome. Keep up the great work!

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I will

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You're very welcome. Please use it with growing the platform in mind, and you will surely be further rewarded.

I am super excited to have make it to the final list and to @world-travel-pro thanks for bringing out such a contest. To everyone that got the 10k blurt along with me I say congratulations to us and the winner of the 100k blurt.

One of your statement @world-travel-pro on this post that struck a cord was when you say

whales may end up being from these countries down the road, maybe even most of them.

That's what am working tirelessly towards becoming a whale on this platform. I was new and naive and miss the opportunity on steemit and hive but here no and I promise to do more by curating with this gift so that other can have a fresh tastes of it.

Thank you for kind words and I very much meant what I said. Your enthusiasm has no bounds so spread the word about Blurt and it's free speech opportunities and lets make things happen here on BLURT!

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A little brazen to immediately use the delegation to upvote your own comments, dude! And right on the announcement post, no less.

  ·  last year  ·  

Financial Capital: 1
Social Capital: 0

If that is the case? (I don't see it? Where?)

Still the code allows for this.

I have always wondered if we shouldn't make it impossible to self vote via code.


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Hey Wil : )

"I don't see it? Where?"

If you check out the votes on his comment, he's one of the voters. Generally, it's frowned upon to vote for your own comments unless there is some good reason for it. His comment is about thanking Dan for the loan, increasing the size of his vote. That's why I said it's a little brazen - he's doing something socially unacceptable (giving his own comment a juicy upvote), right in the same breath as thanking Dan for the ability to do so!

"I have always wondered if we shouldn't make it impossible to self vote via code."

From what I understand, that's easy to do in the blockchain settings. The problem is the effect it has on people's behaviours.

The main one is that people create other accounts so they can continue to upvote their own comments. We don't want to make it harder for people to create accounts, and we don't want to try to limit each human to one account. But we want to stop comment farming (leaving banal comments and upvoting them) because it is the epitome of bad curation.

Comment farming already happens a lot on Blurt, as it's hard to catch, and hard to stop even if you catch it. We don't want to encourage it even more by banning self-voting. At least when people vote on their own comment (with the same account) it's easy to spot, and give them a nudge like "hey, that's not really cool around here".

Self-voting on posts (especially if they are quality, original, etc) is generally encouraged on Blurt. A majority of users do it, and have no problem with others doing it. The owners/management/foundation and witnesses officially endorse it. Comments tend to be less effort, less visible, and more numerous, making them a much better target for farming rewards.

He's testing his new muscles... 💪

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Congratulations to oneray, cleanenergygarro, and other winners of the delegations!
Nice going Dan on the contest.
I wish you continued success at your business!!

Thanks buddy. Much appreciated! :)

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Congratulations to the winners and thank you for this kind contest/ recognition to those who are deserving. This gesture of yours @world-travel-pro motivates us to do better in this platform.

Thank you. Maybe your next step is profile photo. I think that would help you out a lot. :)

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Thank you for the advice @world-travel-pro. I followed what you said... Look!


Awesome! Looking good! :)

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Thank you for your recognition of the effort. Onboarding my friends and their friends friends here in this platform is already a reward for me. Your 10k BP delegation is of great help im curating my newly onboarded users to encourage them as well as promote blurt the the rest of the world. Thanks @world-travel-pro

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wow hayahaya oi! Congrats brod! 100k na nya sunod.😍

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Thanks madam maayu nlng ma dako2 akoa upvote sa inyuha hehe

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Awesome brother! You are doing great!

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First I don't know if I should cry or laugh..... But all I know is that I'm damn happy. I've never been this rewarded in this platform before. In fact, there was a time I almost lost hope in blurt, but @oneray gave me more reasons to continue. @world-travel-pro, I want to tell you the biggest THANK YOU from the dept of my heart. You've truly made me feel special here, and I promise to pay back to this platform by contributing largely and by obeying the system's rules. I'm truly grateful, that's a lot....

A big congrats to all of us that were acknowledged and to the overall winner..... And also to those who participated in the contest. We all are winners🚀🚀🚀🚀

Blurt to the moon 🚀🚀

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Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm very happy to have helped make a difference for you here on BLURT!

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Thanks sir🤝

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"the system's rules"

I'm still looking for those! Do you happen to have a link? ; )

I think something about plagiarism when he first got here but not sure. Other than that there really are no rules other than those set by the parameters of front end code and the blockchain it's self.

  ·  last year  ·  

That's what I figured. It's interesting to me that we can have only 1 rule! Everything else is coded out of possibility (for example, we don't have to have a rule "do not vote more than once on any post or comment" because it's not possible). Or it's already illegal and covered by those laws (like don't defraud other users, don't post underaged nudity, etc).
As for plagiarism, I was looking into it, and realized it's actually a complex topic. It's not the same as copyright infringement, for example (but they are related). And some countries/cultures don't really prohibit plagiarism at all, which is interesting. It's more an academic concept, originating in the 1700s or so (although some ancient philosophers discussed it in various forms). The main meat of it is "don't take credit for content you didn't create".
This hearkens to something Wil and I were talking about recently, which is "remixing", and how essentially everything we create is derivative in some way. So while almost nothing is 100% original, we must avoid posting content that is almost 0% original, especially if we don't properly cite the source(s).
I was talking about this with @OneRay, too. Many people post nothing more than a link to a YouTube video someone else made, which they want to share. I think that's fine. I'm not going to curate that (unless it's a very small "finder's fee", or if they include analysis/opinion of the video). But it should not be punished, either (unless they claimed it was their own content).
I hope you're having a great day!

  • But it should not be punished, either...

exactly....the more social rules you try to apply to this platform the more it will look and feel like....ummmmm HIVE! lol

  ·  last year  ·  

Hahaha, yup.
I'm really interested to see how this place does as it scales up! And not just talking about the price.

  ·  last year  ·  

Sometimes I have come to think that the problem with Hive is the excessive punishment of anything they consider "bad" for the interests of the most powerful, and that is where the negative votes and silencing on that platform come from, more than because of the content own. Understanding that there, an article is allowed to contain a small percentage "not original" and declared as such when citing the source, but they are established rules and their users must adhere to them.

Certainly, here at Blurt, there are no such rules (at least not written) and much is left to the conscience of each author, especially those of us who come from other platforms with that background; However, seeing new users who have never been on the sister platforms, they believe that anything on the internet (images and content) is a good material to copy and paste and get rewards for it.

So, where there are no rules, everything is valid, and it only remains in the judgment of each user if a piece of content is worth it or not, whether it is original or a copy and paste.

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I really appreciate the support you have given us @world-travel-pro, it is very important this kind of initiatives to further encourage the creation of content and motivation in other people. Congratulations to all those selected and to the winner. I will make the best use of the delegation. Thanks for the opportunity. I have no doubt that Blurt is different and has a lot of growth ahead of it.

You are very welcome. More opportunities for more delegations are soon to come :)

Congratulations to all the winners!!! ❤️🍀🏆🎉 Awesome contest my BWFAM!!! 😍🤩 100% upvote from me! 👍🏽📈

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I know Garry! 🥓

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