Travel Pro's Blurt Talent Search! (100,000 BLURT delegation up for grabs!)

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As many of you may already know, Blurt is the smallest of the three functioning blogging blockchains split from Steemit, to Hive, and Blurt. Being the smallest it's naturally the most volatile offering percent gains seemingly in the stratosphere. With less competition for top blogger, one can rise up quicker and easier; putting yourself in the drivers seat for some serious potential earnings correlated to price action and growth.

Blurt is by far the most fair of the three platforms as user can not be controlled by larger accounts and their down-votes. Blurt stands on strong footing built in code that is anti-censorship, and we encourage users to join Blurt to exercise their freedom of speech in ways that have been deemed unacceptable by Facebook, Twitter, and Hive.

All top twenty witnesses including myself come from a grass roots background. Together we stand adamant about never changing course from our pro free speech, non-downvote platform which has made us a viable competitor in the first place. With some new and well organized management Blurt is currently preparing and positioning itself for the up coming crypto bull market and we would love for you to be a part of that.

Now with no further ado......

Travel Pro's Blurt Talent Search!

What can you do for Blurt? Explain in the comments below and a 100,000 Blurt one month delegation goes to the winner; chosen by me, influenced by your upvotes in the comments. May the best Blurter win!



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  ·  last year  ·  

I was patiently waiting for this opportunity to appear... and it already is here.

What can you do for Blurt?

There are many things that can be done by Blurt, however, I will say that it is what I am doing so that Blurt continues to grow and many more create and follow this project:

For some time now, I've made it a point to push through promoting Blurt on Twitter and Facebook. In addition, I have dedicated myself to teaching many users the correct way to make their publications, so that every day, the people who create content, do it in a more professional way and with common sense, avoiding at all costs, that there are low-quality posts (two or three sentences, only photos, no interaction in the comments), a gigantic job, but not impossible.

Creating awareness in others practically implies teaching the basic things that we are all supposed to know, and seeing that many are unaware of these rules (others simply ignore them) I have given myself the task of educating those who really want to learn and grow. on the platform, either by leaving comments on their own posts or directly through Discord or WhatsApp, a task that I love because in addition to helping them improve, I practice a different language than mine: English.

I also promote quality content with the newvisionlife and ecosynthesizer accounts (for now), and the joy of not being invisible on the platform motivates users to invite new members of their family and friends to join the party from Blurt.

Right now, we are restructuring initiatives and creating new ones with which more people will have the opportunity to expose their content and be appreciated, and when they are established as good content creators, they can be included in Blurtbooster, so that no one is ever invisible.

Finally, I am dedicating myself to learning programming in order to help the platform in everything it requires and can do, in favor of better performance and a greater visualization in any place where the word Blurt appears.

  ·  last year  ·  

First of all, thanks to the users who tagged me in this post, what can I do for Blurt?
From the very first moment in 2020 when Blurt was created, I gave it my support. Creating a daily publication, to increase the growth of my account, coupled with that I established here and without hesitation my curation project. Thus beginning a path full of work, with the idea of helping other users to grow on the platform and increasing interaction. A telegram group was established to keep in touch with the platform users, chat and support each other. I also created initiatives to grow the platform, such as guides for new users, guides for exchanges, I am constantly creating content and working with new ideas for Blurt. I'm working full time with my curation project @team-mexico, with voting initiatives, with the idea of growing and supporting content. I'm trying to promote all the curation projects that exist on the platform, so that more users know about them and so we can all benefit in different ways. Marketing in Blurt is very important to attract more investments and new users, creating advertising initiatives for Blurt in different ways, sharing the content in different social networks, facebook, instagram, tiktok, youtube, dtube, etc. An important advertising initiative was the idea of the witness @khrom to make a video in different languages, this time translated into Spanish, attracting more users to the platform and promoting the creation of free accounts, not only that but also boosting the promotion of Blurt in a general way to the public. Initiative shared on Youtube, Steem, Hive, Dtube, everywhere, by the hand of team-mexico. Also from time to time I buy Blurt and make power up to save it, for the future, because I strongly believe in the platform, I plan to inspire others to invest in the platform, to see that they can learn many important things about blockchain technology and not only that, to meet people from different parts of the world, to know the talent of others, to be inspired by other users and motivate them to continue creating good content. Our small Mexican group and all people are welcome, our Mexican witness @cosmicboy123, formerly @ayram. And my colleague @vickaboleyn, for all the users that make up team-mexico, I appreciate your commitment and your good wishes. Thank you to all the people who have always supported me no matter what, to all the people who have a project and who want the best for the platform, to all who vote and comment, it's not easy, thank you all for making Blurt a big place. Success in Blurt awaits us, keep sharing content. Excellent support initiative.


  ·  last year  ·  

FREEDOM is what makes me stay on this platform. I may not so active in publishing contents due to my work load and other personal obligations, but I am actively curating contents. Introducing blurt and encouraging others is what I am doing for blurt.


  ·  last year  ·  

Dear @world-travel-pro I would sincerely say that it takes a kind-hearted, sincere and humble man to be able to delegate such huge amount of blurt power to someone in order to enhance the growth of this platform I want to sincerely thank and congratulate you for the kind gesture you have shown for the growth of blurt.

Well sincerely, I’m beginning to love this platform due to love and sincerity showed by the users of this great platform, I was introduced to this platform just two weeks ago by a friend and sincerely speaking I’m loving every bit of the platform starting from the great and educative contents, the curators and the founders of this great platform, I see blurt blogging platforms ahead of other platforms in few years to come.

With the little I have learnt from the users, content creators and curators of this platform I have begin to introduce my friends to this platform too! It’s a beautiful engagement I must confess, if I happen to win this delegation, I would be very happy! Because it will help me parve a way to the new users and great contents creators of this platform by supporting them with upvotes to strive and work harder for the success of this blurt platform .

No matter who wins the contest we should love and support the person, because it takes a bundle of broom to sweep an environment clean, so we all need each others Hardwork and efforts to take blurt to the next level!

Blurt to the moon

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  ·  last year  ·  

I think highlighting the importance of this initiative is redundant or superfluous: everything that contributes to improving @BLURT should be welcomed and promoted @world-travel-pro and this initiative of yours honors the efforts of all of us who support @BLURT.

Having overcome some problems at the start of 2023 with some dissatisfied witnesses and others who left to support other platforms, creating a kind of useless and negative tirade for #BLURT, I think there are many things we can do.

In my personal case, whenever I can (at the moment I am having serious problems on my PC) I try to share my content on all the social networks in which I have an account. I usually do it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Tumblr

Apart from that, I have a personal website on the WordPress platform entitled The Treasure Chest in which I talk about cryptocurrencies, having dedicated several posts to Blurt from the most essential, such as signing up to withdraw our own earnings using the best known exchanges and highlighting advantages and defects of each one.

If there is something that stands out about #BLURT, it is that not only has it recovered much of its capitalization power as a blokchain platform, but (and this is a very personal opinion that goes against speculation) it has had a fairly stable value so far this year. year abandoning those acrobvatic and suicidal jumps that other cryptocurrencies have.

Of those top values between 0.0050 and 0.0060 that it had reached, we are now located in a range that goes from 0.0030 to 0.0040, which seems discreetly reasonable to me. The exaggerated speculation does not favor the creation of content.

Freedom of expression in #BLURT is a fundamental tool and we must direct all our efforts towards it.


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Thank you for organizing the Blurt Talent Search and offering such a generous delegation to the winner. As a content creator on the Blurt platform, I believe I can bring value to the community by creating high-quality and engaging content that showcases the unique features of Blurt and its potential for growth.

I have a passion for creating visually appealing content that tells a story and captures the attention of readers. Through my posts, I aim to educate and inspire others about the possibilities of Blurt, and encourage them to join and contribute to the community.

I am committed to maintaining a consistent posting schedule and engaging with fellow Blurt users to build relationships and grow the platform together. I believe that with hard work and dedication, we can make Blurt a thriving and vibrant community that attracts new users and investors.

And more also creating contest, and engaging in offline charity to educate people about blurt through various printing materials such as T-shirt, books, and other stationary with blurt logo to promote the platform

Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to contributing to the success of Blurt in any way I can.

  ·  last year  ·  

Freedom is what i am here for. I've been promoting this platform from the very start even at the cost of being downvoted and unfollwed in the other blockchain social media platform just because i am a user of BLURT. I understand the chaos between devs of both parties, but don't we have a choice to choose? Do we have to chose one from the other? or why can't we just do both as long as you don't break rules from each platform? Is it not a form of "bullying" being downvoted for the reason that you are a user of the rival platform? If not please enlighten my humble soul!
Good vibes!!!

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  ·  last year  ·  

We are not really rival platforms; We are the smallest of the 3 platforms with different visions, and I agree that as long as the rules are not broken, the idea in all of them must be to grow and be known for what we share.

good evening weeks ago I read that they needed developers on the platform, the former witness cervantes of hive left the platform. I do not know if anyone here writes to see if it helps us in something in blurt I do not know is my humble opinion or support the blurt platform I would love to see that project here that helped us so much, even I think the same witnesses of blurt but I do not know how their current relationship.

Cervantes is a nice nornal guy, I hung out with him a little bit at steemfest. If you re in touch, tell him Blurt would love to have him active here.

  ·  last year  ·   (edited)

I love blurt from the start and until now. Small but terrible, I believe that we will grow together. One day, people who ignore this platform will have a regret in their whole life. In this platform, you have the freedom to do what you wants. There is no one who will downvote and spy our post. This is the best part of blurt. Thank you @world-travel-pro

  ·  last year  ·  

I just chat with some friends to show them the platform, explaining how little I know :)

This initiative is good because, from what I read in the other comments, it can help the accounts grow.

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  ·  last year  ·  

I love this proposal, in Blurt we have some good users who share interesting content and ideas. I will share this information with other groups to support publicity. I hope many will join.
I can only add that Blurt is also more than a chain of blocks, because we are a chain of human beings who grow together, share daily and mobilize good energy.
Successes and may many talented users join.
Good vibes.

good evening weeks ago I read that they needed developers on the platform, the former witness cervantes of hive left the platform. I do not know if anyone here writes to see if it helps us in something in blurt I do not know is my humble opinion or support the blurt platform I would love to see that project here that helped us so much, even I think the same witnesses of blurt but I do not know how their current relationship.

Awesome idea! Great contest! 🙏🍀❤️🌞

Thanks my BFAM! :)

Wait until my next. I think you're gonna love them one maybe about 10x more. lol

Looking forward to it!!!! 🥳

  ·  last year  ·  

Here are what I'll be doing for blurt.

  1. Content Strategy: Developing a content strategy is essential for any successful blurt social Media handles. It involves conducting research to identify topics that are relevant to the target audience and creating a content calendar that outlines the topics to be covered and when they will be published. A good content strategy should include a mix of different content formats such as blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts. It's also important to analyze competitors' content to identify gaps and opportunities to create content that stands out from the crowd.

  2. Social Media Marketing: Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to promote and engage with the target audience. The first step is to identify which platforms the target audience is most active on and then create a presence on those platforms. This includes setting up a profile, creating shareable content, and actively engaging with followers. It's also important to join relevant groups and communities to connect with like-minded individuals and share content with a wider audience.

  3. Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing is a great way to reach a wider audience and build credibility for The first step is to identify influencers in the target niche and then reach out to them to propose a partnership or subscribe to their paid service. This can involve providing them with valuable content to share with their followers, inviting them to contribute to the blog, or collaborating on a joint project. It's important to track the results of the partnership to evaluate its effectiveness.

Implementing a combination of these strategies can help improve the visibility and engagement of, and ultimately drive traffic and revenue to the website.

  ·  last year  ·  


I'm sure the write new user is going to find this valuable 🥓

Wow ! 100,000 Blurt Power delegation. Am I eligible for this competition?

Everyone is eligible. ;)

True. but

  1. Let's avoid unnecessary conflicts / FUDs / discussions.
  2. I have enough BP & I am using it for curation.

So, let's others have their chance.

  ·  last year  ·  

Regardless of the FUD, I admire your ability to allow others of us, more opportunities through delegation to grow our account a little faster.

Thank you very much for your gesture.

good evening weeks ago I read that they needed developers on the platform, the former witness cervantes of hive left the platform. I do not know if anyone here writes to see if it helps us in something in blurt I do not know is my humble opinion or support the blurt platform I would love to see that project here that helped us so much, even I think the same witnesses of blurt but I do not know how their current relationship.

  ·  last year  ·  

I want to invite the following blurters to join this initiative:

@lilbizz, @hossy, @ollasysartenes, @germangv-53, @hugo1954, @logiczombie, @ozelot47, @drlobes, @cristo,

  ·  last year  ·  

Gracias por la invitación amigo, veré que puedo hacer.

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  ·  last year  ·   (edited)

I will like to invite this creative blurters @me-and-blurt, @chopbreakfast, @mostrorobot, @cristo, @fabiha, @vickaboleyn to also participate in this initiative contest

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Onwards and upwards... 🖖


  ·  last year  ·  

First and foremost I most say this I appreciate your effort @world-travel-pro to help out with such opportunity to grow others on the blurt blockchain blog

what can you do with for blurt?

Actually, there are so many things to do for blurt to make it top the ranking among the three blog block chain, the current status or state of blurt is not encouraging which got me thinking of how I could help in my own little strength to see it grow beyond the current state.

Well I found out that most people don't post good nor creative contant just three months after I joined the platform and that is because I was corrected of my errors, ever since then I try to make good contents than I do before, keep getting interesting daily and dedicating more time to go through good contents posted by others and also trying my best to introduce new members from my angle here teaching and showing them how to write good content.

Before now, I have been thinking of establishing a kind of community to help new users get the insight of Blurt so they can grow by putting out their best in creating inspirational, educational and interacting contents. Furthermore, organizing contest just like what you did delegating to them to gain more influence on the block chain.

How I can also help blurt with my own contents

  1. Creating high-quality content is One of the most important things I to do which is useful, informative, and engaging. This will not only attract readers but also help to build a loyal following.

  2. Promoting the content to increase the visibility of the Blurt block chain, it is important to promote it on social media platforms and other relevant websites. This can be done by sharing the content on social media, guest posting on other blogs, and participating in online communities.

  3. Engaging with other blurttains to help build a loyal following and increase engagement, it is important to engage with others by responding to comments, answering questions, and participating in discussions

I'm putting in my best by implementing these strategies consistently and over time, because with this Blurt can improve its ranking on the blockchain blog list and attract more readers and followers.

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  ·  last year  ·  

Nice one bro..... Thanks for inviting me here. I hope the winner of this wonderful project help in growing our lovely blurt community.

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@mariuszkarowski with almost 3 million Blurt Power. Please explain why you choose not to support this initiative. The Blurt community would like to know. Thank you.

  ·  last year  ·  

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