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OOOO Scary Headlines!!!!!FEAR! FEAR! Fungus!!! EW!!! FEAR!!!

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They cannot begin to imagine that the news is full of lies. I've been following arabisouri's reporting on Syria, and comparing it to what the NYTimes says about the same event. Of course, if I were to show an account directly from Syria, they would have no problem feeling certain that the Syrian report was false, but would 100% believe the account in the NYtimes without asking any questions, such as "why do we even need an air defense system in Syria, if we do not have military installations there?" Or, "Why is Iran (again and again with Iran..) bombing so many US personnel in Syria?" or "what are US personnel even doing in Syria?"

It takes very little to see the omissions, the inconsistencies, the illogicals, but most people make no effort to do that whatsoever, they just change their understandings with the wind.

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I follow arabisouri as well. It so interesting to see the difference and what is being said from their perspective over there. This is why free speech is so important on the internet. People from around the world can have a voice rather than the only voice we hear are our guards.