OOOO Scary Headlines!!!!!FEAR! FEAR! Fungus!!! EW!!! FEAR!!!

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An emerging fungal threat spread at an alarming rate in US health care facilities, study says
March 20, 2023

The very last paragraph though tell you the following:

Healthy people don’t usually get sick from Candida auris, according to the CDC. Rather, it’s more likely to affect people who have serious medical problems and require long stays in health care facilities, people with weakened immune systems and people with medical devices going into their bodies, such as breathing tubes or catheters. Screening for Candida auris can help protect people at increased risk of serious infection.

Frightening new fungus 'candida auris': What is it? Who is susceptible?
March 22, 2023

Of course if you read the article you discover...

"Candida auris is a strain of yeast that has been found in hospital settings," Dr. Frederick Davis, the associate chair of Emergency Medicine at Northwell Health on Long Island New York, told Fox News Digital.
He said the fungus "is usually not a threat to healthy individuals.
However, he said, "in chronically ill patients in health care facilities, it can enter the bloodstream through areas of open wound and lead to a symptomatic infection."

Those with an implanted device are more susceptible to this type of infection because the devices offer a surface for the fungus to colonize, the emergency medicine physician said.

Just makes me sick, pun intended. Folks should be aware of it but there is no reason for the alarming headlines. Fear porn and psychological warfare. No wonder so many people suffer from anxiety.

The root message is always that the world is a dangerous place and you would never survive on your own. You need The Establishment to keep you safe.

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haha, I'm already dead and having fun


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LOL. Good one.

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Let's see. That last few months we've been told to be alarmed by Monkeypox, polio, RSV, shigella, and now this. I'm sure I missed something. Who is still listening to these jokers?! I actually know a few...

I know, right?! I think it's just too hard for them to accept that everything they think about authority in this "free' country is a lie. That they were fed BS their entire life. I get that but at what point, how far does it need to go for these folks. It's a shitshow at this point. A total circus.

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They cannot begin to imagine that the news is full of lies. I've been following arabisouri's reporting on Syria, and comparing it to what the NYTimes says about the same event. Of course, if I were to show an account directly from Syria, they would have no problem feeling certain that the Syrian report was false, but would 100% believe the account in the NYtimes without asking any questions, such as "why do we even need an air defense system in Syria, if we do not have military installations there?" Or, "Why is Iran (again and again with Iran..) bombing so many US personnel in Syria?" or "what are US personnel even doing in Syria?"

It takes very little to see the omissions, the inconsistencies, the illogicals, but most people make no effort to do that whatsoever, they just change their understandings with the wind.

I follow arabisouri as well. It so interesting to see the difference and what is being said from their perspective over there. This is why free speech is so important on the internet. People from around the world can have a voice rather than the only voice we hear are our guards.

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Yeast ?,... let's brew some some .

I liked it. Thanks for the link. I will check out the channel too.

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All the media does is sell fear, cancel CNN. lol

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yellow press :(