RE: A persons fall into the abyss - part 2 - a gif kind of allegory...The king awaits..

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A persons fall into the abyss - part 2 - a gif kind of allegory...The king awaits..

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....they DO manage to express their own insecurities, very eloquently.
(have you seen the meltdowns on 'very-in-the-matrix-but-blissfully-unaware-of-it', posts?


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LOLOLOLOLOLOL ,.. bull run ?
What bull run ,..(1 BLURT = $0.00457441)

The blurt community is so small now that i had 3,2% of the Hive-blurt liquidity pool on tribal , witch was only 0,8% when i put it in some weeks ago . That is telling me something ,.. time to pull the coins out and sell them for "REAL" coins .

There is also no longer engagement in the comments if your not a approval seal , where most worship Ai like the new god of posting (milking) . Typing words in to a prompt is seen as a skill by many now . This chain is running on NPC's for a big part and has lost my interest complete . It was a interesting and learning experience for as long as it lasted .

Reading in on and learning about running on Nostre . The town i live in is planning to put up a relay in this Nostre network some day soon . Where there are lot's of possibility's to run all kinds of apps on . Free-speech for one , and options to post behind payed subscriptions is what i am thinking of . No more for ever printing reward pools as we know now that that will never work as a social human platform .

Those two little kids are reason this chain is going down ,. no one wants to join a platform with that kind of childish shit going on . They are so unaware on what kind of bullying dictators they really are .

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