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Blurt Booster: Synchronization Nearly Complete!

in blurt •  8 months ago 

Ah fuck it ..he is too rich now to answer your stupid questions !
Dude gots a fat salary and all the blurtcoin from the founders morons
By licking their balls for months , so please step aside and dont you come beg for blurtlooser vote you weak minded pingoo !

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Rich? one of the poorest people that I've ever encountered... paraphrase from The Squeeze track 'up the junction'....( "I'd beg for some forgiveness, But begging's not my business")


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  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Funny enough the douche got kicked out of hive for recycled posts
It is like eating your shit over and over and begging for new votes .

Blurtlooser is Vote farming for ballslikers only , even 100% plagiarism is allowed if you lick good enough ( but he gives the source 😂 ) zero comments , multiple accounts in blurt and in witness and fatly paid employee ..
and we thought indian people had no ambition , this is a silent master shark .

But who cares , Blurt is public toilets and WTP is now the toilet paper