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Recognizing The Narcissist Who Would Be A Cult Leader

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My first thought when I saw the pic of those audio files was: How low can you sink? Scummy as hell! 🤮

I used to like the stuff on an alt account of his... Something with reloaded.

Sadly the psycho in him has won the battle...

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It should serve as a warning to all who believe they are his ally. He gloats he was pretending the entire time he was in a supposed alliance with WTP.

He is definitely a narcissist building his own cult here.

5- Questioning and dissent are not tolerated.

6- The ends justify the means.



When DARPA came up with this program...
They were laughing all over themselves at the spectacle 🥓

DPOS = DARPA Proof of Stake

They are not a hater they are a fan. Lol anyone checking in on you all the time is a fan!

It’s not a cult lol he has about 2 actual followers, one of which, he hated about a week ago and 4 ppl that sort of laugh along with him for a bit of entertainment. A cult leader at least has some followers.

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One of the traits of narcissism is not apologizing when in the wrong (even when offered an olive branch to make it easier)

Another trait is wanting - needing - to belong to in the 'in group', the approved group -...the authority, the control freaks.

Did you also know that wanting to belong to those group is very much being in the matrix (many are not even conscious of it - 'self refection' is not very high up in the hierarchy of narcissistic traits).

Sadly the psycho in him has won the battle... much study have you done into psychology - psychopathy specifically ??.. interested in it ?

....if you're interested, my book 'caging the four' will hopefully be released next year - all about the psychopath, and how to contain them - approx 4% of the population nowadays ...(it's been a growing problem - ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution)

(life is soooooooo much easier for the full blown psychopath..many less ethical issues - i.e
don't be a sheep...

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Sadly, you ignore my sentence about the audio files... With that, you have proved to all of Blurt what a psycho you are... No psychologist needed.... End of story.

Every word you write, you are writing about yourself...

Let me guess... We are narcissists, all of us except you?


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If that's what you think, then you have very little experience in life with bad/fake people.
You know much about psychology, then ?

You do know that there's never an 'end of story'?

Intellectually untrue, and philosophically ridiculous - it's a linguistic trick that people try to use so as to try and avoid digging deeper.

(It's a form of psychological cowardice - a fear of self examination. It's one that leads to more self awareness, and reflection - which it often very psychologically painful....)

Good luck being you, matey...

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Go try your manipulation crap somewhere else... It doesn't work here...

Have a lovely day! 🤙🌞

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In what way do you perceive my reply as being 'manipulation crap'?

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Read the crap you write... Pick anything...

Still ignoring/suppressing those audio files psycho?


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Well I was asking you for the specific point, wasn't I ? haven't addressed the question.

This is called avoidance, a strategy commonly employed by people who don't want to expose their own lack of cogent thought process, as it reveals much....

Why so evasive over a simple question ?

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This is called avoidance, a strategy commonly employed by people who don't want to expose their own lack of cogent thought process, as it reveals much....

Again talking about yourself... Audio files?

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Tell him to be a real man and accept criticism, he has no balls for serious debate. Just like you are his dog.

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Come on ManLucy, you can do better than that, the speech you make is boring, it causes cramps in my sexual part. You no longer have arguments to gain followers in this social network. You are just someone with an inflated ego trying to force others to believe your lies. Your psychology sucks, as well as much of the explanations you try to give for the behavior of others. Everyone already knows that you are just a trained dog sent by your owners only to bark, because so far you have only barked. Neither you, nor your owners will have a chance to take control here.

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I'm not sure you really understand much about narcissism, and what it is?

... if you have no narcissistic traits, for example - you'll have massive self loathing and poor self esteem issues.

If my reassessment of you responses was correct (your replies here are bringing that into into question), then you have healthy narcissism.
Ergo, you are narcissistic to some degree (it a spectrum, not a category).

Good luck being you, matey .

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if you're interested, my book 'caging the four' will hopefully be released next year

lmfao. Perhaps if he reads it it will be the epiphany he needs to get his thinking straight and understand you are the bless.

don't be a sheep...

I'm sure you meant that in the most blessed of ways, not trying to be coercive and use the shame of your exalted disapproval sway him in any way. I see that later in these comments, you hint there will now be an upcoming post designed just for him, so you can get your peanut gallery of cult followers to mock him as well while praising your superior genius.

I can't wait for your book "Everyone I dislike is Emily" to come out. Do let me know when it comes out. I'll do a series of posts on here with the theme narcissists in action, how to start your own cult while calling all dissenters low IQ, psychopaths, sheep, and if they blaspheme hard enough, Emily.

Your narcissism really showed itself on the retirement announcement of Blurtlatam by Freakeao. Your refusing to acknowledge he was saying it wasn't coming back and offering him your suggestive desire that in the future he should take 5 minutes out of his emergence to give you an update in the future was comical, mr. Smarter than 99% of the world genius.

It's fitting that the one front end that you liked best decided to not start back up because he was tired of dealing with your constant narcissistic attacks and speculations. Keep on sewing cult leader.

I am astonished and overwhelmed over the patience and constant energy you put into this dumb MF... but I love it...

lmfao. Perhaps if he reads it it will be the epiphany he needs to get his thinking straight and understand you are the bless.

Yes, I am soooo looking forward to his awesome book! (cough) 😂🤣

I noticed many seem to avoid his so called master linguistic and psychological self professed mastery. I'm not one of them. He has done little but smear his non stop narcissistic temper tantrum over one of his initial encounters with megadrive for a long time now.

His latest casualty being one of the most respected members of the Blurt community (Freakeao) who I consider like a brother. His constant belittlement and sense of entitlement being the impetus for my friend to decide to hang up one of the most applauded front ends is an insult to all who love Blurt. He is little more than a shit stain on the Blurt project.

I had sympathy for him on Steem and Hive, thinking that he was always so combative to the point of looking like Don Quixote (I've been telling him that for years) because of being over targeted by whales abusing downvote buttons.

Then he comes here and revealed that is just his normal personality, that he will go scorched earth on anyone who doesn't see he is the bless and conform to his nonsensical whims.

He is little more than a joke with his over the top self worship, his demands all others understanding he is the final arbiter of all that is true.

It should have been a wakeup call for him when I wrote this and several commented they thought perhaps he himself had written it.


I come in long as you behave the way I demand.

I'm going to make some more memes for him... 😂

There is much to work with regarding this one. I can picture a meme the Lucy contest, so popular it even draws cross chain participation as all previous recipients of the bless partake. His hands would cramp from working with all the material the blasphemers would provide, spittle leaking down his chin as he stutters the word bless again and again.

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Now this feels complete.

Best wishes,


This is hilarious! 😂 You have to apply humor on that DH... It's the best technique! 👍

Yeah, mocking him is the way to go. It's his preferred love language. 😇

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I just built an awesome GIF... I will save that one for later!!! ;D


Lucylin replying to Chuck

No wonder your karate is so weak, you are a midwit sycophant kissing megadrives ass. Just wait until I release the recordings of these phone calls you libtard.

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