Practicallythoughtless does it again !...oh gets worse and worse...

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I think practicalthought is a little triggered...bless.

'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing', as they say - and if true, that would make PT just about lethal ! lol....


A fascinating and (sightly depressing,insight into his lack of cognitive decline I feel - from knowing him for this last 4 years, I had the pleasure of knowing him and his well structured, thought our pieces..
(noticeably lacking in the last few months).

This is not one of those pieces...

As such, I'll keep this mockery to a minimum.

I stopped taking the piss out of pretend president biden exactly for the same reasons.

Lets get this over with.....

CIMG4181 - Copy.JPG

While I'm not a huge fan of psychology, I do lean towards the idea that stereotypes are often noticed based on some underlying recurrences. At least enough so that when certain characteristics are mimicked, others can usually understand what is being implied. We see this often in comedy.

I think he's confusing broad narcissistic traits with NPD - narcissistic personality disorder.
( if you have no healthy narcissistic traits - you have self esteem issues and potentially many other problems...)

This post will be an examination on such a narcissist here within our own ranks, who has been causing much damage here as he has been setting up his cult.

It's hardly an examination, more like an instruction manual on how to make logical fallacies and how to make yourself look like a blabbering idiot...
For example, the statement just above.

There are no 'among our own ranks' = as though blurt was some kind of unified force marching in one direction (which would , ironically, make it VERY anti any kind of decentralization...hmmm....)

(This is also a kind of logical fallacy - an attempted spinning of narrative to create 'the blurt mob' as being separate from anyone else here , that shows dissent and asks questions of 'the mob' ...'the authority'....appeal to bandwagon fallacy)

Bandwagon Fallacy
The bandwagon fallacy assumes something is true (or right or good) because others agree with it. In other words, the fallacy argues that if everyone thinks a certain way, then you should, too.

Of course this will be an examination on Lucylin. The self professed psychological and linguistic master who displays so very many traits from an article I'll be sharing here.

I have never expressed myself as being any kind of 'master' in either of these disciplines.
But let's not worry about that, eh?

Framing the tone of the post, seems to be far more important than any facts.

Another kind of logical fallacy....

A straw man argument attacks a different subject rather than the topic being discussed — (my 'narcissism', I believe)...
The purpose of this misdirection is to make one's position look stronger than it actually is.

The straw man argument is appropriately named after a harmless, lifeless scarecrow. Instead of contending with the actual argument, they attack the equivalent of a lifeless bundle of straw — an easily defeated puppet that the opponent was never arguing for in the first place.

The impetus of this post has come from his continued slander at one of the benchmarks of Blurt, Freakeao.

As far a I'm aware, I've never slandered @freakeo.
I've offered speculations when there were ongoing issues with

Oh, and an apology when I made a mistake concerning the 'promoted content' moniker.
practiallythougless must have never seen that apology, bless - but its all time stamped on the blockchain -(my apology for the mistake being the very first comment, after freakeo pointed it out to me.)

...And which is hardly narcissistic behavior - but NOT apologizing, IS one of the defining traits of many different types of narcissism (but we'll leave that for now, eh...)

Enough so that our esteemed colleague and witness decided to shut down the front end he was running, tired of the continued speculations and accusations from Lucylin.

So practical thoughtless is blaming me for other peoples actions?.....


That sounds very reminiscent of little dan's meltdown post, defending and rationalizing megadrives censorious actions on blurt - and then blaming me for his choices.

I must say - never realized that I was that powerful on this platform !!!

....which is something that a malignant or overt narcissist wold be VERY aware of !...that doesn't really add up, now does it?

Over the last several months, I've taken it upon myself to look into what are considered common traits often associated with the condition called narcissist. In this ongoing examination, I discovered that most often cult leaders are narcissists.

LoL - There IS NO 'condition', called narcissism*.
...he's getting confused with 'NPD' - narcissistic personalty disorder, as used in the DSM manual in the US...
(narcissism is on a spectrum of various traits).

Here is a site that discusses this in depth.

Logical fallacy
Appeal to Authority
Appeal to authority is the misuse of an authority's opinion to support an argument. While an authority's opinion can represent evidence and data, it becomes a fallacy if their expertise or authority is overstated, illegitimate, or irrelevant to the topic.

top tip : If you ever reference this website as some 'authority on psychology' - you needed psychological help !'s similar to going into MacDonalds and citing their menu as nutritional advice...lololol
(I've linked it myself many times - it's useful - but hardly the definitive works)

From the site:
Key Points:
Individuals high in narcissism, like cult leaders, often inflate their own sense of importance and behave in ways that are destructive to others.
Similarities between narcissists and cult leaders include a tendency to lie and turn others against each other for their own ends, along with little tolerance for dissent.
To escape the negative influence of a narcissist, be mindful of what you share with them and set firm boundaries about how you will and won't be treated.
More from this article.
1- Cult leaders act larger than life.
They claim to be innately good, possessing special wisdom, answerable to no one, with no one above them.

Ok, notice the preponderance thoughout this post, of practically thoughtless continually trying to connect me and 'a cult leader' angle...

Why ?

I have no desire to lead anything, except maybe my doggie to the shower hose, if she's covered in shite.

CIMG4181 - Copy.JPG

I think it obvious* to any who have followed Lucys antics here for any length of time that he presents an image of the end all be all answer for the truth. Any disagreement is always an implication that you are wrong, because the master is never wrong^.

*When people use terms like 'i think it's obvious' or 'it's seems pretty clear'_- these are sentences that are designed to pull YOU into their narrative.
Using terms such 'obvious' or 'clearly', implies that if you 'don't get it', you must be stoopid...
(it's psychological manipulation).
Libtards try to use these phrases all the time.

^An ad hominem fallacy uses personal attacks rather than logic. This fallacy occurs when someone rejects or criticizes another point of view based on the personal characteristics, or other non-relevant traits of the person who holds it.

*Ad hominem arguments are often used in politics, where they are often called "mudslinging." They are considered unethical because politicians can use them to manipulate voters' opinions against an opponent without addressing core issues.

2- Cult members are expected to subjugate their own needs for the “good” of the leader or cause.
Members are told that what the cult wants them to do is for their own good, even if it is self-destructive.
We saw this belief from him where even on the very post Freakeao makes discussing the retirement of the front end, Lucy displays a disregard for the entire post and its pointing to him as the cause, and proceeds to issue a "suggestion" that despite his inability to do much because of actual real life problems that are much greater than having to use a different front end, that he needs to become serve God and focus on the needs of the narcissist (Lucylin).

THIS was my comment:

daily patriot - Copy (6) - Copy.jpg

hello there, matey....

I don't see that as being a difficult thing to execute ? ...Do you ?_

daily patriot - Copy (6) - Copy.jpg

....make of that what you will...(cognitive decline, anyone?)

Let these outrageous expectations serve as a lesson and wakeup call to any who would put merit into this mans intent and measure of others who he would have serve him.

There he goes again !...lolol whats with all this 'serve' bullshit?

3- An “us versus them” attitude prevails.
Outsiders are viewed as dangerous or as potential enemies. This turns members’ focus outward, distracting from problems within the cult. Viewing others as enemies can be used to justify extreme actions because of the “dangers” that outsiders pose


I'm sure EVERYONE has noticed any disagreement with any position he takes is now a libtard, a midwit etc.

Generally because the disagreements I have, come from libtards or midwits - not rocket science.

It is crucial if one wishes to be in his circle to always be in agreement with him and understand he is the end all be all when it comes to possession of the truth. Even if the truth is in front of you and is a complete contradiction of what he is asserting.

LOL - I have no circle to 'be in' - So how does that work?

...but you carry on ahead with this cult narrative..(armchair psychology at its finest !).

4- Feelings are devalued, minimized, or manipulated.
Shame, guilt, coercion, and fear appeals keep members in line.

ONLY YOU can make yourself feel anything. WHAT MEMBERS ?..OF THIS 'CULT' THAT I HAVE GOING ?

This get more fucking embarrassing by the sentence...

Members are taught to discount their own intuition and healthy instincts in favor of the leader or cult's teachings. Over time, members can lose touch with their healthy habits and innate values.

Are we talking about blurt cult now?

I'll refer you to my commentary on number 3, although if you have followed him for any length of time you will know he goes on the attack and quickly to be dismissive and devalue any position (and especially anything that is connected to a feeling) contrary to his ultimate truth he would have you chained to.
5- Questioning and dissent are not tolerated.
Having doubts about the leader or cult is considered shameful or sinful. Members are told that doubting or dissenting indicates that there is something wrong or bad with the member.

This is one of the best.

Check. Using myself as an example, we were friendly associates on the other blockchain. In his most recent exchange with me, he let me know that due to my presentation of facts he asked for that he leans towards my account was hacked by someone who has a low IQ, lol.

So now practicallythoughtless is going for the full libtard victim mentality !

In one of his more recent ongoing schemes targeting WTP, it turns out that back some time when WTP was angry over the 7/7 lies and the resultant considerations, he made the mistake of communicating with Lucy outside of Blurt.


I'd already gauged wtp to be full of shit -waaaaaay before the conversation - and as such, someone not to be trusted.
It is sound strategy to keep your friends close - and your enemies closer.(fake people are my enemy).
It would be remiss of me to NOT take such action.

Lucy evidently recorded Dan's voice and saved it in case he would need it at some future date.

This is absolutely priceless !!!

...practicallythoughtless asked me directly- 'do me a solid, and release the tapes' (close to verbatim, and on the blockchain.)
Hypocrisy, anyone?

ru a crazy peson.gif

He recently began threatening to release the tapes. Now while I would be curious to hear these audio files, let this serve notice Lucy will collect everything he can, even on those who believe they are in an alliance with him in case he needs to get his pound of flesh from you for the blasphemy of no longer doing his bidding.

....Only if I judge people to be fake and 'they' want a confidential chat.

Notice this continual framing of 'leader ' or something...It's fucking deranged, is what it is...

7- Closeness to the cult and leader is rewarded, while independence is punished.

.....Yeah, I fucking hate people being independent !

What drugs is this dude on?
Cognitive decline, anyone? (or has wtp has got his keys- it's about his level)...

8- Lies are repeated so often they seem true.
The cult leader cannot be wrong and never needs to apologize.
We see this in so many lies. Censorship, the latest down time of Blurtlatam, his constant wild speculations that to any rational observation defies reality. He demands total agreement, and is never wrong. He is the master.

I ain't going to keep going over the same repetitive, 'cult', tired shit...its nuts...

ru a crazy peson.gif

In the posts where he threatens WTP, he laughs as he mocks him for being stupid, saying he was playing him the whole time as he recorded. Just scroll through his posts if you are not familiar with this ongoing constant tactic.

Correct. 100%. ....Although it's not an ongoing tactic - I use the 'Alinsky strategies' for identified morons.
(wtp thought he was being smart with me, bless... I've met amoebas with learning difficulties that have more street smarts that him..)

I had to laugh at this newest one as well. As many know, he has been going on incessantly about being censored, his small cult following wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth at his censorship as they read it and vote for it (see the contradiction there)?
I laughed hard when he was recently recommend by one of the FUD whales to write his own post in response to posts he is muted from commenting on. He even wrote a post about the genius of it in escaping the so called censorship.

Indeed- and this one is the second - you so deserve it.

I note that many who protest this new mute feature are ones in many areas I hold to be of higher intelligence than the average bear.

Intelligence is measured using IQ - the only objective measure of intelligence we have.
Using that metric - the only one we use - I can categorically say that 99.8 % of people test lower than I did when I was 12.
(although, after years of abusing my brain with chemicals, I estimate it as less nowadays - around the 98% now...)
This is not hubris, ego, or opinion.
This is fact.
It doesn't make me any 'better', or 'superior' - or anything at all in fact .
It is what it is.

So I lean towards the notion that they pursue such endeavors understanding beforehand that their methods are more likely to cause embarrassment and anger towards the focus of their repeated examination.

Many of 'your notions' are delusional at best - this being another one.
Your competences in constructing strategy are definitively not as high as my own.

And by extrapolation, the apparent need to vocalize their pejorative argument(s) is only fulfilling if they can present their view to those who for whatever reason are aligning with the focus of their discontent.

This is not about any individual - it's about principle. To speak freely in the market place (the comment section under a post until changes were made by control freaks.

(narcissists tend to be control freaks and hate free speech - just sayin'..)

It seems this way to myself as there is nothing preventing one from writing their own counter on their own blog, which we have seen being done even before this new mute feature was introduced. As well as taken to a new extreme since with a mock account of one of the founders being created.

Principles of free speech don't give a single flying fuck about your libtard there is that.

Since ones ability to say whatever one wants about whomever one wants was not taken away, it appears evident that it is direct access to those followers of the target that is the result of this frustration.

You're dim - it's official ....(OR SUFFERING FROM COGNITIVE DECLINE?)

Is telling in that before when it didn't serve his goals it was dismissed. Now for whatever reason(s) it does serve them, it is now THE TRUTH.
See how this works for the narcissist who would be leader of the cult?
In closing this examination, I've been silently waiting for a little while for him to make his next move in solidifying his cult.
In other sources I wont add to this already lengthy post, one aspect that is crucial for the would be cult leader is separating their followers from the outsiders.

I ain't wasting my type on anymore of this 'cult' bullshit and a really bad, attempted gas lighting of the reader...

It's cringe.
It's embarrassing
And most importantly...

...this does not read like practicalthought - from only last year.

...this is not composed like articles written by practicalthought from only a year ago.

...This is not like 'the old' practicalthought - at all...

When I saw him begin pitching he was making a new website for the high IQ followers of his I laughed once again as I saw yet another piece of the building a cult blueprint in the making.

Oh, for fucks sake - just...stop....
(is this little dan and orc sarah putting their little brains together, to come up with something - and failing miserably?....the quality of this post is soooo far from any of practicals old

It has been interesting watching him tick off every characteristic of the narcissist who would be cult leader stereotype.

Dear god, he never stops...

Why would you ever choose to get in the ring with me

...Well, after that pile of bilge and idiocy you've just written - - it does beg kinda beg the question, doesn't it?

(or is it megadrivle, not little dan?

As though his ludicrous psychological and linguistic self professed mastery is anything to be skeered of.
Midwit this, libtart that, sycophant etc etc etc.
Yes, everyone who doesn't bow to the greatest is a sycophant of the thing that needs destroyed. lolol.

Ad hominems are are not sign of any intelligence....quite the opposite.

Or the latest, my account is now in the hands of a low IQ hacker.

I would really hope that this is the case, for your sake - Seriously.

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For the record I just want to state that @lucylin keeps me locked in a dungeon and only lets me have any food (dry lentils) if I upvote all his posts and agree with everything he says...


Hang on there I'll slide you some cockroaches over I found in my cell. I can't eat em coz I'm a vegan. Swap you for some o them lentils tho?

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I stand with lucylin and all hardworking trannies

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SShhhhhhhhhhhhh...don't tell everyone - they'll all want in !!.....

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Whoever this person is, and I am pretty sure it's NOT really PT, he is a hypocrite. I too was a big fan of PT's posts and enjoyed debate with him. The last time I posted a comment on a post of his he basically turned into a Lucylin clone account and called me and ultraviolet 'Karens'.
Being a bit of an anarchist and being that Karen is a blind authority follower how can those two be the same thing?
I have disagreed with him before and he was always an adult about it.
Something is askew here and it is creeping me out.

If you are the leader of some cult BTW what does that make me? A lapdog?
LOL clearly very little understanding of who I am and what I stand for here if I am included in this 'cult' which judging by what I'm hearing about the blurtlatam situation I think I am included. Someone has mention 'geo-blocking' meaning SOME of us cannot use blurtlatam but others can.

Then there is my post asking for information on the blurtlatam situation which has clearly been shadowbanned in some form or other.

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  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Use from @fervi

  ·  2 years ago  ·  


  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Indeed , it is not PT ..he even say more and more bad words ...( like whores )
when he used to show only love and light

  ·  2 years ago  ·   (edited)

this does not read like practicalthought - from only last year.
...this is not composed like articles written by practicalthought from only a year ago.
...This is not like 'the old' practicalthought - at all...

Read my post again .... demoniac possession or someone who stole his account

They gather more and more people on their side.
They know who is easy to catch , who is not easy to catch ...they try to get Frot and small1axe lol
..they make a list ..: the one they target to keep / or to discard
Then they go full blunt ....votes paying and tons of nice comments or zero and nasty comments , depends if you are in their side ...
they also use the coconutcuration to buy people , kind of obvious ..
Of course they chat with eachothers ( they sure have a special discord )
i ll see what i can with upvu

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Speaks of cult , accusing others ,. loves ranks himself ,.. was brain washed and trained himself to drive around in a car at night to seek and fine crime by order of it's overlords .

And then sites this ?

Members are taught to discount their own intuition and healthy instincts in favor of the leader or cult's teachings. Over time, members can lose touch with their healthy habits and innate values.

Give him a break ,.. our dear officer is probably near a nervous breakdown .
Even do i am a full anarchist , who sees the police force as a evil cult , i have sympathy for the poor souls who hold these jobs now . Having to face the clown world upfront each day ,.. just a bit sympathy that is ,. as they entered this mafia equal cult on there own free will ,.. by giving up their free will .

I did read his post before this one ,.. had a laugh .
The dude has no clue about voluntarily non violent anarchy .
And i can't really blame him , as i can count the ones that i know that do really know on one hand . Can't hardly call that a clan now , can we ?

Voluntarily non violent anarchy ,.. @lucylin , let's debate that again ,. ;-)
Yep , used that term instead of free speech , as it is where we have other points of view ,.. long past conversation's as witness on blockchains can be found for proof of that . Practical is making things up true selective reading .

( btw , despite different view points ,. you are on that hand )
( i know i am the extremist )

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...this does not read like practicalthought - from only last year.
...this is not composed like articles written by practicalthought from only a year ago.
...This is not like 'the old' practicalthought - at all...

(is this little dan and orc sarah putting their little brains together, to come up with something - and failing miserably?....the quality of this post is soooo far from any of practicals old

(or is it megadrivle, not little dan?

Or could be Emily Mr. Cult leader narcissist. Never even occurred to you that the responsibilities for the Emily desk has been expanded?

Appreciate the post advertisement and the confirmations you've left in my comment section btw. You just can't help yourself.