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I remember when I was a child, our elderlies often tells us to sleep after lunch. Admittedly, sleeping in the afternoon is difficult for me. If only it's as easy as now, I might be sleeping every afternoon without anyone to tell me to do so.

Thus, I'm resorting to faking my sleep. I think it's many of the kids has been doing. I count until 1000 or even more. My younger brother has been asleep already, and how I wish I'm able to do the same. I'm faking my sleep not because I'm being disobedient, rather I just can't sleep.

Anyway, if you slept in the afternoon, the reward is they'll bring us to the park until we reached the beach. It's just fun memories that I had while reflecting.

It's a simple fun we do back then. Now, we can go if we want, or the time and body allows us to go. If I'm already okay, that will be one of the first thing my wife and I will do.

For now, I'll be sharing photos of our stroll in the park. How I miss the afternoon walk we used to do.





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