The Ultimate Property Right

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This post will be a deviation from my normal post, in the sense it will be more personal than most. I find myself in need of venting to a degree, and what better way than in a setting with many familiar strangers.

Many who've followed me are aware that I'm a strong advocate for property rights. Today the topic will be what is the largest property right of all, ones own health and life. And the conflicts that arise with those closest to one when one exercises that ultimate right in a way that another selfishly would have one not.

Please keep in mind I'm not looking for advice, nor sympathy. I've come to terms with what I'm going to discuss and have accepted both the reality and my choice of outcome on this, which is exactly where this becomes a touchy subject between myself and those who love me.



The issue.

About six months before Covid shut everything down, I saw a doctor because of a sore that wouldn't heal on my face. I was hopeful that it would be something a cream could take care of. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, and turns out that due to decades of selling outside in the hot Arizona sun I acquired skin cancer.

Without deviating from the topic of this post, it is necessary nonetheless to mention at this point I distrust most in the medical field, and have found that many of the so called cures are in my opinion worse than the problem. I've had as little as possible to do with doctors as an adult, and for the record would prefer to keep that streak going to the extent that I can.

I've accepted the personal ramifications of my preference to the situation I mention. Accepted and would prefer to live my remaining time, however long that would be on my current trajectory free of whatever treatments and further enslavement financially that would be a result of deviating to the treatment test subject path those close to me seek to coerce me into traveling.

It has appeared to me for most of my life that unless one is super rich in my country, the quality of treatment degrades quickly. To such a degree it appears designed to at best prolong as one is used as a guinea pig of sorts. With the so called treatments often making that extra time one receives suck anyway.

So onto the dilemma, which I've already hinted at in this venting post.

In the last year or so I've been noticing some of the signs associated with metastasis. Enough so that it is becoming occasionally noticeable to others as well, although I typically can feign it as an independent issue.

My immediate family, whom I have limited interaction with due to distance and schedules will bring it up. Pushing for me to go get what they consider treatment. Thankfully due to the infrequency of our interactions it is a very small part of the conversation that can be quickly moved away from with a noncommittal acknowledgment of their selfish preference on this issue that is my burden much more than theirs.

Unfortunately the same isn't the case with my partner, who is growing more adamant that I need to go get treatment.

She understands my position on this, yet is in denial due to her own preferences on this, which is creating a conflict of interest obviously.

In many ways I've been able to attribute the signs that are growing more obvious as isolated issues when its been impossible to just keep my counsel that something is wrong. And to be fair, I'm sure that sometimes it has nothing to do with the issue and I'm simply not feeling well. Age and natural sickness are a normal part of life.

Yet, just the other night there was a lot of tension between us as she pushed the notion I will go get treated, dismissive of my vocal declarations on many occasions that is not the road I'll be taking. In this latest engagement, I reiterated once my dislike of her preference for my ultimate property right, and then just kept my counsel as she continued pushing the idea she holds. I've run out of energy to continue on as though this were a subject open to debate.

I understand why she holds her position. Loss is a terrible thing to contemplate, even if it is some time away. It creates irrational thoughts, as the natural instinct is to cling and smother which in turn taints the loved thing being clung to.

I also understand that the idea of watching one deteriorate isn't something one looks forward to, although it does raise questions on the idea is it love if it only is embraced during the good times.

We are both getting up there in age, and I've joked for some time that many in my immediate family have died within ten years of my current age. That my road is running out of road.

Age itself is a deterioration once one passes a point both she and myself have passed.

In my perfect world, when I die it will be at home in the comfort of my surroundings with one or more of the folks I love there.

Yet while I see her preference for me to deviate from my path is selfish on her part, I can also see my preference for her to stay by my side while I choose this road is also selfish on my part. It doesn't matter that I would do the same for her, and remain by her side.

It also hasn't escaped my declining cognitive abilities that if I'm to do this alone, I'll need some form of residual income for the point where I'm no longer able to function as I do working for another. So on that front I need to find the energy to push myself harder on what I've been working on outside of work and Blurt. Which hasn't been a lot as I get tired a lot anymore.

While it will pain me if she decides she will be unable to accompany me on the last leg of my journey here, I respect it is her decision to make. I'm hopeful that I can get something going steady before we have the talk of talks when things reach a stage where it is unavoidable. Not only due to my needing it to stay out of the system and become a test subject, but it would be nice however this falls to be able to leave her with some form of income after my absence so she will not have to be dependent on others to survive.

Even if she finds at some point she can't travel this with me, it would be nice if I can leave her that peace of mind. She has been a blessing despite the hardships that come with relationships. She is a beautiful woman who has much kindness in her amidst her sadness. It would be fitting if regardless of this current train wreck trajectory the two of us seem tied to, if I could still find a way to provide her with some form of shelter even after I'm gone.

Relationships are difficult, tested much in times of hardship. I've kept my collection of them to a minimum in my life for just such a reason. In the case of this current path, I'm hopeful that she will continue to honor me and my exercising of my ultimate property right and choose to travel it with me.

I'm going to close with that. I needed to vent a little, as I don't have anyone in my physical life to discuss this with the freedom I have here. Much like my partner, the coercion to push my decision elsewhere seems to always be the result leaving me no one to discuss this without argument.

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  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Have you delved into the medical lit? Actual research papers. At first, they are not easy to read, but that's just learning the jargon - I found nothing conceptually difficult.

I say this because books will give you the mainstream narrative and leave out all the potentially fruitful side-roads. Sometimes, useful knowledge exists but has been ignored in favour of making money from drugs.

I cannot be more specific as you only mention "skin cancer", but the above is something I do every 6 months or so, to see if there is anything new or, if I suddenly see a new path. The body is a very complex "machine", but all those molecules exist within a jurisdiction, and that jurisdiction is governed by our self-generated electromagnetic field. This view is now even buried in the lit as neural nexuses ;-)

So... self-sovereignty is not just about the body as physical manifestation, but also our mastery over its "somatic laws" that are encoded in how electromagnetism interacts with the body.

Have you delved into the medical lit? Actual research papers.

I haven't, and not sure where I would start. My already low estimation of most accepted medical truth was pushed even lower once the Covid scheme started, and we saw supposed gold standard bearers such as the Lancet publishing false information.

I had tried initially looking into alternative treatments, which had led me to raspberry cream. I tried it for months and the only result I got was more bleeding and scabbing, nothing diminished/shrunk.

I assume that it's possible that at times they hide truth amidst the many falsities they push, so after a quick search i found this from a site I question on your suggestion of electromagnetic as a treatment.

Given your familiarity on this topic, does anything presented here look worthy of spending time delving into?

I had contemplated using a red light, as I have one I had bought for my dogs leg. My concern with it was it speeds up cells (supposedly) and I was concerned it might speed up the cancer.

Any further insights you could offer would be appreciated.

Regardless on whether I find an answer or not, I'm at peace with what I see happening and appears to be coming. My agitation is around the interaction of others and making a change to a point where I can be totally self sufficient as the time comes where those around me will have to declare a position on my choice.

Thanks as always for sharing from your vast knowledge bank. I feel blessed I encountered you when I came to Blurt, and have considered you somewhat of a mentor.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

I haven't, and not sure where I would start. My already low estimation of most accepted medical truth was pushed even lower once the Covid scheme started, and we saw supposed gold standard bearers such as the Lancet publishing false information.

Right, but sometimes can find interesting results even tho the conclusions are wrong - coz they are not allowed to be real scientists. I've seen that a few times.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

I just scanned the paper, they are selling their device, but is quite nice as they include a lot of history and methodologies - lots of useful jargon too!

I took a slightly different approach - instead of "looking for a cure" (which didn't exist), I researched to try to understand what could possibly be going on. Doctors are generally quite useless, they are car-mechanics, not engineers, and don't always keep up to date. They are also more interested in selling drugs than curing anything.

So, I'd also start at whatever you're told is your "condition" and look at whether anybody truly knows the cause, or causes, or even just molecules related to the process that may be ignored in trad "therapies". "skin cancer" could be dermatology or oncology - I'd bet the latter as they get far more money!

Also note how much is known about bioelectromagnetism, even tho there is no such therapeutic dept! eg I now suspect IBS is caused by crushing the solar plexus, which informs the GI tract. No pill will cure that - one needs to meditate and bring back to life that chakra, or a vertebra reset can also help.

Anyway, kinda vague advice, but anything in detail, just ask.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

I'll read it properly, prob Monday now.

Thank you

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

IMO the best public med site is Medscape.
eg (assuming that is what u have)
you may need to login, but just pretend to be a med student ;-)
it is one of the few sites that offers half-decent DDx (differential diagnosis) - so it might not even be what you think it is.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

This is amusing
from 1980 ;-) but, of course, EMF pollution has no effect on humans.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Found this too

The fundamental question for bioelectromagnetics is the identification of the biochemical and
biophysical conditions under which applied magnetic fields (MFs) could be recognized by cells in
order to further modulate cell and tissue functioning. This actually is achieved by identifying and
investigating resonance and window conditions.

1975 idea.

Electromagnetic Fields in Biology and Medicine-1482248506.pdf


very good book.
like I said, before one can find a cure, best to understand what that might even look like. :-)
it might not be that such tumors need killing, but rather need a signal to inform them they are in the wrong place.

also interesting how your ref paper talks about insomnia. I have long thought that a large influence, esp in urban areas, is the constant pulsed microwave signals that interfere with some people's ability to decrease their brain frequency down to sleep levels.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

in case you don't see the others, here's another fun read
Bioelectromagnetic Medicine
[ipfs pdf]

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

OK, hope you've read some of the background comments and link to texts. I present them, not to give you many 100s of hours of reading, but as I am still slightly in the dark as to your actual condition, you may see chapter headings that look interesting to you, and that is at least a step forward.

As for the one paper you presented, the oral transmission of EMF seems peculiar, and there is a diagram showing the routes of such signals, up through the temple and along the spine. This is not highly targeted, but I imagine is one way to transmit through the "meatware". However, they did not include any skin cancers, and their other papers mention it briefly. All of which means, I suspect they don't have the resonant frequencies.

So, IMO you'd have to do the analysis first and not rely on their current list of target frequencies. Being on the skin and external, some PEMF devices might be better suited and more local. But, unless you can find precise frequencies that have already been catalogued, then best do the analysis first - and that will require some extra equipment, such as a frequency scanner.

If you can find someone local, might be worth at least a conversation.

Thanks, and yes there is so much information in the comments here it will take me some time to sift through and investigate.

Thank you for sharing your time to look into this and giving your thoughts on it.

  ·  2 years ago  ·   (edited)

My dear old soul friend, once among some comments that we have shared, I always remember this "we are like old souls, we meet". While I was doing my translation to read to you, I couldn't help but feel my stomach tighten and my eyes fill with tears, I couldn't help but imagine, how you must feel at this moment and in previous moments to bring you to share all this that you live with us at Blurt. So, I can't help but think that you must feel like you have a big load on your shoulders, but more than worried about yourself, you're worried about your external family.

Now, I will share with you or else I will remember something we talked about at some point, I no longer remember which post lol, my dad suffered from throat cancer and as incredible as it may seem he was the pillar of everyone around him, he assumed such a positive attitude that we as a family were able to support him, with love and above all with calm and a lot of faith. There were always fears, but with great faith that everything would work out.

I remember that while they applied the treatment to my dad, the nurse, who was a very affectionate woman, did not say cancer, in fact in that place nobody said the name of the disease, that is why I called it the unmentionable disease, in fact I wrote one poetry of our life in the hospital and illness.

In my family, several have died from this disease in different parts of the body, hence our fears, but what made the difference in my father and I faithfully believe in it, his attitude towards life, his thoughts, his habits, his style of life. As a result of all that we live, I have been investigating and I allow myself to share with you.

Food can be a source of health, but also a source of poison if we abuse food, as Rychard says, fasting is a blessing for the body, I've been practicing it for months and you can't imagine the well-being. In my case, I do intermittent fasting, which is 16, 18 or 24 hours, depending on how I feel. Also, I cut sugar and all carbohydrates out of my life including fruit. Just some strawberries, blackberries, and a few nuts. I eat with great pleasure meat, eggs, fish, chicken, pork or whatever I can buy lol, the economic situation doesn't allow me to buy much, but we do what we can.

After sharing the above with you, I will write to my soul friend, to the one that needs to be listened to in order to free itself from tensions. My dear -practicalthought- I don't know your real name, but I'm talking to you, to that special friend that I have the great pleasure of having met here at Blurt, I want to tell you that I understand your decision, and that you chose a path where family for more If I explain it to them, they will not understand, because they love you and when there is love, they will always look for that being we love to last us forever.

When you chose, then you must also protect your energy and your mind, and having released some ideas here, incredibly helps, because it is always important to speak. I know you don't use discord or Telegram, but I want you to know that if you want to talk, laugh, forget, joke, cry, scream, dance, or just talk about anything, you can look for me and I'll be there.

I invite you to laugh more, to breathe, to connect with nature, to walk barefoot in connection with our mother earth, and as you say, to enjoy every moment and detail that you live today, because today is now and tomorrow has not come, we do not know what can happen. Stress is built by the thoughts of things that have not yet happened and worry us. We must also organize our thoughts, because I firmly believe that we are the ones who think.😘

I send you a huge hug from a distance, one of those hugs that shake the soul, full of colors and joy, to face what you undertake on this path and I hope to have you for a long time. It is strange what we can feel with friends that we do not even know their faces, but my heart can only feel that I send you colored lights and that they travel in the universe to get where you are.

I will be praying for you and I will tell my parents to include you in their prayers too, because faith and hope strengthen the soul.

You are and will be my old soul friend, that I found in Blurt.
We are going to vibrate beautifully and with good vibes, my dear friend.


Thank you for such kind words and memories. I'll return back to this when I have more energy. :)

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

I will be waiting.😘

Thank you for your thoughtful sharing and reminiscing.

While I'm a private person, sometimes sharing is a compulsion to release pent up energy. This being one of those for myself.

I remember the ordeal your family went through with your dad, what an amazing man of strength he was in your sharing. He is remarkable, and what a blessing you and your family have in sharing his energy and honor. I had always hoped he would come to Blurt, but I also thought he wouldn't because he sounds more like a doer than a talker, letting his actions speak for him.

I appreciate so much the gentleness amidst your strength that we have come to know here at Blurt, especially in the interactions we have personally had. Your offer of receptiveness giving me a smile.

I have had several thoughtful responses and suggestions here, and have begun implementing a small bit of them as I look for time to digest and research more of them.

I have had many considerations on how to restructure my routines since writing this a week ago. I know I need to sacrifice some of them to make room for new ones, such as sacrificing short term financial endeavors for longer term ones. So I've begun reorganizing that, as well as resigning myself to a diet change and what seems to me a weird shift in applications. One being I've begun applying olive oil to the spot in question.

I also plan to incorporate large doses of Vitamin C, as my concerns have rested more in several signs that the issue has spread elsewhere.

Thank you for your prayers, as I've no doubt the vibrational intent behind them will influence the levels of consciousness that resonate in the water composition that makes up the various levels of myself.

Perhaps in the spring I'll even do the barefoot in the grass advice.


I feel my words here still inadequate for the words you gave to me, so will reiterate again my gratitude and humility with which I received them.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

My dear friend, by letting me know that you are well and reading here that you are assuming certain changes, you invite me to think that your soul wants to live. Knowing this, I already have a great answer

We will continue to pray for you and your family. In this regard, about what you tell me about the water, I remember something my dad taught me when he got sick with covid. I don't know if I shared it here before.

He told me - daughter, when you drink water, bless it in your mind and heart and imagine that an energy that enters your body to illuminate each organ, and when you feel that something is wrong in your body, imagine that light that comes out of that diseased organ to heal and restore. I do that exercise every morning.

About what you say about my dad, at 76 years old he still loves to write his poems, he always gives us one on each of his birthdays. But it's not about sitting at the computer to write, it's like you say and I appreciate that you imagine them that way, he's about action and acting, he still fixes shoes, washing machines, TV, and everything he can fix lol it's my love.

I would love for you to give me the opportunity to accompany you, just like I did with my dad. Of course, he decided to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy for him, you decided another way, but I can still be close to you and I want you to know that you have my company and friendship. Because it will be the same healing energy that will unite us. I'll be here and I hope you remember me offline too and everyone who has given you their love today.😘

I know you're not looking for sympathy, but my sincerest thoughts and prayers are with you at what must be a difficult time. Equally, whilst I know you're not looking for advice - I couldn't leave without sharing the below post, written by myself a few years back.

I'd add that a good quality organic black seed oil has been shown to be effective against skin and many other types of cancer. I'd suggest both ingesting it and applying it. Another mixture I used to make was baby egg plants ground down into a pulp, with organic apple cider vinegar covering the mixture. Give it a good stir through, leave it in the fridge for 2 - 3 days - then apply it to the cancer. Many people also swear by applying cannabis oil. There are lots of options - and by taking our fate in our own hands (so to speak) it can also enable a more positive outlook - and of course this has broader positive health implications. Sorry looks like I can't help myself on the advice front! :) All the best to you @practicalthought.

Many thanks, both for the kind thoughts as well as the information. I forwarded the link to my partner, as she is drawn to the type of information you share in your post linked.

She gave it a brief look over this morning and wants to read it more thoroughly as we discuss some kind of regimen she wishes to join with me. She will be more vigorous than myself though because much of that stuff makes me go blehh and to her its fine dining and such, lol. So she can be my drill sergeant.

Not sure of its efficacy, but offgrid mentioned olive oil so I began putting it on the spot although I'm doubtful that will affect the actual spreading and symptoms I see taking place.

As always, it's a gift to partake in your sharing. You possess a lot of information that those in power structures would suppress.

No problem, this was written a good few years ago and I do have some other info if you need it. I'd recommend flooding your system with vitamin c, I put liposomol vitamin c in the article as it bypasses the stomach (hence high dosage with no stomach upset) but it can be pricey. If that's prohibitive I'd recommend a high quality (non GMO) vitamin c powder. Start on lower doses and gradually build yourself up to a really high daily dose. At these doses it creates an an environment that is difficult for the cancer to survive in. Black seed oil has been around for thousands of years - and has some amazing health, and anti cancer properties - get a good quality organic brand and take it with warm water and honey 2 x daily. Medical grade cannabis oil applied to the cancer, and a good quality Chaga mushroom tincture (pref shipped in from Syberia) taken orally. Have a look at the G Edward Griffin video I added to the post - discussing apricot kernels and vitamin B17. Anyway, lots of info to get you started. :)

Just too add, I know I originally said to apply black seed oil to the cancer as well as ingest it - but i forgot to re-iterate it - I've looked up some further studies that have shown positive benefits with skin cancer treatment and metastasis. Not sure if you can get it in the US, but this brand is great - it's organic, but doesn't have the soil association accreditation - hence its pretty cheap.

I took black seed oil after I had that huge abcess from a spider bite and it my wound healed in half the time I was told, along with tumeric it stopped a secondary one before it became anything too. Did you also hear of black salve? I don’t know anyone that tried it but saw tons of ppl on the internet use it for skin cancers. It looks pretty scary as it eats away at it and leaves healthy tissue. It’s a lot more risky than the other things I think. I have seen the budwig diet work miracles my parents still take it every other day as maintenance I would jump right on it myself if I needed it. I’ve seen it work twice now. Rife tones and the proper canabis thc work as well along with vitamin c drips I guess it’s up to the person / practical thought to work out which, resonates most for him. But there are so many options out there now without any need to take pharmaceuticals it doesn’t mean there is nowhere left to turn and no hope. Nature has everything also something as silly as visualising yourself in twenty years time alive and well and what you would be doing can be such a powerful tool.

Thank you. I did a search for it and appears it is available here in the States.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

No one in this world, but no one who can say otherwise, wishes to see their loved ones depart, especially to see them suffer a bitter journey like the one you describe today. To this day I have lost so many things along the way, that I have come to give up and wonder why I am still here. However, there are always motivations, people and above all loved ones that lead us to keep fighting. While it is true that you are a man of strong convictions today as that virtual friend would tell you, give in, give a little in your convictions and try to seek help, not only for your possible improvement if any, but for the welfare of your family. And from then on, may God, life and destiny be the ones to tell you what will happen with your life.

I wish to know you as well as possible, and although we only talk through this medium, I hope you can contact me and we can talk.

Hello my friend.

I think what perplexes me is the view of what causes the bitterness. The variables of it.

I've accepted and been at peace with this since the start. I already knew my position and was comfortable with it. Where the tension and bitterness take form for myself is the way those around me are struggling with this and the ways they allow their desire to look past me and my own wishes.

I've lived a long life, and despite many hardships and sorrows, there have been many laughs and triumphs along the way. I believe there is still some time left (maybe a couple of years, who knows) and it bothers me that those who love me would prefer to spend it arguing with me, or worse perhaps leave and out of sight out of mind.

Your reaction above is similar to theirs, and I get it comes from a good place. I would posit however where you mention

not only for your possible improvement if any, but for the welfare of your family.

that I'm also a cog in the syntax of this family, and in this case it would be nice if the welfare of my cog in this gestalt could take priority, seeing as it is primarily affecting my cog.

This is a non negotiable for me, and my issue isn't primarily that I'm seeing signs that indicate progression of the illness. The issue is one where it is adding unnecessary stress to me as I walk through this, feeling like I can't even discuss with any openness my current issues because it leads to conflict.

In a perfect world, the time wouldn't be squandered on conflict that robs what could be quality.

I appreciate your friendship, and have always been grateful for coming across your blog early in my time here. It's a shame that we have been separated by such a distance and language barrier. I feel we are like family and would have been inseparable had we lived close to one another.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

At this moment we are upset and somewhat stunned by your news, obviously it is not easy to process it. But I also understand that at this moment you only want to be at peace with yourself and above all at peace with your wife, and a point in favor of all this is that life ends only when we are dead, so we must know how to live the way we have left. Undoubtedly you are one of the few people that I can consider a friend but also a good teacher in the teachings of life. Between us there have been no barriers, if perhaps different points of view. But we have always found the right place to resolve those differences. I will always be grateful to you for sharing your vision of the world with us. I am here for whenever you want to talk, there is still that beer somewhere on the border.

Yes, peace is what I wish for. I don't believe I'm in any immediate danger, I'm just noticing signs that are unmistakable now and understand they will worsen over the coming months and longer most likely.

I sometimes find myself wishing you were here in the states, where we would have that beer and discuss many things.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

OK, so you feel there is time. What I suggested in my longer comment may seem "hard" to do, but it is much easier with the will to do it - that's the dopamine talking, the motivation molecule. ;-) So many drugs destroy the dopamine balance, hence potentially the epidemic of being "clueless" that we see.

Fasting is another option; some interesting recent research that the body undergoes an immune-reset after a few days, dumping all the useless debris it has been accumulating, retuning itself into lean-burn. lol.

Yes, I feel there is time, despite what appears to be an acceleration of symptoms that together appear to point to metastasis. In my ignorance on this I'm unsure at what rate the symptoms begin accelerating faster, but I still feel despite the issues attacking me on several fronts both mentally and physically I'm capable of functioning at a higher level than many who surround me as evidenced most readily at my job.

I would like to think (wishful thinking) that I have at least a couple or more years before I'm unable to will myself into being productive, which if is correct should give me time to create something of a residual form of income to alleviate the burden of having to function for another to pay bills. I do need however to shift my energy and focus more so than I have been, which will include Blurt, especially once the next hardfork comes.

I have read a lot of good things about fasting, and perhaps next week on my days off I should force myself to give it a try. I feel sorry for those around me, as I do love to eat. I've conquered most of my addiction, but nicotine and the high amount of sugar they have added to the foods after I became an adult aren't two of them yet, lol.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

yeah, nicotine is a dopamine surrogate... lol. Before I ever did a fast, I used to do practice runs, so you have the experience of feeling hungry and ignoring it. Also, one cannot "fail" while training ;-)

"metastasis" is one of those med-bullshit words - it literally means "changing place", and nobody knows how that happens, so that it might not be a migration, but just that symptoms manifest in different places. I mean, there may not be any cancer-caravan moving around, but that the cause changes target.

I have something similar, altho not classed as a cancer - and medical "science" really doesn't seem to care about causes, merely finding what triggers the symptoms that they can then "switch off", thereby giving the illusion of an amelioration of symptoms. No cures - they make no money.

No cures - they make no money.

Exactly. It's become a religion here, more so with women who seem to hang on every word the folks in white coats say as though they are high priests as they so often make one sicker with their so called treatments.

Dear friend, it pains me to read this publication. I understand both positions, it is very difficult to let go of a loved one and it is in our nature to hold on to any possibility to keep them by our side. I also understand that you have always always been very firm in your convictions and ideals. Whichever path you choose, I hope you and your partner can come to a mutual agreement, make the road as painless as possible and enjoy the time you have left.
I hope you know that you are a great person, whom I admire and respect very much. I send you a big hug.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes.

Aww man.... This is so sad to hear... 😔 Sending you much love from Germany! We were not always the same opinion, but I loved reading ur stuff!

Always standing with a firm stance... A bit like a rock in a river... 😜

I am having a hard time myself at the moment here on Blurt... My old buddy @drutter has disappeared... The uncertainty is eating me up... He is deeply missed...

Now you...

Stay strong! You are not alone! 🙏❤️

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

Hey, I’m really sorry your friend is missing. I hope he is well and maybe just delayed somewhere. This year has been a year of hell for many people I know, I feel also for those who lost their savings in FTX, crypto was supposed to uplift the masses not suck them into a honeypot of unscrupulous operators.

Thanks so much for your warm words.. He still hasn't shown up... But hope is still there🙂

  ·  2 years ago  ·  


Thank you, and I'm sorry to hear of your concern for your friend.

Stay strong... I am praying for all of us... 🙏

Dear, what sad news. That is something that changes your personal and family life, I can imagine all the pressure you must be under, many times we feel good about a decision that has to do with our body but our families feel anguish.

I understand perfectly your decision of not wanting to undergo treatment, those treatments sometimes make things worse, but maybe you can look for natural treatments, in some people they have given results.

I also understand your wife, I would do anything to help my husband in a situation like this. I think she will stay with you on the trip and for that it would be good if you would be patient to her.

I will pray for your situation and for your family to achieve harmony in the midst of all the pressure that all this can bring to a home. Pray to God from your heart because prayer with faith works miracles!

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I appreciate more than I can say that you understand my opting out of so called treatments. Many seem not to.

I am at peace with my situation on a physical front, ironically it is the ramifications with others that has me agitated. Not saying of course I like what I'm already experiencing and know will get worse, but I'm at peace with it just the same.

I will pray for your situation and for your family to achieve harmony in the midst of all the pressure that all this can bring to a home. Pray to God from your heart because prayer with faith works miracles!

This is what I wish for so much right here. A united front that allows me the dignity of my choice and supports it. I know it's somewhat selfish of me, and although I would do the same in reverse I have no claim on another making the same sacrifice.

Well, that is quite personal....I and Im sure many here had no idea.....

My prayers and wishes are with you and your family and Im ut-most impressed with the mature way you re dealing with and accepting such a life situation. You have just reached role model status in my book. Thank you for sharing, stay strong my friend.

Thank you for the kind thoughts. I tend to be a private person, however this situation has been stressful for me and I've found myself with nowhere else to vent.

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I am glad you have us here to share this with and help talk about these things I hope it helps you in processing it all.

Thank you. :)

Awesome post!
Honest and brave!!!!!
Sending you my love buddy!!!! 🙏🍀❤️
Stay strong!!!! 🌞

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Sorry to hear this

And the budwig diet really help, my friends dad has been listening to frequencies and is 7 years past his supposed life expectancy and I know two ppl personally who had great success with the budwig diet, it’s cheap and easy too and not hard for anyone to manage. You can find the flaxseed 2 yahoo group and they share the full recipe which is ground flaxseeds, cottage cheese and flax oil.
Along with it you go vegetarian or vegan and stick to simple foods no processed foods/ sugar etc.

Like others said cbd seems to work for people too as well as that black salve that eats it away but I can’t say unknown anyone personally who used it and it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

It’s bad in the Uk if ppl refuse to take the chemo and stuff they aren’t allowed scans or any treatment I don’t think.

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This is very sad to read. My mom had breast cancer 10 + years ago and followed the Modern Medical Treatment of Radiation and Chemotherapy… they caught the cancer early and most was removed during the biopsy. She also had lots of friends who prayed for her … She is a Cancer Survivor. Personally for me I would try everything. That’s just me. There are many lakes and rivers I want to kayak…. I believe that good natural home grown food can help us all live longer healthier lives … lots of fruits and nuts … oranges, grapefruit, blueberries, pomegranates, apples, almonds, walnuts, olive oil … I was reading recently that Olive oil is especially helpful …
I will also keep you in my prayers. 🙏

Recent studies suggest that olives and their oil do indeed help protect against skin cancer, whether you consume them or put the oil directly on your skin. When oleocanthal from olive oil was applied to human malignant melanomas, it was found that it had anti-cancer activity, thought to be due at least partly to its anti-inflammatory effect. (3)Olive oil has also been found to significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer in mice when applied topically after exposure to UV rays. This is thought to be due to the powerful antioxidants in olive oil which have anti-inflammatory action and also reduce DNA damage. Olive oil contains a range of antioxidant polyphenols as well as vitamin E which itself has been found to help prevent skin cancer. (4)

Another way in which olive oil helps prevent skin cancer is by increasing our absorption of carotenoids, the fat-soluble antioxidants which give orange and red fruit and vegetables their colour and which are needed by the fatty parts of our cells. Laboratory research shows that carotenoids and vitamin A, which is made in our body from carotenoids, help prevent skin cancer and a study of 69,635 adults also showed that vitamin A supplements prevented melanoma.

Appreciate the tip. I looked into it more and decided to try it, so began applying olive oil last night. Not sure if it can help with the issues I've been noticing, but doesn't hurt to try. :)

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We use Olive oil on everything …. Eat lots of Avocados with Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar

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Hi @practicalthought, I read your post a few hours ago and have been trying to think of what to say, ultimately there are no appropriate words for this.

I don’t understand your reluctance to get treatment, but I respect your wish not to. No matter the outcome, you are and always will be a part of the Blurt family, it has been an honour having you in our community, I would like to thank you for standing against the undue hatred that has recently befallen our community, it meant alot that you stood up for our team in many instances.

I pray for your speedy recovery, but know that no matter how long or short your life may be, you will live on immortal in the Blurt blockchain.

I salute you.

ultimately there are no appropriate words for this.

There isn't and I understood that when I felt compelled to write it. It was made in a spirit of simply being able to speak of it, as in my physical life no one hears me and instead chooses to make it about them and their desires disregarding my preferences. I needed an outlet and chose Blurt.

I appreciate much being part of the Blurt family. I had really thought when I left Hive I was done with all of this and only through a chance encounter with Mr. Cornell as I was powering down sparked an interest to investigate Blurt.

It took some getting used to in those early days here, and with each passing week I found myself more enamored with the feelings of good will and camaraderie that existed here. It's sad that so many of the newer members didn't understand and experience the Blurt I did, and instead tried to force Blurt to become what it was they fled from. It has caused much destruction to the innocence of Blurt, like a disease.

I wish I could have done more, been more persuasive as many who fell into the diseased narrative were part of my previous circles on Steem and Hive. Sadly their natural bent now seems to be one that can only thrive on adversity even if they have to create it as they have been. Ultimately it is their curse to carry, the beauty that was and is here remains outside of their vision. To pause and understand there is beauty in the grass one stands on and there is no perfect greener grass.

I appreciate very much the vision you and Jacob had with Blurt, respecting many different things in the creation.

You respected authors work, and chose not to port all posts over. Honoring others creation as the sister chain did not.

Respecting ones stake allocation by nulling the censureship/censorship downvote and instead choosing to combat the main arguments for with fees and a coal list.

There are many other areas that the reflection of your vision has shined through, and it is with regret I see others incapable of honoring it by simply forking a chain that would match the combative angry visions that drive them.

Thank you for your support, and kind words and thoughts. I appreciate being part of the family that was built here, and the vision of a community where we are valued more than our ability to open a wallet.

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With all the terrible hatred I have seen recently, I many times wished Blurt perhaps was never born so it could not be used as a tool to verbally abuse so many people, before this we were all innocent and doe eyed, building towards a common future. What I have witnessed since is pure malice and I cannot reconcile it.

Your words however go a long way to healing my sentiment on Blurt, in someways I feel I created Frankenstein, but I receive a renewed hope and purpose every time a member of our Blurt family shows genuine appreciation for what has been built as you have.

Thank you and bless you always.

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I want to help, so here's more advice:

Stop using Processed Oils,

and make sure that olive oil is legit,

Don't worry about Nicotine, but do make sure you smoke Only Tobacco, no additives, so Chief on American Spirit or buy cigars or roll your own from leaves or use a pipe.

Drop all Sugar. Its very addictive but it's doable, and get your partner to do it also. Start by not spending any more money on carbs. No Fruits (except some blueberries), if you have a craving, eat meat. There's plenty of variety, cracklings make great snacks. Eggs. Cheese (though its a sugar, so keep it to a minimum). Use only expeller pressed Coconut Oil and extra virgin Olive Oil and Avocado Oil.

As was mentioned, do some Grounding, standing on the earth with bare feet.

I would try to use Garlic on the sore. It will probably burn, but you know what they say, if it burns it works. I heard that UV-B light therapy, especially in Soviet Russia, was seeing good results. But, garlic would be a good start, make sure its relatively fresh garlic and eat a good serving with your meal. Look into Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson Cannabis Tincture. Don't put too much stock in sun damage, the reason is likely a deficiency which created the situation. Look into Collodial Silver and hydrogen peroxide if the garlic doesn't work.

+1 on the Vitamin C.

I've watched the first video so far. I find it telling how she exposes the fake tests designed to exploit ignorance by seeming to expose how the one is inferior to the other while not exposing what actually made it inferior so they could imply the other was better.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

You missed it then, I'm pretty sure she pointed out that monosaturated and poly saturated were creating free radicals.

Yes, she did. My time was limited and was expressing my outrage that their skewing of the test presentation reveals they were aware of the health issues and were covering them up. Comes across that perhaps the health issues arising from their product(s) might be one of the primary goals.

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And This

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I forgot to mention, you stir the garlic water with a teaspoon.

  ·  2 years ago  ·  

She's a good one, look her up, she used to be a Fox Houston reporter and blasted them live on air.

There are more good hearted and courageous people than not, even doctors.

Do the garlic treatment, use a garlic press and extract the juice from them and apply it to the skin, and eat the rest of the garlic, chewing it well, with anything that will make it palpable, it goes good on chops or steak if you mix it with a couple oz of water per 6-8 cloves of chopped or crushed garlic and you drizzle it on with a teaspoon.

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Indeed ,.. your property your right to choose path .
and sorry to hear you being in such position , as indeed modern healthcare has no cure .. and you are left on your own good insight these days .

Can only tell the good experience i had with CBD paste .
But non of the commercial products will really do anything .
To me only the stuff made by devoted cannabis growers does the job .
I cured multiple skin problems with it ,. where i considered the uncontrollable growing mold on my back , form very small dot to painful nob that after cutting it of always came back . Pure CBD paste did the trick ,. it is gone for years now .

It might not work for you ,. and @drutter or @medikatie could give you the better info . As indeed virgin olive oil has some good skin curing property's to .

And sorry to say , the post seems depressing to me , like you are giving up or considering to do so ,.. a state of mind that will not benefit your over all health .

I wish you the strength and wisdom on your journey ahead .
That you may find your way .

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Thank you.

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Wow I am just reading this. Sorry I have not kept up to date on your blog. Your latest post makes much more sense now. I understand you deeply about your mistrust of the medical system. I even used to work for 8 years in clinical research in the US.
I will wish you the best in your journey from the this point on. It is not an easy choice to make especially with the empathy you feel for your wife's thoughts at this point.

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