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Some of the best advice I’ve ever got is to eat the fruit that is in season. Fruit is at its best when in season and hasn’t spent too much time in transport or unnecessarily packaged.

Sourcing and buying out of season fruit is also often far more expensive, while buying local and in season works out far more economical.

Seasonal sweet melon
Right now we are in Sweet Melon season, it might be known as Cantaloupe to our American friends. And we are taking full advantage of their availability.

They’re so versatile! We have them cut into chunks as a fruit salad for breakfast or afternoon snack. And after dinner for dessert with vanilla ice cream. Sweet Melon just brings a healthy freshness to breakfast and dessert.

Fresh lemons from our tree
We happen to have 3 fruit trees in our yard, a lemon tree, guava tree and a loquat tree. It’s actually one of the things that drew us to the property from the start. So as the seasons change I start looking for interesting recipes.

Lemon cubes
Lemon zest
Lemon water
We use the lemons regularly for lemon water, zesting for baking and cooking and I freeze the lemon juice in ice trays to be used later.

Guava buds 2021
The guava tree has now budded and the small fruit are appearing. Last year we weren’t able to visit the house due to lockdown and ended up with a carpet of rotting guavas on the ground. This year we will be able to take advantage of it when the fruit are ripe and ready.

rescued guavas

I managed to collect 6 guavas from the tree before they dropped last season and made a gorgeous guava tart. This year I’ll try a guava jam - anyone got a recipe???

Guava tart
We moved into the house just in time for more lemons than we could ever manage. The tree was yellow with lemons. I eventually installed a pot outside for neighbours to help themselves as they were dropping to the ground and being wasted. Our favourite recipe is for Lemon Blondies that are DELICIOUS!!!!

Lemon blondies
Watch this space as we head into the Southern Hemispheres Autumn and Winter season. The recipes will be coming thick and fast.

What’s in season in your hood? And what do you use your seasonal fruit for? I’d love to hear from you.

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Ahuh! I'm drooling.. lol, now I'm craving melon.

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