Her Father's - (Pen Drawing).

in blurtart •  last month 

Today's sketch is an impulsive one as I never planned for it until it occurred.

I was just seated at the front gate of my house in the morning when I say this young damsel having a close conversation with her father. I was observing closely until there was an outburst and I got to know that the kid was trying to figure out what she would be having for breakfast.

She already had her meal plate with her preparing for the final decision to be made and sealed by her father. In the moment of observing all these, I noticed this particular posture the girl has that really caught my interest as an artist and I just decided to have a quick run on it and it was really worth it.

Capturing the figure with my lines was more concerning today cause I really had to be quick with my decision making. It wasn't one of those sketches that I really had luxury of time to execute but at the end of the day, I lines and strokes served me right!


Kindly share your thoughts as comments below, I'll be glad to read and reply them all. Thanks.


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