Conversations with Blurt Enthusiast @wil.metcalfe and a Travel Pro Up-Date!

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Hey there friends on Blurt and beyond! First a little up-date regarding myself. As many of you have noticed my activity on Blurt has all but fallen off a cliff. I've recently started a new business in the newly legal cannabis industry with my girlfriend @junglegirl here in Thailand and it's basically an overnight booming success and the demand from our business is so high that we are pretty much working round the clock to keep up.

That being said, I'm still making time for my most important activities on Blurt, and of course that would be monitoring and participating in the witness chat.....basically making sure no "bad ideas" somehow surface to the to the Blurt to do list.

Furthermore. I had a real good idea to help keep my presence up here on Blurt, while helping others. It will certainly be a win-win for those who participate. So stay tuned and it will surely be rewarding and a whole lot of fun!

Now Onto the Main Event!

If you are like myself and @wil.metcalfe, a true Blurt enthusiast then here is a little podcast you may very well enjoy listening to. Get to know a little more about Wil; why he is a big believer in Blurt, and why he put his money where his mouth is as a top investor in the blockchain.

Now get comfortable and get ready for another inspiring conversation with Wil Metcalfe!


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Thanks for the update! Will check out that Twitter link soon.
Always nice to hear that you're doing well in Thailand. I'm glad you and Jungle Girl are successful. I hope you don't burn out, working so hard, and so focused on a single thing! At least that thing is something you truly enjoy, and believe in, that definitely helps.
Thanks again for the delegation, I have a few weeks left and I will use it wisely! : ))

Sure thing buddy. Enjoy that delegation and I certainly appreciate the kind words. So yes, we are starting to source out some employees so I should certainly have some more free time in a month or two.

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[edit] Great conversation. Twitr SpaceS is a PERFECT alternative to Discord. I hope Pappy or Wil continue this regular program... keep the engagement coming.

Looks like some nice closet bud! I hope they continue the conversation as well.

  ·  7 months ago  ·  

Gotta keep an open dialogue


Absolutely @frankbacon @world-travel-pro! ☄️

@pappyelblanco, myself, and potentially 2 others will be going LIVE again beginning of April. I'll be posting about that as soon as I'm organized.

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I can't wait for us to do that, it is going to be so much fun.

Am happy to see your post it been a while. Am happy to hear that your business is making great profit too.

I have idea too to run a physical business offline too. I guess I would find a way to spend quality time online because I have online family too. Good to hear from you again

Thank you. Yes, busy busy. After just traveling and making money from my computer for years it's really nice to have something in the real world doing well. Wish you the best of luck with your ventures also!

  ·  7 months ago  ·  

Nice to hear you @world-travel-pro and @junglegirl are doing well at your business and great to see your input knowing that you're so busy keep well buddy be seeing you around :)

Thanks Brother! The kind words are always appreciated :) Hope you are enjoying your time down under!

  ·  7 months ago  ·  

Your welcome bro all good down under but missing my street

Welcome back buddy! Hope to hear more often from you... Even though business is booming! 😜🙏🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

We are in the process of getting several employees. Should help with Thai economy. lol and give me some free time to enjoy myself back here on BLURT!



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