Affected Portion Of Leaves 🌿☘️🌿☘️ By Pest And Diseases . Eggplant With Massive And Thorough Supervision For Less Obstruction In PRODUCTION. || Some Home Remedy To Use.

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Hello Blurtters,

The planting of crops is one of the best way to make practical experiment likewise rearing of animals but with all these you need the right tools to kickstart which will bring back a very good yield and production. Before going into any type of Agriculture you need to simplify your aim and objective and it will be also nice to draw in your own table the likelyness, what you will be facing along the production line. That will always be obstacles coming up here and there to make sure that the positive energy reduces drastically. Its never the end of a farmer's life but it's also helped to prepare and also to give more strength to you as individuals.

When I gathered an information confirm any type of seed planting or crop production the first thing I always do is to come to the table and draw My Own farmers plan. This farmers plan will initiate the cultivation of crop. It may be very soon or later before I jump into my own conclusion whether to start the farming activity or to relax a bit. The type of crop you also want to go into will always give you two mindset which will be positive or negative mindset just take for instance. The planting of eggplant. This look extremely easy but I can assure you that the fact remains that you always need to be guided and also to stay focus. I planted several times and I failed. But with all this I never relax for one moment until the cultivation of the eggplant was done. And also on the other hand there will be paraded of pest and diseases. This is a must I also see a lot of comment and messages on my discord concerning this. Cultivation of some certain green plant you will always find some pest visiting your plant. I took some pictures of days when I got to the farm.




The eggplant is very succulent to some extent which give rise to more production of egg and larvae right on the Leaves. From day one to the four or five the eggs will always look white in color or black until they start to change their formation. And when they start they eat up the green pigment of your plant.




Even when you plant more than the required eggplants stands , the pest and diseases we affect all of them if care is not taken. This is why as farmer you need to engage in visiting your farm constantly. Even when you do this you will always face some challenges. The challenges must be faced and tackle eye to eye.





The leaves will later change their color if the pest and diseases persist. I observe this during both Seasons I mean during the rainy season and the dry season. But sometimes they are combination reduces drastically when they are too much heat. But during the rainy season they multiply within few days and bombard your farm. Eating the leaves and sometimes the stem.




I also met a farmer friend who has the same complain and the same challenge on his farm meanwhile the person diseases rendered his own farm empty within few days. He traveled for an assignment and before he got back to the farm he saw the destruction already made. He Got back to me and narrated the whole story but nothing can be done unless he will pump a lot of finances back before they can be productive again.




The eggplant always show more productive when they have less destruction and when they also have much more nutrients to adjust while the challenges is going on. There is more to learn when you want to plant the eggplant. There are so many guidelines to follow.




There are some home remedy that can be used to fight this and sometimes you may not find The remedy even more closer to you at all. With a lot of messages gotten from my discord so many people mentioned the use of Neem leaves as juice. Which I used twice in a week but I think the concentration was not too high. I will always go for the use of this with higher concentration.





But when you plant your eggplants without any obstruction in both the dry season and the rainy season the production is always massive I can bet it with you. I've done one or two seasons where there was no affected portion of the farm. I harvested a lot of eggplant which I also give to the community.

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