Update on my quest to hit 1,000,000 BP in 2023

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I passed 600k a few days ago, on my way to a million Blurt Power! A brief dip in the BLURT:HIVE ratio allowed me to convert another 30k, and I earned about 5k in content payouts, curation rewards, and interest. This puts me at 635,000 BP!


The whole crypto sphere turned a corner at the end of the year again (something I have written about several times since I started paying close attention in 2013). The bear market is over and we've done nothing but climb all January. Bitcoin is testing resistance at 23,000 USD right now, and looking for a pop toward 25,000. Maybe that's where it will finally take a breather for a week or so, pulling back toward 20,000 and then resuming the climb?

BLURT has quadrupled since January 1st, and might break resistance for a push to 0.0075 USD. That's still down 80% from where I bought most of mine, but I won't complain. Perhaps this nasty bear market was little more than a buying/earning opportunity? If BLURT returns to its former high, I'll have $75,000 USD worth. Not exactly "crypto millionaire" status, but I would be absolutely thrilled nonetheless.

That amount (aka $100,000 CAD) would get me out of debt to my ex... penalties, fees, and royalties to the queen included. (Yes, the queen - or king now, I suppose - gets to tack on a fee every year a Canadian man is in debt to his ex!) Being out of debt would change my life, because in Canada when you owe your ex money, you aren't allowed to drive, use bank accounts, have credit cards (and everything that requires credit cards), renew your passport, and so on. You become a non-citizen. Not that I'm a fan of banks anyway, but the hardship this imposes on me, my wife @MediKatie, and our 2 children is immense. I am disabled and now have potentially-deadly myocarditis, so it has been very hard to pay off the ever-increasing debt. Finally being able to cash in on my writing/analysis/photography/videography content would be a dream come true.

Needless to say, I am really hoping for a crypto bull market before my heart beats its last. My ex doesn't need the money, but I'd really like to pay it off anyway. This might be how it happens.


My goal is a million BLURT in 2023. I said a few days ago, that doesn't seem very likely, but I'm going to make it happen anyway. How, I still don't know. But this push to 635k certainly helps! Now all my votes from this point on are even more powerful (almost 25c each), and I'm earning more interest and curation rewards. It's all compounding and every little bit makes a difference.

What will 1 million BLURT be worth when I get there, is another matter. I'm not going to worry too much about that. If this doesn't work, I put 10+ years into fulltime content creation without a payday. Fine. But if it does work, I'll be debt free, with a bit of money in my pocket, and ready for whatever this crazy world is bringing at me next. Just gotta stay alive and healthy enough to keep creating content and spreading my message!

I also have over 42k BP delegated to me by other users, further powering up my votes.


I am now in the top 15 biggest curators on the platform. I curate content (comments and posts) that are original, thoughtful, and/or useful. My favourite topics are freedom, creativity, economics, science, and philosophy... but I don't restrict my curation to those.

I avoid curating banal content that is obviously just an attempt to milk the reward pool. Snapshots of flowers, no thanks. Actifit spam, no. Copy-pasted junk, get lost. A single poorly-written paragraph auto-translated into 4 languages, no way. Add something useful and interesting to the blockchain with your posts, or risk being ignored... or even muted.

I reward comments on my posts to encourage engagement. If you reply to other people's comments on my posts, even better! Start meaningful conversations about the topic at hand. Provide useful links, images, and original thought.

Thank you to everyone who creates and curates good content here on Blurt! Let's grow this platform together. I appreciate you following along as I push toward a million Blurt Power by the end of the year!



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  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Terkadang saya ingin terlibat dengan konten anda. Tapi apabila temanya tentang pandemi itu, kepala saya seolah langsung kosong. Saya tidak berani berkomentar karena di sana penuh dengan perdebatan.

Tapi untuk konten seperti ini. Tentang keseharian anda dan beberapa pencapaian atau tujuan anda. Saya menyukainya.

Tentu saja, saya memberi dukungan pada anda dan keluarga semoga bisa hidup berkecukupan. Terbebas dari tanggungan yang membuat anda tidak bisa mengemudi dan menggunakan kartu kredit.

Saya baru tahu resiko itu. Terima kasih telah berbagi informasi mengenai budaya anda. Sehat selalu.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

For anyone curious, my translator spits out this:

"Sometimes I want to engage with your content. But when the theme was about the pandemic, my head seemed to be immediately empty. I dare not comment because it is full of debates there.

But for content like this. About your daily life and some of your achievements or goals. I love it.

Of course, I support you and your family so that you can live a well-off life. Free from dependents that prevent you from driving and using a credit card.

I just knew the risk. Thank you for sharing information about your culture. Healthy always."

Thank you @Refleksi!

If you do not want to comment on certain topics, such as the pandemic, I understand. You are right that it is controversial and complex. Thank you for encouraging me on my goals, and I wish you health and success in return!

(Jika Anda tidak ingin mengomentari topik tertentu, seperti pandemi, saya mengerti. Anda benar bahwa itu kontroversial dan kompleks. Terima kasih telah mendorong saya pada tujuan saya, dan saya berharap Anda sehat dan sukses sebagai balasannya!)

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  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Yes. I like something safe. Haha.

You look totality in running blurt. It inspires me to do my best.
Have a wonderful day 💖🍀

Mark 11:24

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.


  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Yay! 365K more to go. Hoping for my small port to be doing great on the next bull run.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.intinte.org

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Well on the way mate 👍

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

You are a visionary person
I am very sure you will achieve that

I found the update on @drutter's quest to hit 1,000,000 BP in 2023 to be inspiring and motivating. It is clear that he has a strong commitment to the Blurt community and a deep understanding of the value of the platform. I appreciate the transparency and honesty he showed in sharing both his successes and challenges along the way. I think his focus on building a strong community and fostering engagement is a great approach for achieving his goal. I'm looking forward to following his progress and learning from his experience. It is a great motivation for other users and investors in Blurt community.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Good luck @drutter sure you will do it :)

Congratulations! On the way to the 1 million! 🏆

You have recieved a coconutty upvote! 🥥
Thank you for contributing to the Blurt Blockchain!
Keep up the great work!

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