My goal is 1 million BLURT in 2023!

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I've just passed the 600,000 point on my way to 1,000,000 Blurt Power!


I would like to reach the million BP point as soon as I can, because I have what appears to be myocarditis, and regular arrhythmias, meaning I could drop at any point. I'm doing everything I can to stay healthy and alive, but the way the world is lately, I just don't know anymore. We don't have healthcare in Canada at the moment - not even a doctor's visit if you're willing to put on a mask and sit in line for 8 hours. So things are rather dicey. I have a crippled wife, a 3 year old boy, and an 11 month old girl. I don't want to leave them without some significant savings!

You may say "1 million BLURT isn't worth much, how is that going to help?" And you're right. But keep in mind, I have a little bit if Bitcoin, and some other crypto crumbs here and there. Not to mention a bit of silver bullion given to me as gifts over the years by subscribers of my YouTube channel. Hopefully some of it will do well over the next few years, and my little family will have something to draw from if I'm suddenly not around.

I find myself wishing I hadn't bought BLURT when I first got here back in April 2022. I put in more than $10000, and then BLURT lost about 95% of its price! I could have just held that 10000 USD, or put it into silver or gold. If I had kept it until now, I could buy more than 2 million BLURT today! And I could have been doing something else with my 6-8 hours per day for the past 9 months. Woops! Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

That said, we have to plan based on where we are right now, not where we could have been if things had been different. My current reality is I have 600,000 BLURT, worth about 3500 USD, representing 10 years of fulltime content creation. I'm pulling in about 1000 more BLURT on a good day, if I continue to dedicate several hours to creating content, curating to the best of my ability, and accumulating interest on my savings.

In other words, at this rate, I could hit a million in about 400 to 500 days.

So, how am I going to do it in 2023? I'm not sure! I'm just going to do it. Visualizing my goal, and acting/believing as though it's already a done deal, and not giving up. I have a little bit of HIVE still to blow, so maybe I'll snag some BLURT on a pullback (or HIVE price spike)? Maybe I'll get lucky and somebody will donate me a big chunk. Perhaps I'll do some work for someone and get paid in BLURT? Maybe I'll set up a witness server and start making witness income? Who knows. But I'm going to succeed.

True, BLURT could just continue to fall further and further, I realize that. Maybe a million of them won't buy a bag of groceries? That's entirely possible. Maybe I shouldn't be putting so much effort into something that might not pan out. I don't know. Wouldn't it be nice if we could peek into the future? But we can't, and all I can do is hope this blockchain manages to build and prosper. I've been predicting a new bull market for cryptos over the next 2-3 years, and if that happens, hopefully BLURT will go along for the ride.

Strategy to reach 1,000,000 BP

I am one of Blurt's top content-creators. Especially lately, as I have been putting in a lot of time and effort, producing articles on health topics (like Covid and the mRNA injections), finances (crypto, precious metals, the legacy economy), and some stuff about my personal life. It seems to be working, so I plan to continue. I have a message I want heard, and if I can make currency at the same time, that would be great.

I'm also one of Blurt's top curators. I put everything I have back into the platform, powering up and spending a lot of time curating carefully. I reward engagement on my posts (thoughtful stuff, not spam) and I go looking for posts and comments elsewhere that I think should be rewarded. I keep my Voting Power near 100% at all times, sometimes even getting up in the middle of the night to do a couple well-timed clicks! I understand how this platforms works and how to maximize curation rewards, which really just means being the best manual curator I possibly can. I don't have any circle-jerk arrangements with other curators, and I'm not a comment farmer (upvoting all my own comments or that of alternate accounts). If I did that, I could grow faster, and a lot of people here take that route. But if we ALL did that, what kind of place would this be? Far worse than it already is, that's what. So I continue to vote almost entirely for complete strangers, and people I've come to follow here. My growing savings will continue to power this curation, and the rewards it kicks back to me.

I also have some delegations from a few other members, who trust me to curate with their BP. This helps both me and those other members, with larger votes and curation rewards. If you're not using all your BP, or not using it as effectively as you'd like, or you want a break from the platform, consider delegating me some from your wallet screen.

And like I said, I might be able to buy a bit more BLURT if HIVE spikes up, or BLURT dips down. Perhaps I should keep it in HIVE, I don't know. Diversification is good... but my wife and I were royally screwed over by a Hive whale and a few of his followers/alternate accounts, after putting in a lot of years there, so it's hard to feel positive about that place or its token. We'll see.


I just got another payout (and have more coming in each of the next 7 days), putting me over 604k BP. Including 42k delegated to me, I'm curating with almost 650k BP now! And rising all the time.


If you can help, or have any suggestions for me, please have at 'er! How about you, what's your situation? What is your goal, and what is your strategy to get there (if you have one)?

Big thanks to my supporters, friends, followers, and everybody else who is creating and/or curating valuable unique content on this blockchain.



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Cool! I am one of those who read your post in full.

Reading this post, my spirit rose again. Hopefully one day I will have fresh funds and be able to add more Blurts.

My target in 2023, I have 200,000 Blurt. Hopefully it can be achieved.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Hive is a scam, walk away!


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  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Looking forward to seeing your future post about reaching 1 million Blurt 👍

Congratz to the 600K mark buddy!!!! 🏆🍀❤️
I have a good feeling, that you will reach the 1 million this year! 🙏💪

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Wow! that's massive. Your account is the first source of info I am always checking at when it comes to covid/vaxx related.

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Good luck @drutter. I hope you will achieve your target.

  ·  8 months ago  ·  

Thanks, munawar. I will do my best!

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  ·  8 months ago  ·  

That's a lot and I'm very sure that you will achieve it
Congratulations in advance😊


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You are a very good user. I believe you will achieve your goal