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Hello beautiful people. There is a portion of this part of the brain called Spinocerebellum. It is like the scale that balances the body, it is the part of the brain that does planning, arranges your calendar, it schedules time for everything you wish to do.

When the cerebellum wants to be weakened, the spinocerebellum is the first place that is attacked.

The person will begin to contemplate that what is wrong is not so wrong, it is right.

The cerebellum is the easiest to corrupt. It can watch porn and not tell the Oga it is watching porn, the cerebrum will see images online and rush to the cerebellum that they are too saucy but the cerebellum will say keep quiet. Should I now stop using social media because of one image?

It is just like a secretary that accepts bribes or like in schools, if you don't Roger something it will not stamp your decision papers. It can be so corrupt that you would have finished doing that wrong thing before you realize it.

Any action that you know is wrong but your conscience which is the Oga patapata doesn't judge you about it just know that the Cerebellum has become weakened and relies on the instant gratification it enjoys so it doesn't even warn you that you are doing a bad thing.

How do you set up a working monitoring system?


  1. Set your priorities straight.
    Know what you want and make sure that is what you go for. Anything that is not your priority, run away and make sure you don't do it.

  2. Take your life seriously.
    You can't just float through life and expect to come out on top and scale through every test. You have to prepare yourself because a time for tests and trials will come. You may experience heartbreak, you can lose your job or a loved one, or you can enter one chance.

Life can happen to you,

What will determine if you commit suicide or stand up brush yourself and start again will be how strong your Cerebellum is.

The Holy Spirit is there to help you but you must remember the passage which tells us that when you clean up the cerebellum and decide to be serious with your life, don't go back and compromise again. Because the Holy Spirit will leave and you will end up worse than you were before. The one bad habit you have will now invite 7 worse habits than before. So if you decided to stop porn for example and you go back on your word, you will realize many bad things like masturbation, stealing, and so on will add on top of it.


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