Annihilation - Q&A about the Universe and Biology

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After realizing that I hadn't watched a sci-fi movie for a while after watching action, horror and drama, my short searches led me to the 2018 film Annihilation. Science fiction was a genre I wanted to watch, but the information I saw in the comments that there were answers to some questions about the universe and biology increased my enthusiasm to watch it.


I watched Annihilation and my first impressions are quite positive, besides finding the movie successful; I can say that I liked the scenes where some kind of presentation was made about the universe and biology. It would have been great if the sci-fi genre in the story of the movie was accompanied by some action instead of drama.

Despite everything, the movie was very good. I felt like a student listening to a biology lesson, especially as I watched the events unfolding after the story was set on a solid ground. It had a feature that made me watch itself with its fluency and a story that constantly aroused curiosity. It informed me as I watched it, but it also left some questions behind.

After paranormal movements are noticed in a forested area, the area is quarantined. No one returns from the teams sent to investigate and the area they call the glow remains a mystery.


Although the plot seems simple, the story deepens after new teams are sent to the quarantine zone. Due to the changes in the DNA of animals, plants and humans inside the shimmer, many events occur that are open to discovery.

What was initially called a rescue journey suddenly turns into a journey of discovery. The scenes where the previous scene triggers the next one turn into many questions and answers about the universe. Of course, there are questions left hanging in the air, but they do not spoil the pleasure of watching at any moment.

Lena (played by Natalie Portman), who has lost her husband and is searching for answers to the questions of what happened to him, gave a great performance with her transitions from dramatic appearance to being a part of the discovery.


I liked all of her scenes and the way she portrayed her character, except for the dramatic scenes between Lena's character moving from her passive role in the team and becoming the main part of the expedition. Natalie Portman did a very good job.

I can't say that I satisfied my hunger for the sci-fi genre that I miss, but I can say that I found the movie satisfying in terms of engaging my mind with questions about the universe and biology. I haven't done any additional research on the sequel yet, but with a few mysterious scenes at the end, it gave me a wink that there will be a sequel.

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