Today game play Street racing 3D, & i finished the game 48:57 second,

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Hello dear guys, God bless you, have a nice day,
I hope all friends is well, and living good life with your family,
I am also too very fine, And I am good by the mercy of Allah, And living a very good life, Today I have played car race game again,
And I really enjoy playing this game Because playing this game refresh the mind, And heart likes it too, And it was a lot of fun to play, And the special thing is that the time passes from the game, And the mind also gets refreshed, And always wants to play the game, And whatever remains sluggish in the mind also disappears,
This game six player participated,

The names of the players are as follows,
1st, Joyce, DeZir
2nd, Arnold, Charger RT,
3rd, James, GT86,
4th, Carter, Charger RT
5th, Bblythe Jackson DeZir
6th, mine, Challenger SRT,

We six players participated, In this game you get coins based on your rank Whoever comes first and he got more coin, and I finished the game 48:57, second,
In which i got top rank, and got reward,
I Hope you all like this post, And will vote more and more, And I pray to Allah that you have a good day,
I Screenshot and video while playing the game,

Below is game play video,

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