Introducing Instant Blurt Dispenser Tuesday, 18 June, 2024

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Instant Blurt Dispenser

One of the most important features of Blurt is that each action on the Blurt Blockchain requires some fees. A small fee is charged for actions such as upvotes, posting content, making comments, power up/down, etc.
The fees have acted as a security layer and kept the platform safe from spammers and attackers. Most blockchains today have fees and it is a normal part of running a blockchain.
But it has been observed by our team that many times new users find it difficult to post because their newly minted accounts have no liquid Blurt to pay the fees for actions on the Blurt Blockchain.
In such cases, users can visit any of the exchanges where Blurt has been listed and they can buy Blurt.
If the user cannot buy then one of the easiest ways to get some Blurt for free is by asking on the Blurt Official Discord server and many users will be happy to gift some Blurt.

What is Instant Blurt Dispenser?

Instant Blurt Dispenser is a service where Power Club gives you free liquid Blurt so that you can post, comment and upvote.
We want to give back to the community and help newbies write awesome content. We have kept the details simple and easy for everyone. Anyone who needs some liquid Blurt can get some by upvoting and commenting down here.

How does the Instant Blurt Dispenser work?

Well, as we already said that we wanted to keep the working of this service simple so the only thing you have to get some liquid Blurt is to upvote our post and then make a comment requesting us to send you some Blurt.

How much Blurt will we give you?

We have two tiers for giving out Blurt and let us inform you that this is not a faucet. You cannot come here and ask for liquid Blurt daily. This service must only be used when you really need liquid Blurt to post, comment, or do any of the actions on Blurt.
Below are the details of the tiers:

If you are a newbie and you are writing your first post then we will give a gift you 10 Blurt for free. All you have to do is ask us on Blurt Official Discord or comment here.
If you are an old user of Blurt but you need liquid Blurt then you can upvote this post, make a comment and we will give you Blurt equal to your upvote. If your upvote is worth 2 Blurt then we will give you 2 Blurt.

Note: We do not make a profit from your votes because 50% of your vote go back to you as a curation reward.

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**About Power Club**

Power Club is a private Curation account run by three witnesses of Blurt @imransoudagar, @kamranrkploy, and @zahidsun.

--- Our Idea ---

  1. Power Club Focuses on Curating quality content by original authors of this beautiful platform.

  2. Power Club will also be running a daily Delegation contest for everyone on blurt where people can earn 500 BP daily. ( This amount may vary in the future )

    Rules to get curated by power club :

  3. Write original content and avoid plagiarism.

  4. Use #powerclub as one of your first two tags.( once a day only )

Vote For Our Witness

1) Vote for kamranrkploy as Witness 2) Vote for Imransoudagar as Witness 3) Vote for Zahidsun as Witness

If you like our Idea then Do help us with Delegating Blurt Power to us.

Thank You

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