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Show the best part of you, play some dance steps of love and passion, open the mind on the wings of desire, and reach the peak of free art. Powerful instincts are shedding blood on the altar of our fire, we have achieved something unusual and sacred with gambling habits of risk.


The child cares about you, he plays with the wishes and dopamine production. You stripped me of the gaze that went through all the atoms of my emotions, you left a hot feeling with a warm touch of a gentle smile.

You are the sweetest fruit that gives me the strength of joy, you are a life juice that raises enthusiasm for the throne of royal destiny. We write new paradigms that are significant in eternal transience, you are the queen of ladies, you are a higher taste of consciousness.

Wake up in the rain while dancing in the sun's energy colours, and make your dreams on the wings of achievement of full potential. For the sake of good things and you will receive a reward from the universe's creators, listen to the voice of the heart that leads you to the pristine values of life.

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