📷From sing & dinks to dim sum+Videos | 从唱K和轻打到点心美味+ 视频😎(by @ace108)

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Skipped the taichi practice today because had a bit of vertigo on Friday and wanted to do some housework as had some plan on Sunday. Still went out in the afternoon for pickleball.
今天没去练太极拳,因为周五有点头晕,而想做一些家务,因为周日有一些计划。 下午仍然出去打匹克球。

Was early and went to the club lounge for a drink and some karaoke.

Had an emergency. I forgot to bring my pickleball shoes. So I took a train back home and rush back.
遇到紧急情况。 原来的忘记带匹克球鞋了。 于是我搭地铁回家,匆匆赶回来。

Then headed to the courts to play about half an hour before it rain till we had to stop.

Back to the lounge for more karaoke and a drink.
回到酒廊再唱卡拉 OK 喝一杯。

The rain didn't stop till past 8pm.

Decided to go for dinner with my wife at Liang Seah Street. Hesitated at the dim sum place we went before.
决定和我的太太去Liang Seah Street 吃晚餐。 在我们之前去的点心店犹豫了一下。

Walked the whole street checking things out.

Watch the video.


Then walked all the way back to the dim sum place. Quick look at the menu and place our order
然后一路走回点心店。 快速查看菜单并下订单

Had a hot and a cold honey citron tea.

The luncheon meat with egg noodle came first.

The bean curd skin roll in oyster sauce came next....

....with the steamed mushroom dumplings.

Last came the peanut and fish porridge.

Overall, happy with the meal that cost about $37.
总的来说,对这顿大约花费 37新元的饭菜很满意。

Here is a video I recorded.


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