📷May Day Pickleball+Video| 劳动节匹克球+视频😎(by @ace108)

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Wednesday was Labour Day holiday in Singapore. Went to quick visit to the parents in law place and saw the roosters which didn't seem to care about each other when I left.
周三是新加坡劳动节假期。 去了一趟岳父母家。当我离开时,看到一对不理不睬的公鸡。

I went by MRT train to the club to play pickleball and reached about 5pm. Early enough that only 3 of th 6 courts were occupied. It's labour day so let's grap a paddle with our hands and whack some balls.
我乘坐地铁去俱乐部打匹克球,下午 5 点左右到达。 算早了因为6 个球场中只有 3 个有人用。 那天是劳动节,让我们用手拿起球拍来打球吧。

Played several games before I stopped. I had a ginger tea while waiting to meet my wife for dinner. Too tired to get pictures of food.
玩了好几局才停下来。 在等待与太太共进晚餐时,我喝了一杯姜茶。 太累了,没拍食物的照片。

Here is a video I recorded.


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