📷Goodbye to Fong Yong Tau Foo + Video | 再见凤酿豆腐+ 视频😎(by @ace108)

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Was at Fong Yong Tau Foo at Bukit Merah Central for lunch a few weeks ago and saw a notice about the them closing end of May 2024. Sad that there will be one less place to go for lunch. So, last week I went there again and maybe that would be the last time.
几周前,我在红山中心的凤酿豆腐吃午餐,看到一则关于他们将于 2024 年 5 月结束营业的通知。遗憾的是,吃午餐的地方又少了一个。 所以,上周我又去了那里,也许那是最后一次。

Made sure we grabbed a table first.

Then picked up a few items I wanted and went to the cashier.

You can select the type of noodle you even if you don't know what they are called.

Paid $7.50 time and looked at the notice to see where their other outlets are while waiting.

The nice thing is the separate the fried items and don't put them in the soup.

Here is a video I recorded.


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