📷New cap for the pickleball games | 打匹克球的新帽子😎(by @ace108)

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Been shopping for a new cap recently and this came up on Lazada recently. Looked like about half price. So I decided to buy it.
最近正在购买新帽子,最近 Lazada 上出现了这款帽子。 看起来差不多半价。 所以我决定买它。

It was sent to POP Station and I went to pick it up before going to office earlier this week. The box was bigger than I expected.
它被发送到 POP Station,我在本周早些时候去办公室之前去取了它。 盒子比我想象的要大。

A little plastic bag in there.

A little cap in the plastic bag.

A nice cap and I like it.

When I checked the price again, I like it even more.

Wednesday pickleball games session was the last time we get to practice before playing friendly games with pickleball section from another club. I don on the new cap and will wear it on Friday friendly game too.
周三与另一家具乐部的匹克球部的友谊赛前分的最后一次练习。 我戴上了新帽子,周五的友谊赛也会戴上它。

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