📷From fishball to pickleball | 鱼圆到匹克球😎(by @ace108)

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As I was going out for taichi practice on Saturday, I saw this little guy. So, it was the one crapping out the corridor recently. Shoo... go away.
周六我出去练太极拳时,我看到了这个小家伙。 所以,就是最近在走廊里拉屎的那个。 嘘。。。滚开。

It was a hot day. Already 33 degrees C at 9am and my watch said it felt like 40 degree.
这是一个炎热的一天。 上午 9 点已经 33 摄氏度,手表告知感觉像是 40 度。

There is this wall at the school and I wonder if I could use it to practice pickleball.

Was meeting my wife for early lunch. I went to food court at HDB Hub for an iced coffee and waited.
要和太太一起吃早午餐。 我去了建屋局中心的食阁喝了一杯冰咖啡,然后等待。

We went to Lorong 7 Toa Payoh food centre and ordered fishball noodle from the Lau Pa Sat Teochew Minced Meat Mee stall.

$4 per bowl of noodle. Next time, I should try the minced meat noodle.
4元一碗。 下次我应该尝尝肉挫面。

My wife was going to a karaoke event at the community club.
太太要去民众俱乐部参加卡拉 OK 活动。

I went for my own karaoke at the club lounge before the pickleball games.
在打匹克球之前,我去俱乐部休息室唱了卡拉 OK。

It drizzled as I started to join the pickleball games and we stopped the games because rain became heavy.

The rain stopped and we started playing again before the good men at the club came to sweep away the water.

Here is a video I recorded.

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