📷Rained on Thursday | 星期四下雨了😎(by @ace108)

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Out for lunch to town central on Thursday. After eating, I got rained on and got stuck outside.
周四去市中心吃午餐。 吃完后,天下起雨,被困在外面。

So I decided to go McDonald's for a drink. Be careful walking around town central. There are always morons riding bikes when they are not supposed to. This one was right in front of the no cycling poster.🙄
于是我决定去麦当劳喝一杯。 在市中心周围行走要小心。 总有一些不知所谓的人在不应该骑自行车的地方骑自行车。 这个就在禁止骑自行车的海报前面。🙄

I saw a coffeeshop had two new stalls.

Got a high chair table by the side inside McDonald's and ordered an Iced Mocha Frappe watching the rain waters the big plant pot.

It got lighter and and almost stopped. So I decided to go home.
雨变得轻点并且几乎停了。 所以我决定回家。

Good decision too because not long after reaching home it was raining heavily again.

Went out late at about 8pm for dinner after the rain stopped for a while. Got a vegetarian hokkien noodle at the food court. Walked around a bit before going home and it rained again. Hope it doesn't rain on Saturday evening because that will mess up our pickleball courts.
雨停了一会儿,晚上八点左右才出去吃晚饭。 在食阁吃了一份素食福建面。 回家前走了一圈。回家后,又下雨了。 希望周六晚上不要下雨,因为那会弄乱我们的匹克球计划。

A item I bought online came, after brushing my teeth, I hung my toothbrush on it.

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