📷Lunch from Hawker Chan+ Video | 了凡油鸡饭‧面-的午餐+ 视频😎(by @ace108)

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Went Chinatown Complex for lunch earlier this week. Queue at the Hawker Chan stall was long though they lost their Michelin star. Still wasn’t the longest I have seen so I joined the queue.
这星期一去了牛车水吃午饭。 尽管失去了米其林星,了凡油鸡饭‧面摊位前的队伍依然排得很长。 这仍然不是我见过的最长的,所以我加入了队列。

Bought a chicken noodle and added some char siew.

So that's $4 plus $2

I enjoyed the $6 meal. 😎
我很享受这 6 元的一餐。 😎

Here is a video I recorded.


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