📷Exercise and chill before pickleball games again in less than 20 hours | 运动,放松,然后不到 20 小时后再次打匹克球 😎(by @ace108)

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Saturday usual activity. Went to practice taichi at the school.  Saw a banner near the school telling us they will be open house on 25-May. That probably means I should not drive there that day.
周六照常活动。 去学校练太极拳。 看到学校附近有一个横幅,告诉我们他们将于 5 月 25 日开放。 这可能意味着我那天不应该开车去那里。

After a short visit to the inlaws, went to the club lounge. First, get a drink.
去了太太娘家一下子后,前往俱乐部酒廊。 首先,喝一杯饮料。

I checked out the courts from inside. Looked bit cloudy but we didn't any rain.
我从里面看到球场。 看起来有点阴天,但后来没有下雨。

There were few people having drinks and doing karaoke.

We had carrot cake and...

chicken satay but the lady thought the sauce wasn't a lot.

4pm and some players started hitting the balls.

I joined them later but it was still less than 20 hours when I played my last games on Friday. 😎
我后来加入了他们,但当我周五打完最后一场比赛时,还不到 20 个小时。 😎

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